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Scheming Boss Hard To Please/C3 Have We Met Before?
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C3 Have We Met Before?

"It's still the same old saying. Impossible, impossible!" She had put in so much effort just to get the first place in the test. As long as she passed the interview, she would be able to become an employee of the Dah Hua Corporation with a bright future ahead of her. How could he spit the meat out of his mouth? Unless she was stupid!

However, Gu Yisheng didn't seem to care about her attitude, as if he had guessed what she was thinking.

Then Gu Yisheng took a black bag from the sofa and handed it over.

Qiao Mo Ran was stunned and instinctively asked, "What?"

"You can see that if you give up, this is yours!" Gu Yisheng looked at her with a deep gaze that locked firmly onto her face.

At that moment, Qiao Mo Ran felt a little humiliated. She did not need to guess to know what was inside. It should be money and not just a little.

However, money could not buy her future.

Gu Yisheng frowned slightly when he saw that she didn't open the bag. Then he seemed to raise his eyebrows and unzipped the black bag. Pushing it in front of Qiao Mo Ran, Qiao Mo Ran saw the bag, no more, no less, a total of ten bundles, one hundred thousand yuan in notes, a hundred thousand?!

She had never seen so much money.

To spend so much money just to buy a chance to give her a written test, this was undoubtedly a huge sum of money in the sea of clouds.

Qiao Mo Ran looked at it numbly and saw that it was red banknotes. The banknotes were really tied up properly. They must have just been collected from the bank! She raised her head slightly, feeling a little stiff all over. Her face was pale, almost transparent. It was as if all the blood in his body had been sucked out in that instant, leaving not a single drop behind.

"Well? Can you think about it? " Gu Yisheng opened his mouth at just the right moment. He was in perfect position to do so.

If it were someone who loved money, he would be happy to accept it at this moment. This year's top scorer would be the same as next year's.

However, she wasn't that kind of person. Even though she also loved money, she wasn't able to sell anything just for money, because she didn't want to sell her dignity again!

"Then, Mr. Gu, can you tell me why you insist on me quitting the interview?" She thought, it must be the second or third place after that, to get rid of the strong first and get more chances.

"Why is Miss Qiao asking so much?" Gu Yisheng's tone remained calm and composed.

"Mr. Gu, if this is not related to me, you can ask!" Qiao Mo Ran's tone was very cold.

"Have we met before?" Gu Yisheng's words suddenly came up. This was not the problem with the foreword, but Qiao Mo Ran's face turned pale once again. She tightened her grip on the bag on her leg, the veins on her fingers bulging out due to the excessive force.

"She clutched her bag tightly to cover her loss of manners." I've never seen it before! "

He did not reply but stared at her for an instant before raising his eyebrows. "Qiao Mo Ran, do you really think that you can enter the Hua Corporation for the first place in the written test?"

Qiao Mo Ran knew the meaning and profound meaning behind those words.

She also knew that this man had created a memory in her life that she thought she could forget but could never forget. And this fatal charm was given to her by a man.

Life had made a joke with her, and then, today, she would sit across from him in such an inescapable way, facing another important choice in her life.

Could he not escape?

What sort of role had this man played in her life?

Did he want to throw her from heaven to hell, and now he wants to send her from hell to hell again?


No! How could he be the one to go to hell? It was him!

After a moment of confusion, Qiao Mo Ran asked directly, "So, regardless of whether I agree or not, the final interview will not let me pass?"

Gu Yisheng narrowed his eyes when he heard this. A smart girl, at least, was smarter than he had expected. He did not hide anything and nodded slightly, "Next year, you can take the exam again! I can promise you that as long as you pass the written test next year, you will definitely pass! "

Qiao Mo's lips twitched. "Even if that is the case, do you think I would agree?"

"Then I can only say that Miss Qiao is not suitable for this profession! "You haven't learned the art of mediocrity!" Gu Yisheng was neither impatient nor impatient. His tone of voice was still lazy and calm.

However, the faint trace of ridicule on the corner of his mouth was seen as such in Qiao Mo Ran's eyes. She could not endure such contempt and pursed her lips. After a long while, she calmly said, "The decision to do this is not up to you, Mister Gu. My life is not yours!"

"Is that so?" "Gu Yisheng had an indifferent attitude, but he was still very calm." "Unfortunately, this time, it's my turn!"

Her heart thumped like she was stepping on air. "Mr. Gu, this position is very important to me!"

"Miss Qiao, this position is just as important as yours!"

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