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C6 What Kind of Character You Have

Qiao Mo knew that if she went out, she would most likely be lobbied by Gu Yisheng again. Obviously, Gu Yisheng had come with the intention of getting drunk. Buying a house was a lie, lobbying was true.

As for her, she naturally wouldn't offend her customers, so she smiled and said: "It's really unfortunate that Mr. Gu, I still have other things to do. How about this, let my colleague Xiao Lu take you to see the house, how about it?"

Hearing Qiao Mo Ran's words, Gu Yisheng made it clear that he wanted to reject him. They were both smart people, so there was no need for him to say more. He just asked back, "Miss Qiao, what if I take a fancy to you and sign the contract, does that count as your commission or your colleague?"

Qiao Mo Ran was shocked. He did not expect him to ask such a question.

She had only sold one set last month. If she did not sell one this month, she would really be drinking in the northwest wind. However, she, Qiao Mo Ran, would never want to earn this person's money in her life.

"Mr. Gu can sign a sales contract with my colleague, so the commission is naturally hers!" Qiao Mo Ran answered very calmly.

Gu Yicheng narrowed his eyes as he looked at her. After a long time, he smiled playfully and said, "Miss Qiao is truly a girl of great potential. What character!"

"Mr. Gu, Muse, if there's nothing else, I'll call my colleague over!"

"Miss Qiao, wait!" Gu Yisheng called out to her.

Qiao Mo Ran lowered his eyes slightly and waited.

"Miss Qiao, do you know what kind of character a true staff member of Dahua Corporation needs?"

"Then does Mr. Gu know what a Party member is?" Qiao Mo Ran did not answer but simply asked a question in return.

"Gu Yisheng smiled. That smile was extremely devilish." "Miss Qiao has the quality of a debater, but not the basic quality of a staff member of the Da Hua Group!"

"Thank you for Mr. Gu's encouragement and reminder, so I'm not a staff member of the Dahua Corporation yet. I still need to work hard!"

"If I remember correctly, Miss Qiao's file states that she was a member of the Party! You just mentioned the cultivation of a Party member, I also remembered four words! How could Miss Qiao not know that she had taken her duty? "Miss Qiao, can't you treat your present dedication as serving the people?"

"Mr. Gu, you just said that you seem to be here to buy a house?" Qiao Mo Ran reminded him in a calm manner.

Gu Yisheng smiled again upon hearing this. "Then, Miss Qiao, please take me to see the room. I'm not familiar with anyone else!"

"Mr. Gu doesn't need to be familiar with people. He just needs to be familiar with the house!" "Qiao Mo Ran did not want to take him to the house." I'll immediately call my colleagues over! "

"Miss Qiao, why don't you call your manager over!" Gu Yicheng spoke calmly, "Let me ask him if he can arrange for you to follow me to the house!"

"You …" Qiao Mo Ran gritted his teeth. This person was too domineering. He didn't give her the right to refuse. Every word he said forced her into a corner. If she called the manager over, she would probably end up like Out.

Gu Yisheng smiled but didn't say anything, waiting for her decision.

"Then let's go. I'll do something else when I get back!" Qiao Mo Ran finally compromised and felt helpless towards Gu Jing Sheng.

Gu Yisheng smiled as he saw Qiao Mo agree. His smile was very faint, very appropriate, very playful and even enigmatic.

As the two left the hall, Qiao Mo followed Gu Yisheng to a black car. Gu Yisheng elegantly opened the passenger door. "Miss Qiao, please enter!"

Qiao Mo Ran didn't refuse and quietly sat on the bed. As he rubbed his shoulders and walked over, the fragrance of the peppermint fragrance wafted from Gu Jing Sheng's body. Qiao Mo's breathing suddenly became sluggish and a little nervous.

Gu Yicheng smiled faintly and closed the door. In that instant, a smile that was as distant as the heavens appeared in his eyes.

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