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C7 Torments



I kept on chasing her activating my speed without transforming into a Lycan, I lost trace of her and I got disappointed," how did I lose her".

I tried sniffing any strange smells but got nothing," this is so strange ", I told myself.

Decided to walk back to the woods when I noticed I got stuck in the middle of silvers, " oh not the silvers, I won't be able to transform, it will make me powerless, what if this is a trap, how will I be able to defend myself, how clumsy of me"

Then the witch with blonde hair walked to me enchanting some spells," Hey you, what do you think you are doing, if am out of here,I will make sure I kill you for breaking the rules and returning to the land to practice dark magic."

She ignored everything I said and continued enchanting," gha ue vi asyi bue vre foy deq norb, bu verk ghu ast ing lo ne m ser".

She kept on enchanting the spells as I felt pains all over," what are you doing to me, let me go and I promise to pardon you", still no response from her, all of a sudden I felt a strange breeze and got dizzy instantly, I felt weak and then my eyes got shut.




I woke up naked and couldn't remember anything that took place, how I got here and everything, I took my clothes, put them on and headed back home.

I became strange to myself, many questions kept running through my mind, I can't sniff or run fast, tried making use of my lycans sense but it's all gone, how did this happen.

The question that crossed my mind was," can a born lycan lose his powers ?". I needed to keep this a secret, while I dig into what exactly is happening to me that is making me feel strange and different.


At my coffin, as usual, I could sense the use of magic been performed, the reason I can sense it, is because my late mother was a witch.

I couldn't bear it anymore, I screamed in pain, I could hear the enchanting spells, " gha use vi asyi bue vre foy deq norb, bu verk ghu at ing lo ne m ser".

" Stop this whoever you are, why are you tormenting me, it hurts please I beg of you"

I screamed loud in pain and it got the attention of my brother Gustavo, he rushed in and got scared seeing me in a weird condition.

" What's happening to you Dimitro?"

I couldn't respond to him, my eyes became dark, my dangerous tooth came out and my veins on my forehead making me look so different, I looked pale all of a sudden.

Gustavo knew I needed blood now, he ran off and killed a deer bringing it to me, and I fed on the blood like a hungry lion.

" Dimitro, what happened to you ?, Your scream got me scared"

" I don't know, am feeling hot"

"Hot, do you know what you are saying, how can you say you are feeling hot, moreover it's cold and dark in here"

He will never understand, I can't tell him the exact the thing happening to me, I started burning up immediately I became normal again, he touched me and he took me into the coffin.

" Let me tell the maids to get you the Lilly block from its fountain, it will cool you down a bit"

I nodded but the pains are too much, I can feel my blood boiling already.



Waking up inside the coffin, I was covered with the Lilly blocks to calm the hotness, I felt a little bit okay, I got startled seeing father, never knew he was sitting right here with me.

" Father you almost gave me another burns up"

" Am sorry for that, you only act this wired whenever a witch is involved, so tell me"

I know I can't lie to father, he knows it all, he has live for decades and still looks younger.

" I heard some enchanting, seems a witch was practicing some magical spells to wipe off someone memory"

" Forget about that, how is your blood system now"

" Still hot a little, seems like my blood is boiling", immediately I said this, I saw my father's mood changed.

" No way, I thought it will never come up, suspending it will only happen with human blood"

I got confused at my father's statement, " what does he mean by suspending it with human blood"

" Father ", I called, "am I missing anything here".

He responded saying," not at all, when the time is right I will tell you, the lycans have sent a letter to our request, meeting starts at midnight, hope you will be strong enough to attend.".

" Yes father"

"Everything that just happened to you, not a word to your brother or anyone oka? will explain things to you when the time is right."

" Okay father, I hope their response will bring joy and happiness to our kinds", but what father said kept on ringing in my head, "could it be they are some secrets hidden, why can't he tell me now, am so curious to know".

When my father left, I felt my blood hitting up again, I just went deep into the Lilly blocks that I got covered with.



I thought I was awake when I heard the door opened, strange breeze I felt around my chamber, I sense someone, " who are you ? ", I got no answer, I can't be mistaken, I know I sniffed some presence right here then I saw the room changed beholding the sight of the girl I always see in my dreams, "help me Dimitro, I will be stuck here for life and we won't be able to save all kinds".

" I don't understand, stuck like how", " when I go back in time and don't return, you need to come and save me", then I saw my self transforming into a hybrid, I got scared only to open my eyes to discover it was just a bad dream and my body system became normal again.

" What exactly is happening to me?".


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