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Scheming Boss Hard To Please/C5 I'm Here to Buy a House
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C5 I'm Here to Buy a House

Gu Yisheng!

It was Gu Yisheng!

Gu Yisheng walked in from the entrance of the hall and immediately caught a glimpse of the person he was looking for — Qiao Mo Ran.

Today, Qiao Mo Ran had changed into a sales uniform. He wore a small black suit, a skirt, silk stockings and high heels. He was dressed entirely in his office attire. His legs, wrapped in silk stockings, were quite slender.

Gu Yisheng stopped at a distance and raised his eyebrows. His deep eyes revealed traces of laziness as he looked at the distant silhouette that seemed to be uneasy when it saw him.

Qiao Mo Ran became nervous the moment he saw Gu Jing Sheng. It was mainly because of that night so long ago …

And now, she didn't want to have any interaction with this person. She didn't expect that she would once again forget about escaping in his powerful aura.

She looked at him from a distance. Gu Yisheng, his beauty, had no idea what kind of good genes he had. The man had good skin and was very smooth. His facial features were like those of a sculpture and were well-proportioned. The ornate wall light in the hall hit his side face, casting a long shadow on the tip of his nose. It was deep and slightly blurred.

His hair was somewhat long, and the hair on his forehead almost covered his eyes. Even so, Gu Yisheng could still see through the thick layer of hair a pair of cold eyes full of interest.

Then she saw Gu Yisheng walk straight up to her and cast a sidelong glance at her with a slight raise of his eyebrows. "Miss Qiao, we meet again!"

Qiao Mo lowered his eyes and said in a low voice: "Hello, Mr Gu!"

Gu Yicheng lowered his eyes and smiled. Within that smile was a few hints of amusement, a few traces of evil. Suddenly, his enormous body leaned over and bent down slightly.

Qiao Mo Ran panicked and raised his head. Both of their auras instantly spread out. Qiao Mo Ran panicked and quickly took a step back.

Seeing her like this, Gu Yisheng smiled and straightened his body. Before he could say anything, Qiao Mo took a step ahead of him and said, "Mr Gu, that matter is not acceptable!"

"Ha ha!" Gu Yicheng smiled again, his pretty eyebrows raised once more. "Miss Qiao, I've come this time to buy a house …"

Qiao Mo's face turned red.

Gu Yisheng's magnetic voice rang out again, "Miss Qiao, could I trouble you to introduce me to the house?"

Qiao Mo Ran was surprised for a moment and then calmed down. He pursed his red lips and asked with a polite yet distant smile, "Then may I ask what kind of house Mister Gu would like?"

"What kind of house?" Gu Yisheng mulled over these words before looking at her with eyes like paint. When he stared at her, he would give Qiao Mo a feeling that he had been stripped naked.

She quickly turned her face away and no longer looked at him with such a sharp gaze.

"Of course it's better if it's larger. Three rooms for one!" "No," he said.

"En." Qiao Mo Ran nodded. "What kind of house would Mr. Gu like?"

"The more beautiful and the calmer ones, the better …" "The secluded ones!" When he said the word "secluded", his tone seemed especially hoarse.

Qiao Mo's body stiffened and his face changed. "Mister Qiao, do you want to move away from the city center of the city to a house?"

Gu Yisheng looked at her with a deep look in his eyes. Blinking his eyes, he said, "You can say so. Stay far away from the city center. It's best to get close to the mountains and rivers. The air is better!"

"Then can Mr. Gu consider the villa?" Qiao Mo Ran lowered his eyes slightly as he politely suggested.

"Villa?" Gu Yisheng shook his head. "Forget it! I just want three rooms, two rooms, or three rooms, one room, double! The most suitable place for you to live in seclusion! "

Qiao Mo Ran's face paled. "Alright, what do you think of this place?"

"It's a good place!" Gu Yicheng nodded and suddenly thought of something as he asked Qiao Mo Ran: "Miss Qiao, have you been to B City before?"

When Qiao Mo Ran heard City B, his face turned even paler and he quickly smiled. Even though his smile was stiff, she still smiled and said, "No!"

"Oh …" The tone of his voice was a little heavy, while Gu Yisheng seemed a little disappointed. Then, he slowly said, "What a pity! "On the other side, there was another upscale residential area, located in the middle of the mountain. It was called the Solitary Court. The scenery there was really beautiful …

Qiao Mo Ran's face became paler and paler. She simply replied with a question, "Is that so? "I'm sorry, Mr. Gu. I've never been to B City and can't discuss the scenery there with you."

Gu Yisheng turned to look at her. He found her playful, as if he was staring into her eyes. "Then when Miss Qiao goes to B City, she will definitely visit the secluded residences!"

"Alright!" "Yes." Qiao Mo nodded perfunctorily. Come and take a look at the residential complex on this side of the Yushan Flower Garden! This place is located at the foot of the mountain, on the east side of the lake, and on the southeast side of the lake, there are two outer rings. The nearby markets are on the east side of the market, the Twin Dragon Shopping Square, and the transportation life is very convenient. "Take a look at this one. There are two sets on the sixteenth floor and three sets on the nineteenth!

Gu Yicheng suddenly spoke up, "Then let's go to the nineteenth floor. I like the Yang numbers, the biggest Yang number is to get lucky! Miss Qiao, can you go out and look at the house now? "

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