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C6 The Message

The Message


The crowd in excitement as the Nobles got another point again, seems we might have the opportunity to win the game.

We cheered in excitement, now it's a draw, who is going to get the victory at the end of the day.

The Eagles almost got a point but failed because the ball didn't enter the net, this placed tension in the heart of everyone as we watched.

Luckily Gael took away the tension from us when the ball entered the net, the referee blew the whistle, " we won", I screamed.

Every one of us ran to meet our team Nobles as we hug them, Gael hugged me and said," remember I said your cheer is like a charm for me to win and I also promise to win for you, so what will be my gift now?"

" You so silly", I said to him, dragging his ears as he shouted," ouch, that hurts", I laughed saying," this is my gift "

" You can't be serious", he responded.

"Well why don't we see a movie tonight, still part of the celebration, what do you think?"

" I will need to think about it", I lied.

" Well, Amelia I take that as a yes".

He must be out of his mind," no way"

" I don't take no for an answer"

He joined the others, everyone still in the mood of celebration.



After class the next day, I decided to meet Chloe and Sofia at the library when I step on banana peels that slipped me off the floor.

Everyone laughed at me, flashes of different phones taking pictures of me on the floor, then I knew the mean girls did this.

Catalina walked to me as she mocks me," oops so sorry, you look like a mess now, always check the floor properly before placing your foot to walk on it, what if it was from the staircase you fell from", she laughed.

" Catalina or whatever you call yourself, you will pay for this, just be careful cause you never might know when I will strike back", I told her body"

She dramatizes her actions saying," oh am so scared, Amelia is that a threat or what, watch your back as well"

I stood up and dust off the dirt from my uniform and went close to her," no, it's not a threat but a warning, never you start a thing you can't finish"

" Seems we are going to have fun, will be waiting" she laughed and left me at the spot.

I yelled at everyone watching me," Hey, what are you all looking at, get the hell out of my sight"

I felt so humiliated by the mean girl, I must payback. I headed to the library with a moody and a straight face.

Chloe and Sofia asked what was troubling me but I didn't respond to them.

" Come on girlfriend you can talk to us, what happened, who pissed you off, is it the mean girls"

I nodded in agreement and they got angry as I, Sofia said," let's think of a plan to humiliate them."


" Father when are we going to reply to the Vampires, it's been days now," I asked.

" I thought over everything for the past few days and came in conclusion that let the war not begin now, we will surely attack them when they will never expect it"

Can't believe the father is thinking of starting a war with them, but what can I say, who knows if they are not plotting to attack us any time soon, two enemies can not be in the same world, we might have a boundary but one is supposed to bow as a slave and the other as the king.

" That means you will be holding the meeting before the full moon"

" Exactly, so tell me Lorenzo have you found your mate yet"

I wish I can escape this question," not yet father".

" It's taking time already, you need your mate, immediately after the vampire's issues are over, we should organize a party and all females most to attend, maybe with that you might find your mate."

" Sure ", I love hearing the word party because of the sexy ladies that are going to attend but who cares about a mate, I will love to have fun with all these ladies.



I heard the sound of the elder," whooooooooowhoooo", which means the meeting is about to start, I just hope tonight the conclusion should be something that I would love.

" Alpha what do we do with the vampires ?", A question was thrown to my father, " well, I say we release them"

I knew this is going to happen, some bought the ideas and some don't making the hall becoming noisy, after some minutes my father silence everyone.

" I know most of us to want the war to revenge our lost lycans that got killed by them during the war that broke out but don't worry, I never said they won't be a war, for now, let's release their kinds to them".

The hall became full of happiness, father told one of the elders in charge of writing what to write to the vampires, he dictated word by word as he writes.

Finally, he was done, he brought out the Ravi and placed the letter sending the bird to the vampires to deliver the letter.

The bird was out of sight when my father announced they will be a party after we have redeemed our kinds from the vampires and he told them the details of the party, " all females must attend as well, the date will be announced to us, you can be held back to your various homes".



I just finished devouring an animal in the woods when I saw some strange markings on the ground," these markings can only be done by a witch, I thought we drove them into exile for them never to practice their black magic, it looks like magic was practice here"

I followed the markings till I got to an unusual place then I saw a maiden with long blonde hair, immediately she saw me, she ran while I chase after her, she might be a witch.

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