Scheming Boss Hard To Please/C1 Call from a Stranger
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Scheming Boss Hard To Please/C1 Call from a Stranger
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C1 Call from a Stranger

The day Qiao Mo Ran found out about his first place results in the written exam, he also received an unfamiliar phone call. She did not know who was on the other side, but the other side accurately called out her name.

"Qiao Mo Ran, hello!"

"Hello, may I ask who you are?" Qiao Mo was shocked.

A deep male voice came from the other side. It was so unfamiliar, but it seemed like he had heard it somewhere before. "Congratulations on getting first place in the written test!"

Qiao Mo Ran was startled and a little astonished. She had just found out about her results but why was there a call coming from someone with a strange voice? She paused before replying, "Thank you, sir. How are you? Do I know you?"

"Miss Qiao, let's meet up. I'll be waiting for you at the coffee shop at the Rongfeng Hotel. There's something I want to talk to you about!" The tone of the other party was neither fast nor slow, as if he couldn't refuse.

"Sir, if you have anything to say, just say it on the phone!" Qiao Mo naturally didn't think that it was appropriate to meet with an unfamiliar man at the coffee bar. Moreover, the other party was unwilling to say his name and didn't specify what matter he wanted to meet. Thus, she didn't intend to make an appointment.

Hearing Qiao Mo Ran's words, the other side seemingly sneered. The low and deep male voice was a bit pleasant to the ear before it transmitted through the electromagnetic wave: "I didn't think that Miss Qiao would be so cautious. Alright, I'm from the HR department of the Dahua Group. My surname is Gu. "Miss Qiao need not worry, there is only one thing I need to discuss with you, and that is to interview you about the interview for the exam."

Qiao Mo Ran was puzzled. Da Hua Group's HR Department? She hesitated for a few seconds about the interview, but she still nodded in the end. "Alright, when will it be? Please tell me!"

Upon hearing the answer, the other party spoke straightforwardly, "Is it alright now?"

Qiao Mo Ran was stunned again and said: "Sure, but you have to wait for a while. I need time to go over there!"

"I can get my car to pick you up!" The other side said.

Qiao Mo Ran immediately rejected it. "No need, I will take a cab there myself!"

"Alright then!" The other party did not insist, "Then let me reimburse you for the fare!"

Qiao Mo was dumbfounded. He did not know who this person was so she decided to go. She quickly changed her clothes, washed her face and put down her hair. She thought to herself that this was not an interview, so she wore something casual.

Qiao Mo of course continued his school style of dressing: a grey cotton dress, a blue and black checked cotton shirt, and a pair of sneakers on his bare feet. It was quiet and clean.

He didn't take a taxi and took a bus there. It was just half an hour after he arrived.

She went straight to the hotel's coffee shop, looking around the vast space for the person who had just called her. Which one was possible?

When he first entered, he saw a few people, both male and female, none of which he seemed to be able to recognize. Intuition, Qiao Mo Ran headed towards a quiet spot near the window, and sure enough, in the southeast corner, there was a man sitting near the window. Qiao Mo raised his head and saw that the man was dressed in black.

Qiao Mo Ran took out his mobile phone and dialed the number that he had just dialed.

Then the phone didn't ring, but she saw the man touching it, and then he seemed to be looking this way, too. His face was hidden in the shadows, and she couldn't see what he looked like, but she had a feeling that he was looking at her, so she was sure it was him.

When Qiao Mo walked over to the coffee table, she saw that the man had stood up.

Just as she was about to speak, her expression froze when she saw the man's face.

The aura that belonged to this man was a calamity that she could not escape. It was him!

She stood on the spot, her lips quivering. However, she could only stand there motionlessly with her eyes fixed on the sky, while her heart was in a state of chaos.

The man stood in front of her and saw her slightly blink. He wore a black shirt with a button on the collar revealing a long neck. His pair of deep eyes were filled with cold arrogance, but when he saw her clearly, he was slightly startled.

When Qiao Mo Ran made contact with the man's gaze, he felt as if something was tearing apart the uneasiness in her heart. The scene from that night flashed past her mind.

She wanted to turn around and run away, but she forced herself to calm down. No, he wouldn't recognize her!

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