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Scheming Boss Hard To Please/C9 Panic and Helplessness
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C9 Panic and Helplessness

Qiao Mo Ran's face froze for a moment. He then retracted his gaze, as if what he said had nothing to do with her.

However, only she knew in her heart that her heart was already in her throat, and she might not care about it. Normally, she would not care about anything, but at this moment, it was still all because of Gu Yicheng's words that had thrown her off guard.

"My decision will not be changed! Mr. Gu, I'm sorry! " Qiao Mo Ran quickly finished his sentence and turned to leave.

"Miss Qiao, I haven't said that I won't buy a house, but you're leaving now?" Gu Yisheng's deep male voice sounded from behind him. It was hard to tell his mood.

Qiao Mo Ran's body became visibly tense and he did not turn around.

What she did not know was that, at this moment, Gu Yisheng behind her had a crafty look in his deep eyes. "Miss Qiao, it's impossible for a staff member of the Dahua Group to become a real estate agent, but you don't want to be one anymore?"

A sharp, piercing pain flashed through her eyes and Qiao Mo Ran's tense body relaxed. He tightened his grip and loosened it. She abruptly turned her head and spoke with an extremely cold tone: "Mr Gu, you want to cover the sky with one hand? Do you want to take away my job?"

"Tsk …" Gu Yicheng smiled, his magnetic and pleasant voice slowly came over. "Are you angry? I don't think I said anything? This is easy to get angry, it's not suitable for you to be a member of the China Corporation! "

His tone was full of intimate ridicule. He was helpless to directly ask if she was angry or not. Qiao Mo Ran turned around and answered with a cold tone, "Mr Gu, I am very busy!"

"How about two hundred thousand?" He interrupted her.

Qiao Mo Ran's body tensed up once again and a scar flashed across his eyes. It's the same for two million, no exchange! "

She replied indifferently, turned around, and walked out.

Her heart was pounding like a drum, and her spirit was being tested.

After she turned around, her back was a bit panicky and helpless.

Behind him, Gu Yisheng smiled. The pleasant male voice spoke again, "How about giving you this house?"

"Give it to your mother!" Qiao Mo Ran felt humiliated and angry, so she couldn't help but greet his mother.

Gu Yicheng was not angered. Instead, he laughed, "My father sends my mother to her house, so she doesn't need others to send her home. Otherwise, my father would get jealous! "Miss Qiao, I'm serious. How about giving you this house?"

His teasing tone made Qiao Mo Ran walk faster and faster.

She just wanted to escape, to escape from the burning gaze that seemed to penetrate her back.

Gu Yicheng looked at her back as if she was escaping and raised his eyebrows slightly. His thin lips curved into a profound smile. When she left, she did not forget to close the door for her. The woman ran away, not caring about the door anymore.

When Gu Yisheng went downstairs, Qiao Mo Ran's figure had already disappeared.

He took out his cell phone and dialed Qiao Mo Ran's number.

When Qiao Mo Ran saw the phone, he was shocked. She had just walked out of the district.

She refused to answer and the phone rang relentlessly.

She had to answer, but she didn't speak.

"Qiao Mo Ran, there are some things that you cannot escape from!"

"Mr. Gu, we're all quite busy. Goodbye!" Qiao Mo suddenly ended the call.

Gu Yisheng glanced at the phone and realized that Qiao Mo Ran was the first to hang up his phone. Although the expression on his face did not change, the aura around him did indeed fluctuate.

"He took out a phone and made a call." Hello, boss? I am Gu Yisheng! "

"Ah!" Brother Gu, hello! What brings you here? Come out to eat, I'll treat you!

"Sure, I have something to talk to you about!"

"Bro, tell me first."

"Don't worry, it's just a small matter!"

"You have to be prepared in your heart!" The other side teased.

"Oh!" I just heard that one of your subordinates applied for the Great Hua Corporation's staff test and got a good grade, so I'm here to congratulate you! "

"Who?" "Director Huang was shocked." Brother, aren't you slapping me in the face? Our company has set a rule that if you want to quit, you have to! Who would be so daring? "

However, Gu Yicheng merely smiled and said, "Let's meet and talk, boss!"

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