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C5 The Game

The game


Rehearsal going pretty well, just uncomfortable today, Gael keeps on staring at me while doing his training.

I won't lie, his cute and got tempting lips but I can't accept him because of his looks, I prefer to accept someone that my heart yawn for, the fact remains that I don't even know who!!!! Mmmmmm!! Maybe when I get admitted to college I might meet him since am not lucky to find someone in high school yet.

We got the perfect step which we are going to use in cheering the Nobles team on the main day, we just need to rehearse more to make it more perfect and the songs as well, we need something our body can move with.

And it's a wrap, rehearsal got finished, Chloe and Sofia doing their normal thing flirty with the handsome players.

I got carried away, arranging my school bag, immediately I stood up, I felt a hand around my waist, this sent some flirty signal to my body, the way he placed his hands and turned me around facing him, maintaining eye contact with him, it's Gael, I can feel his breath from here and his wet lips became attractive that I almost lost my senses, " guess you enjoyed the rehearsal", he said, I swallowed saliva before replying so uncomfortably, "it's great, we are getting towards perfection already"

" I know we can always count on the Starlight, your cheering is like a charm that always makes us win"

I removed his hands from my waist, taking two steps backward, I believed he understood I was already suffocating.

" Am sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable", he pleaded.

" It's nothing, am ok, just don't want people around to get the wrong message", I said faking my laugh

After a pause, he said," am not ashamed to tell the full school you are my girlfriend if you give me the chance"

"Oh no, he's at it again, I need to change this topic", I said to myself mentally.

" Well Gael thanks for the gift today, I need to get going now"

" Can I walk you out before you get a taxi, please don't say no" I just had to accept his pleading as we walked out of the school together.

I excused myself for a minute to bid goodbye to my friends already outside the school telling them we see the next day, they got the wrong impression, mostly Chloe, " guess your new lover is going to take you home or you going over to his place for some quicken"

" I hate you Chloe", I said frustrated with what she mentioned " I love you girlfriend", we laughed, hugging ourselves, I took my leave saying," He just wants to walk me to the place I take a taxi from, so better wipe off those negative thought from your head", Sofia added, " yes milady"

" Let's go", I said to Gael, we walked hand in hand as we talked about lots of things, mostly about College, the truth is, I don't know the college I would love to apply for yet.

I got to the spot I love boarding taxis, " thanks for your company Amelia, I owe you one".

" Come on Gael, you don't owe me anything, we are friends remember, see you at school tomorrow and make sure you practice more to win the game coming up"

" I promise to train more and win it for you"

" Good, am counting on your words, bye for now", the driver zoomed off to my parent's house, I made the payment coming down from the taxi."


Sleeping at my coffin, as usual, no disturbance from anyone apart from the lady I always see in my dream.

I wonder why these dreams, I just don't wish to see her in reality, I will so fall deeply in love with her than the way I already did.

Maybe I should just call her my invisible lover that I don't plan to meet.

Who knows, she might be human, if she is human then we can't love each other, father said the Queen forbid the humans to have contact with our kinds.

Sometimes I think of visiting the human world, I always get bored in this place, I wish our kinds and theirs still live a peaceful life with the lycans it would have been great but I doubt if such a thing can ever happen, now we are at war and I feel this time around, it might be bloody.

The question ringing in my head till now is, "where are the witches", father said, they exile themselves because they feared the lycans.

I still don't buy that story.

My maid came in as usual with my drink, I drank every bit of it, it's long I had sex, about one hundred years back, but I can't do it with my maid.

I headed to father's quarter asking him if the lycans have sent a message," no my son, they haven't and we still hope they respond quickly, if they harm our kinds with them, then it's going to be a bloody war"

" Father please let's exercise a little patient"

" I hope it's worth it, see you at the training ground with your brother"

" Alright father", I hate the sound of the word "war".


The deal day's today, the game, everyone is excited already, lots of friends and family came to support their Children participating, all seated already.

Chloe, Sofia, and I already at the dressing room with the others putting on our cheering outfits, we decided to go with pink and white outfits this time around and those holding the letters of the nobles were all in white outfits.

We came together, I brought out my hands first," we got this all, united we always stand" I said, others did same and we shouted in excitement saying," Nobles team all the way"

The referee called on the host which is our team, The Nobles, and also the opponent team was called the Eagles.

It's time to toss the coin, the captain from both had to come forward, the visitor team called the toss first, luckily for us it landed in our favor meaning we are the ones to start the game.

We came out in excitement, did our dance, and cheered out," Nobles all the way", the visitors did the same.

The whistle was blown and the game started, I got discouraged seeing the visitors taller than our players, they even Injured some of our players, it seems they are after the captain Gael because he's so good with the ball.

They scored higher points already and we still lacking behind. I saw in Gael eyes his losing hopes, we cheered louder and I felt he remembered his promise, and The Nobles are back on their feet when they scored some points, he winks at me and I smiled.

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