Scheming Boss Hard To Please/C11 A Speech with a Deeper Meaning
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Scheming Boss Hard To Please/C11 A Speech with a Deeper Meaning
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C11 A Speech with a Deeper Meaning

"Qiao Mo Ran, did the HR department of the Dahua Group inform you to go for an interview?" "Boss Huang suddenly spoke up." I seem to have forgotten to congratulate you. I have obtained the first place in the Dah Hua Group's staff examination, passed the exam with thousands of men and horses, and also passed the exam which is even more difficult than the university entrance exams. My staff got first place in the written test, I really want to congratulate you! "

The other day, Qiao Mo Ran discovered that Boss Huang seemed to have noticed something. These words were only told to her after three days. So Boss Huang already knew that these three days were to give her time to confess? However, she did not seize the opportunity to confess. This was really bad. She felt that a storm was brewing!

"Boss Huang, I —" Qiao Mo Ran nervously called out in a low voice.

Director Huang interrupted her, "Clean up your belongings. I'm afraid this small temple of mine won't be able to keep you, this great god." If you want to take the exam, then just tell Big Brother. I understand that you can take this step when people walk to the top and water flows to the bottom! But you see, the company has the company's rules. I can't break the company's rules because of you, can I? Besides, I heard that you got first place in the written test, so this Dahua company's employee must have passed and can't afford to waste any more time. You should hurry up and pack up, prepare for the interview, and in the future, you will become a member of the Dahua group's staff. Don't forget about me when the time comes! "

Director Huang's words were very skillful. It was both sarcastic and encouraging, making her feel even more uncomfortable. He meant to dismiss her without offending her. Boss Huang was indeed a veteran. No matter how stupid Qiao Mo Ran was, he could tell that there was a high chance of it happening.

However, she couldn't lose her job. If she lost it, she would look for it again. It was too difficult! Moreover, in any profession, entering the sect required at least a year of exercise. Moreover, she didn't have any savings, so surviving was a very pressing problem.

"Boss Huang, I was wrong!" Qiao Mo Ran was not the kind of person who was anxious to admit her mistakes. However, right now, she had no choice but to weigh the pros and cons and lower her head. Moreover, even though the company had its rules, she still knew that it was her fault. "Please give me another chance, I will sell a few houses!"

Director Huang looked at her for a long time before saying amiably, "Mo Ran, you've been at the company for almost a year. You haven't talked much, but you're a very sensible and obedient girl. I still value you very much. If you do a good job from this position, I believe that you will become a very qualified salesperson soon! As you know, there has to be a process of familiarity with everything you do, right? However, big brother also feels that the staff of the Dahua Group is really suitable for you and can't block your future prospects, right? "You'd better get ready for the interview!

After CEO Huang finished speaking, he smiled playfully, staring at her as if he was sizing up her reaction.

Qiao Mo Ran was terrified as he could hear the hidden meaning behind his words.

"Boss Huang, just tell me, I'm afraid I don't understand!" Qiao Mo Ran clenched his teeth, hoping that Boss Huang would be honest.

"Haha …" In the end, Chairman Huang was still an old fox. After being sold for so many years, the company appointed him as the head office. From this, it could be seen how good his performance was.

"I still want to sell my house at the company!" Qiao Mo Ran already knew that there was no hope for him to be interviewed. Naturally, he did not expect the Da Hua Group to pass the exam.

"Don't, sister, you have to go for an interview. Now that the interview is over, I want to bask in your glory. Not only me, but everyone else in the company as well!"

"Boss Huang, can you stop teasing me? It's impossible for me to pass the exam! " Qiao Mo said in a self-mocking manner.

"How could that be? You're already first! " Boss Huang said again.

"I won't pass the exam!" Qiao Mo suddenly shook his head and the corners of his mouth twitched. He revealed a standard but professional smile and said: "But, I cannot give up. If you want to expel me, I have no other choice. But I will take the exam again next year! In this world, it couldn't be a hundred percent unfair, could it? Thank you, I see what you mean! "I will pack my stuff and leave now so that you won't be troubled!"

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