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Scheming Boss Hard To Please/C17 Guess Who I Met
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C17 Guess Who I Met

Rongfeng Hotel.

In the restaurant's private room.

There was already someone in the private box when Gu Yisheng said this. When he opened the door, he saw someone approaching and said, "You're not running here for official meals, and you even called me out. You're such a freak!"

"Why don't you treat me to a meal when I'm in Yunhai?" The person who had just spoken was none other than the car nameplate that came out of the examination hall. He was sitting on the sofa with a cup of tea on the tea table. "I'm so tired today, guess who I met!"

Gu Yisheng also walked to the sofa and sat down. At this moment, the waiter came over and asked what he needed.

"How many dishes are there today? Do you want red wine or beer?"


"Sure, give me a bottle of Zhang Yu. Serve the dishes in half an hour. Before that, please do not disturb me!" Gu Yicheng gave a simple explanation.

"Yes sir!" The waiter left.

"Who did you meet?" Gu Yisheng raised an eyebrow.

"Isn't this for you to guess?" Che Mingjian laughed, "The world is so small that people have no choice but to believe in fate!"

Gu Yisheng did not look too surprised. In other words, he already knew who Chui Ming Jane was referring to!

"Have you seen Wang Ning?" Gu Yisheng did not answer the question.

Che Mingjian raised his eyebrows with a playful look in his eyes. "You know that I'm not talking about Wang Ning!"

"How did Wang Ning perform today?" Gu Yisheng couldn't help asking again.

"Frankly speaking, I'm not as good as him!" "But from the looks of it, you don't seem surprised at all. It can't be that you've met the person I was talking about, right?"

Gu Yicheng laughed and retorted, "I wonder who you're talking about! Should I? "

As if he had already expected Gu Yisheng's expression, Che Ming Jian said without the slightest bit of surprise, "How boring, Gu Yisheng. Don't think that I don't know what your expression when you raised your eyebrows represents. You can fool others, but you can't fool me!"

"Leader, in River City, we are all employees of Daxia Corporation. We are no longer the flowery young master of B City!" Gu Yisheng responded indifferently.

"Oh?!" The car nameplate's tone became even more playful: "So you were worried about that! "What's there to be afraid of? I feel like she's even more afraid of us than we are!"

"Don't provoke her, she decided to forget. Let her forget! As a person, you must be kind and honest! "

"Since when have you been so considerate towards beauties?"


"However, her performance today is definitely better than Wang Ning's!" Che Mingjian took a cigarette and handed it to Gu Yisheng. "After three days, when you have a whole new level of respect for me, I can't believe that the rookie did not change his expression and responded to today's interview without saying a word. Although her answer wasn't the best technique, it was the calmest one on the stage! "Our impartial examiner couldn't help but give her a high score. That girl's score is even higher than Wang Ning's!

Gu Yisheng lit a cigarette, took a puff, and remained silent. He sat cross-legged on the sofa with a lazy look.

"Hey, what did you say she applied for?"

"I don't know!" Gu Yi Sheng replied with three words.

When she heard this, she sat up straight and raised her thick eyebrows. "You really don't know?"

"Should I know?" Gu Yicheng's blackened eyes stared straight at the cart. His face was not red as he answered, but his heart did not skip a beat.

"She's actually in the sea of clouds. If she were in my territory, then this girl …" Chui Ming Jane said as she looked at Gu Yisheng.

"Alright, stop probing. I don't know who you're talking about!"

"Relax!" Che Mingjian scolded, "What are you pretending for?" "I just said not to disturb her, and now you don't even know her?"

Gu Yisheng remained indifferent to the swearing of the vehicle's nameplate. He leaned forward slightly and picked up the cup of tea on the table, beginning to sip it leisurely.

Without a doubt, he was an outstanding man. Gu Yisheng's temperament was handsome and reserved. His starry eyes were straight and his skin was fair. He looked harmless, but was incomparably sharp. The same was true for the car inscription symbol. It was strange, quiet, and always sharp! Actually, there were many times when the two of them were similar. That was the reason why they became good friends back then.

"Yisheng, to be honest, that girl is in the sea of clouds. Do you want her for yourself? If you don't do it, I'll come hiking over the mountains and rivers and heh heh, how about it? "

Gu Yicheng smiled faintly. "She can't go back to your turf to harm others!"

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