Scheming Boss Hard To Please/C8 I Won't Let You Regret It This Time
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Scheming Boss Hard To Please/C8 I Won't Let You Regret It This Time
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C8 I Won't Let You Regret It This Time

Gu Yisheng silently smiled. The depths of his eyes were like a green lake, sparkling and deep.

The elevator clanked to the 19th floor. Destination.

Just as Qiao Mo thought that the conversation had ended, Gu Yisheng suddenly said, "I thought there was a problem with distinguishing between good and bad men. In this world, good and bad isn't the standard to define a person, especially a man!"

Qiao Mo silently curled his lips.

"In the end, the person at her side suddenly turned his head and saw her curled lips." Miss Qiao seems to be very dismissive of my words? "

Qiao Mo Ran heard a voice by his ear and almost fell down. When did this person come to her side? She was the one who got off the elevator first, but she did not expect that his long legs would catch up to her before she could take two steps.

"The Right, Black and White Curves might not even be considered a standard in Mr. Gu's eyes anymore! However, I still firmly believe that a person should have a bit of morals, as well as a bit of shame! " Qiao Mo Ran turned his head to look at the man beside him.

Coincidentally, when he looked over, he used the gaze that was almost like a several thousand watt searchlight as he stared fixedly at Qiao Mo Ran without blinking. Of course, he did not delay his steps. Then, with a low chuckle, hoarse and sexy, he said in a low voice: "Miss Qiao is very hostile to me!"

"Mr. Gu has no good intentions towards me!"

"You're quite sharp tongued!"

You are a beast with a human face!

He said this in his heart and did not say anything else. Soon, he arrived at the door of the two rooms. Next to it, Qiao Mo took out the key and opened one of them.

The house was empty and brightly lit, and both men frowned at the light as they entered.

Qiao Mo was very fond of this kind of house that could see through the light. Unfortunately, she lived in a dark place where she could not see the sunlight. This made her like this kind of house even more.

"Mr. Gu, please take a look, this house is really good. The colorful light is very good, it's one of the tallest residential buildings in the sea of clouds, with two colorful lights on both sides. The house is heading north and south, so it's the most suitable place to live!" Qiao Mo Ran introduced Gu Yisheng to the topic in a professional spirit.

Gu Yisheng also looked at the house very seriously, one by one, three bedrooms, two facing the sun. "The one next door is the same as this one?"

"You can go take a look!" Qiao Mo answered.

Gu Yisheng went next door. After taking a look, he returned to the first room and began reading very carefully.

Qiao Mo Ran didn't think that he would actually buy a house. Gu Yisheng's intentions were just like drinking wine.

Sure enough, Qiao Mo Ran's guess was right. Gu Yisheng smiled and said to her: "What should we do? "Miss Qiao, I don't like the houses here!"

Qiao Mo Ran harrumphed coldly from the bottom of his heart. He did not show any impatience on his face. With a professional smile, he asked, "Then can you tell me what you are not satisfied with about the house here?"

"Miss Qiao, let's talk again. How about it?" Gu Yisheng rubbed his eyes and looked at her.

Although he already knew the answer, Qiao Mo still laughed at himself and asked: "What do you want to talk about?"

"Give up the interview!" There are many choices in your life. If you are willing to help out, you can still join this unit next year and there will be even more spots next year! "

"Mr. Gu, there are many good choices in life, but I don't want to have a choice that will make me regret it!" Qiao Mo Ran's tone turned cold very quickly. When she said this, it was as if she had experienced something that would make her regret for the rest of her life. Her eyes, which were originally deep and had a trace of melancholy, were actually sparkling with water.

Gu Yisheng looked deeply into her eyes. When he looked into her eyes, they were so affectionate that his heart seemed to soften as well. His handsome face seemed to be covered by a layer of haziness, and the lines of his face became soft.

When he was only one step away from Qiao Mo Ran, he stopped and a low male voice said in a hoarse voice, "This time, perhaps you won't regret it!"

These words had two meanings.

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