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Scheming Boss Hard To Please/C4 I Cannot be Deceived
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C4 I Cannot be Deceived

"But how do you people who have power and power understand the sadness and helplessness of an ordinary person?" Qiao Mo Ran retorted excitedly, "This is the fate of my family, not mine alone!"

"Miss Qiao, to others, this position is not a family matter, but a few families' matter! With the things in your bag, it's enough for you to live for a few years. You can continue with your exams next year! "

Qiao Mo Ran knew that he was speaking the truth but she still stubbornly shook her head. And next year I'll meet someone like you again? "

"Miss Qiao, as far as I know, the probability is very low, at least 90% of it is really done for!" Even if we want this position, it's enough for the interview! Otherwise, I wouldn't have come looking for you. Your top few rankings are all on the same level! If you don't take it, I can find a second or third place. I believe one of them will get it sooner or later, so after the interview, you still won't be able to enter this unit! "

It was as if she had been awoken by thunder. She abruptly retreated, and her face became even paler. "Fourth?"

Gu Yicheng was stunned, but he did not reply. This girl was truly intelligent.

"Excluding any one of our top three candidates, the fourth candidate will be able to get an interview. This position was prepared for that person in distress, right?"

"You can say that!" Gu Yisheng was very frank.

"Then, Mr. Gu, let's try it out on the second or third place!" She stood up.

"Miss Qiao, you really don't understand the situation!" Gu Yisheng looked up at her.

Qiao Mo lowered his head and looked into the man's deep eyes, concealing the loss of his composure. I won't lie to you about this! "Sorry, I have to go first."

Without waiting for him to speak again, she left the coffee table as if she were running away, leaving the latte on the table untouched.

And behind her, the gaze that was in hot pursuit seemed as though it was going to burn her.

Gu Yisheng drew two large bills and placed them on the table. Then, he picked up the black bag and chased after the man. However, he could not find him.

Back in the car, Gu Yisheng received a call. "Yisheng, how was the discussion?"

"BANG!" Gu Yisheng said.

"What?" You can't even appear? " The other side didn't seem to believe him. "Not even that much?"

"En!" Gu Yisheng responded.

"What the hell, isn't that child the one with the least status?"

Gu Yicheng pondered for a moment, "It seems a little impossible! It's a very stubborn girl. "

"Then... If you go and find her again, you'll have to double your efforts! " The other side said.

"Alright, don't be impatient. I'll try again!" Gu Yisheng held the phone and looked around. Surprisingly, he did not see that person. Let's do it like this! "

After hanging up, he drove on the street, searching for that figure, but to no avail.

After Qiao Mo Ran left the coffee shop, his entire body was still tensed. She knew that this job had failed! As for that one hundred thousand yuan, even if she passed the exam, she might not even be able to save up that much money after working for five years. However, she still refused it!

No regrets!

The next day.

The phone rang again. It was the same number.

Qiao Mo's heart skipped a beat and he did not pick up the phone.

She knew that Gu Yisheng wanted to convince herself again, but she could not see that person again. If she could not see him, then so be it!

But the phone rang three times in a stubborn way, and in the end she still didn't answer, and after a pause a message came in.

"Qiao Mo Ran, I know you don't want to see me. How about it multiplied again? "

Qiao Qiao looked at the phone number. Two hundred thousand! However, she still pressed the delete button decisively, and the message quickly disappeared.

The phone did not call again, and Qiao Mo Ran did not call either.

After that day, she waited in peace.

Even if she knew that she would not pass the interview in the end, she would still attend, because if she did, she would do her best not to feel sorry for herself.

Qiao Mo Ran isn't completely unemployed right now. She is also doing sales work at a real estate sales company in Yunhai.

Two days later, Qiao Mo Ran was currently wearing a uniform as he stood in the sales hall to entertain customers. Suddenly, a jade like figure entered his eyes and Qiao Mo was instantly alarmed and unable to resist.

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