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Scheming Boss Hard To Please/C7 Is There a Good Man in This World
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C7 Is There a Good Man in This World

At the Jade Mountain Flower Garden.

Outside the elevator.

Qiao Mo Ran was about to press the elevator's switch, but at the same time, Gu Yisheng's hand also reached over. Both of their hands pressed the same switch, and the two touched.

Qiao Mo Ran quickly retracted his hand. His movements were so large that it was terrifying. Gu Yi Sheng was startled. He turned his head to look at her with a meaningful look in his eyes.

Qiao Mo Ran lowered his eyes in embarrassment and did not say anything.

"Ding dong..." The elevator door opened.

Gu Yisheng gestured for Qiao Mo Ran to go first.

Qiao Mo Ran did not show any modesty and could only step into the elevator. Just now, when she touched his hand, an electric current passed through her fingers and through her limbs, causing her to be extremely shocked and embarrassed. Therefore, when she got close to the elevator, her hands were no longer cheap and she no longer followed the floor numbers!

There were only the two of them in the elevator. The new building and residential quarters were not fully filled yet. There was a sparse number of people in the elevator and the elevator was empty.

The two of them stood side by side, looking ahead. The interior of the elevator was highly polished, reflecting their silhouettes. Qiao Mo subconsciously looked over. Her high heels were only the height of his chin.

Since Gu Yisheng did not press the floor number, Qiao Mo had no choice but to take a step forward and press the number on the 19th floor.

As the elevator slowly rose, Gu Yisheng's lips curved into a smile that was not a smile.

"How many years has Miss Qiao worked?" As the elevator rose, Gu Yisheng seemed to ask casually.

Qiao Mo obviously did not think that he was just casually asking because this man seemed to be profound and unfathomable. Every question seemed to have a certain purpose and it made people nervous. She paused for a moment before slowly saying, "Less than a year!"

"Less than a year?" When he said these four words, his tone was a little playful, as if he was pondering over something.

Qiao Mo caressed her hair. This was a little movement when she was nervous, she would stroke the hair behind her back.

Gu Yicheng squinted slightly and scanned her face playfully through the mirror reflection of the elevator.

She had a beautiful, slender goose-neck, fair skin, and a face the size of a palm. She wasn't very beautiful, but she was definitely beautiful. She had a pair of very deep eyes. The reason why those eyes were so dark was because there seemed to be a faint sadness written within them. She unconsciously revealed a depressed temperament between her brows.

"Working habits?" Gu Yisheng asked again.

"Not used to it!" Qiao Mo had originally thought that he would say "good" or "good" these kind of neutral words, diplomatic words, but when it came out, he was not used to it. Yes, not used to it. Extremely unaccustomed.

Last month, she had only sold a house, had gone to see the building with her clients several times, had met a single man, was very old, had spoken with a certain meaning, and had even carelessly rubbed against her hand. Qiao Mo had reflexively taken a big step back, which was very awkward. As a result, the person who bought the house said something unfathomable and the house didn't sell out …

Qiao Mo Ran had encountered too many similar situations. He even suspected that if he were to sell his house, he would be forced to follow the unwritten rules. In the end, she still insisted on herself! Of course, she was also very honest. When the elderly came to buy a house, she would suddenly sell two sets. In this period of one year, most of the houses she sold were old people's houses! Thus, the whole company gave him a nickname, the idol of the elderly!

"That's why you are taking the test?" Gu Yisheng asked.

Qiao Mo's face blushed and said bluntly: "Yes! But now, it had all gone down the drain! Even if you're not used to it, you still have to continue selling! "

After saying that, he suddenly felt that he had answered too much. He couldn't help but feel a bit annoyed at himself. Could it be that he was going to point at this man and let her compete fairly for an interview? This was absolutely impossible!

Gu Yisheng couldn't help but laugh. The corners of his mouth curled up slightly as he said in a reserved yet playful manner, "So I'm the one who's blocking Miss Qiao's future?"

"You can say that!" Qiao Mo answered very calmly.

"Actually, women don't need to work so hard. Marrying a good man is better than anything!"

"The premise is that there are good men in this world!"

Gu Yicheng was dumbfounded. "Aren't there any good men?"

"What does Mr. Gu think?" Qiao Mo Ran asked indifferently.

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