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C18 Mr Examiner

After the interview, Qiao Mo Ran did not hold any hope. She felt that there was no hope left for Gu Jing Sheng to pester her over and over again. Thus, she returned to the office the next day after the interview was over.

"The sales staff saw her early in the morning was a little surprised." Eh? Qiao Mo Ran, didn't you resign? "

Qiao Mo Ran was startled and could not understand.

Seeing her expression, her colleagues immediately understood that she still didn't know about the news, so they told her in hushed tones, "The day before yesterday, Boss Huang personally told me at the plenary meeting that you were going to work somewhere else! Mo Ran, where did you go? "

Didn't Boss Huang say you could come back to work?

Qiao Mo Ran was extremely shocked. He never would have thought that Boss Huang would ask her to come back to work that day. Why did she publicly announce that she had already found another place?

Qiao Mo Ran went to Boss Huang's office in panic and confusion.

After knocking, Boss Huang's voice could be heard, "Come in!"

Qiao Mo pushed open the door and entered. Seeing that Boss Huang was writing something down, she walked over and stopped one meter and a half away from the desk. She leisurely said: "Boss Huang!"

Hearing Qiao Mo Ran's voice, CEO Huang raised his head. There was no change in his expression. "Little Qiao, is the interview over?"

Qiao Mo nodded his head and said frankly: "Yes, Boss Huang, I want to return to work!"

"Oh, going to work? "No rush!" President Huang immediately smiled and said, "Take a rest first. The exam is quite busy. I'm on paid leave this month, so I'm going to work next month!"

In an instant, Qiao Mo Ran seemed to have understood something. It turned out that Director Huang had clearly decided to dismiss her, but she did not say it in such an absolute manner. This month's holiday with pay was really generous!

Qiao Mo Ran was about to say something when Boss Huang's phone rang. He immediately said to Qiao Mo Ran, "Quickly go back and rest well, Qiao Mo Ran!"

Qiao Mo Ran pursed his lips, nodded helplessly and left.

The moment the door closed, she seemed to hear Director Huang's voice, "Old Brother Gu, everything that you've asked me to do has been arranged. Of course it's all done!"

Surname Gu?! Coincidence?!

Before Qiao Mo Ran could get on the car, he heard someone calling his name: "Qiao Mo Ran!"

As he raised his head, he saw the car inscription slip.

In that instant, a hint of panic flashed through Qiao Mo Ran's eyes, but it quickly calmed down.

It was the same old man who stood outside the sales office, looking at her with a smile and a measuring gaze.

At a glance, her pair of black pupils were even more conspicuous. Her eyes were exceptionally large and round, but the most important part was that the proportion of her black pupils was very large, so when she focused her attention on a person, her eyes seemed to be filled with an innocent and pitiful wet look. It was those eyes that made people's eyes unforgettable. Those few traces of sadness and sadness added a touch of elegance to it.

"Sir, is there something you need?" Qiao Mo's tone was flat as if he had never met him before.

Her calm expression caused Ji Yunshu to frown. "I think I owe you. I haven't paid you back yet, have I?"

He used a tone of certainty.

Qiao Mo Ran was expressionless; he really did not have any expression. Even his eyes did not seem to be focused.

"Of course, you also seem to owe me. I've always missed you!" Che Mingjian's tone was filled with amusement as he looked at her with interest.

"Mr. Examiner, I don't know what you're going to say. Other than meeting you in the examination hall yesterday, I really don't know what I owe you. I'm sorry, I still have things to do, so I'll be taking my leave first!"

"Did I say we knew each other before?" Che Ming Jane blinked, "Why did you explain it so clearly?" It's as if we really did know you in the past and are in a hurry to get rid of you now.

From the tone and gaze of the vehicle, Qiao Mo Ran immediately knew that he had been brought into a trap. She took a deep breath. It was hard to describe how she felt right now.

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