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Scheming Boss Hard To Please/C16 I Didn't Expect to Meet Him
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C16 I Didn't Expect to Meet Him

The smile that was originally full of confidence froze on his face as he stared blankly at the organizer, as if he was in a dream and wasn't real.

That person seemed to be a bit surprised when he saw her. However, that person remained calm and collected. Then, he smirked playfully.

It was a young man with a distinguished appearance.

Qiao Mo naturally did not know this person's name. He only knew that his surname was Che. Because that surname was too small, she always remembered that this person changed her life and caused her entire life to fall into a calamity.

However, never in her wildest dreams would she have thought that she would meet him again!

However, if even Gu Yisheng could meet him, how could he not meet him? Furthermore, back then, he was Gu Yisheng's spokesperson, wasn't he?

The man blinked his eyes. Clearly, he had also recognized Qiao Mo Ran.

The world is so small that I can turn my head and touch it. However, at this moment, she could only pretend that she didn't know him and act as if nothing had happened.

Qiao Mo Ran tried his best to calm his emotions, went up on the stage, bowed slightly, and then greeted the examiners with a calm and loud voice. I am examinee number three! "

Just as Qiao Mo Ran finished speaking, the examiner surnamed Che slightly nodded his head. Then, a deep male voice rang out, "Please take a seat!"

"Thank you!" Qiao Mo Ran was very careful about his manners. He tried his best to be neither humble nor haughty, nor nervous nor humble.

Thus, she sat in the examinee seat that had been arranged for her.

The carriage examiner had a very handsome face, and the noble air around him made him seem very high and mighty. However, when Qiao Mo Ran sat down and looked at him, he smiled.

Out of so many people here, she only knew this one surnamed Che. It could be said that he didn't know her at all. It was just a chance encounter, and that was all.

However, this person was the one who had her lifeline under his control. This caused Qiao Mo to feel as though he was sitting on pins and needles.

At this moment, a staff member held up a sealed folder for her to see. "Please verify the exam papers for me!"

After flipping over the paper bags, Qiao Mo nodded his head. "Sure, no problem!"

"Next, we'll begin unsealing!" The questions were sealed on the spot.

The staff distributed the questions to the examiners and also gave a copy to Qiao Mo Ran.

Just as Gu Yisheng had said, there were three questions and twelve minutes to answer.

After scanning through, the organizer said, "Hello, examinee. Welcome to today's interview."

Qiao Mo Ran immediately interacted and only nodded slightly. He did not interrupt the main examiner's words.

The examiner sat beside him, a hint of admiration leaking out of his lips. "Not bad, you understand a bit of manners."

The main examiner continued, "Today's exam has a total of three questions, and the time limit is twelve minutes. Read every question once. There are questions on the table in front of you. After you finish answering each question, please say that you have finished answering. Okay, let's start now. Number one, how do you respond to this if your boss is irritable and often criticizes you? Second question, how do you think you can get along with your arrogant colleagues? The third question is, if you are the person in charge of a project and the contractor gives you a plan, and the leaders and colleagues say so, but you always feel that there are flaws in the details, what should you do? "

"First of all, I think the leader's criticism of me is a sign of his love for his subordinates. This is a question of self-recognition, and I believe that the criticism of the leadership will make me improve faster. I should take the criticism of the leadership seriously, and not let the harsh criticism of the leadership lead to the opposite mentality, so that it will affect my work. Secondly, I will seriously reflect, learn from experience and lessons, find out their own shortcomings, and try to keep pace with the leadership. It's my problem, he corrected. It's not my problem, and I won't contradict you in person. Resistance and excessive obedience are not the proper ways to solve problems. I can talk to him in private afterwards. I think as the leader of the boss, should also be constantly self-reflection. If there is no effect after communication, I will find a chance to work hard and tactfully let the leaders know that emotions can change at any time. To manage your emotions, you must first learn how to understand them. Turn negative emotions into positive ones, and the work environment will be good, and the work efficiency will be improved. "The answer is complete!"

"Second question. I believe that establishing good co-worker relations with colleagues is a litmus test of my own character. At the same time, I think that I can't just ignore the implementation of the work because of the coordination of human relationships. Without losing the principle, the work must be completed in time. Proactively and conscientiously do your job well, which is the premise and foundation of establishing good people and relationships. "Only by doing their job well can they win the trust and respect from others' hearts, be truly accepted by others, and build a healthy and solid interpersonal relationship based on this …"

Qiao Mo Ran gave a very serious answer to all three questions.

When she finished answering the three questions, she saw a hint of an appreciative smile surfacing on the corner of the car examiner's lips. She quickly shifted her gaze, and under the examiner's directions, she politely left the exam grounds.

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