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C15 Why Help Me

Qiao Mo Ran was slightly startled. No one had told her these words before. This was the first time she had heard such a detail! For a moment, facing Gu Yisheng, she was slightly startled.

"Gu Yisheng suddenly stretched out his hand and used his slender fingers to support her chin." Are you sure you want to be distracted? "

Qiao Mo Ran abruptly snapped out of his daze and pulled down his hand.

Gu Yisheng's gaze turned playful as he raised his eyebrows. "Do you think that I'm rather handsome and absent-minded?"

Qiao Mo Ran frantically turned his gaze away and no longer looked at him.

Gu Yicheng continued, "Could it be that you think I'm familiar with this place? For example, where we've met before, it must be a rather secluded place!"

Qiao Mo Ran's head drooped even lower as he tried to conceal himself. He quickly said, "I have never known Mr Gu before!"

"But you know him now, don't you?" he asked.

She seemed to be awakened by the thunder, and her bowed head froze there.

He stared at her without blinking, his eyebrows raised, "Qiao Mo Ran, do you know me more terrifying than a wolf? But I'm glad to see you! The world is not big, meet you, mood is good! "You remind me of a lot of things, a lot of things that I can't forget …"

Qiao Mo Ran's heart felt as though it had been sitting on a roller coaster. In the blink of an eye, he was already at the turning point. His heart suddenly felt weightless!

"Next, let's talk about how to answer the interview questions!" Gu Yisheng's tone turned serious once again.

Qiao Mo could only quietly listen. She knew that this was a golden saying, a golden saying that could not be bought by her wealth.

The interview will be three questions, a total of 12 minutes. When you enter the examination hall, you will be seated on the stage, and the examiner will be seated in a row below the stage. There will be a recording of the entire interview.

Saying that, Gu Yisheng reached into his car and took out a thick file.

Qiao Qiao was surprised. Gu Yisheng had already pressed him into her hands. When he went back, he would read through all the questions! This was the answer to all the interview questions that Jiangcheng had received over the past few decades, as well as to every single employee accepted into Daxia Group in the records! Maybe it's good for you. "In addition, I will say it again. When you answer, you have to be calm, you have to speak at a consistent pace, you don't have to catch your breath, and you don't want anyone to see your nervousness. You have to be both flexible and calm at the same time!"

"Why are you helping me?" Qiao Mo held the folder in his hand, feeling shocked in his heart.

"You will know!" He suddenly smiled, and her heart skipped a beat.


In the city of Yunhai.

Seaside Manor.

Seaside Villa is a resort hotel with vacation, tourism, municipal reception as a whole, three stars.

The personnel interview for the staff members of Dahua Group in Yunhai City was held in the conference room here.

8 AM in the morning.

Qiao Mo brought the interview notification with him to Seaside Manor and walked to the door. Qiao Mo took a deep breath and took a deep breath. He held onto the small black leather bag in front of him, straightened his back and strode inside.

Many examinees had already gathered in the courtyard of the Manor, and all of them had solemn expressions on their faces.

Qiao Mo Ran saw a staff member holding a megaphone shouting, inviting the examinees to enter the first and second examination hall in succession.

Thus, all the interviewees queued up and entered their respective exam rooms. Qiao Mo Ran sat in the first exam room.

There were many interviewees today. After all the examinees entered the lounge of the first examination hall, some staff members took their lot numbers and asked them to draw lots!

In the other room, all the examiners were also waiting.

There were more than a dozen examiners, both male and female, from various brotherly counties near Yunhai County. Yunhai was a county city, and belonged to Jiangcheng.

There were eight counties in River City and the interview was held on the same day.

All the examiners were not allowed to interview examinees in their own county, which meant that they would have to exchange the examinees' scores in each county. This was to ensure that the interview would be more fair.

The interviewers drew lots one by one, and the videos followed.

All the examiners who drew the number had to sign their names and confirm their identities, so as to prevent any impersonations.

The account Qiao Mo Ran selected was very close to the front, third.

When she got the number, she was still thinking, "Don't worry, everything is fine. There are two more ahead. You're only third, that's enough."

Finally, the first and second round of the interview was over. She heard someone shouting, "The first exam grounds. The third exam candidate. Please enter the exam grounds!"

Qiao Mo took a deep breath and stood up. As she walked, she straightened her shoulders and put on a calm expression. She remembered Gu Yisheng's words. Although that person didn't have any good intentions, what he said was the truth.

Relying on the information that Gu Qishao had given him allowed Qiao Mo Ran to make up for it within three days. He had complete confidence in this.

Qiao Mo Ran walked towards the examination area with a full mood. She wanted to sit on the platform with more than 30 people on it, including 9 examiners. The examiners would follow the rules of A, B, C, D … There were no names on the list, and the dozen or so people at the back seemed to be listening in.

However, the moment that Qiao Mo Ran saw the examiner, she was so jealous that she was shocked!

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