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C1 She's Divorced

When she left the Civil Affairs Bureau, she looked tired.

This ridiculous farce called marriage ended three days before the year she became a married woman. Except for her identity as a divorced girl and the fact that her daughter slept peacefully in the stroller, she seemed no different from the happy Miss Zhai of a year ago.

However, Zhai Tong Xin was well aware of what her marriage this year had brought her.

With a sigh, he carried his daughter in the stroller and got on his bike. He took out his phone and she edited a Wechat Moment.

"When I first met Mr. Qi, I was able to fulfill my wish and become Mrs. Qi. Unfortunately, there were simply too many mountains and rivers; there were simply too many demons. "Nice to be you, Miss Zhai. Three miles of clear wind, three miles of clear wind, and every step you took, I will never see you again."

The moment he pressed the send button, Zhai Tongxin felt that she was being very pretentious. She opened her mouth, but tears streamed down her face. Even she didn't expect that the man she had loved for three years would be so heartless.

She knew that for a man, it was hard to make a choice between his mother and his wife.

However, her ex-husband's way of doing things had caused her to feel a chill down her spine from beginning to end. Especially when the mother-in-law told her that her daughter was born from an adultery, this man, who only knew how to get along with women, unexpectedly didn't even ask her about it and believed her.

That feeling was no different from someone holding a basin of cold water in the middle of winter to pour her water from beginning to end.

The ex-husband couldn't have children, the child was a test tube he was looking at, how could there be a problem?

Zhai Shaoxi leaned on the steering wheel and sobbed softly. Suddenly, the screen on her phone lit up. It was a message.

A dark head lit up in his circle of friends, followed by three short words: Where are you?

Zhai Tong Xin immediately looked like a kitten whose tail had been grabbed. She quickly wiped her tears away, deleted her Moments, then lowered her head to start the car and get ready to go home.

However, the person on the other side didn't seem to be willing to accept this. After seeing that she deleted her Wechat Moment, he sent her a private message. This time, the message was even more simple and crude.


Zhai Wangxin bit her lips. During this period of time, she had been through too many troublesome things. Other than her family members, there were very few people who would comfort her. However, she did not want to reply to this message.

Because the other party was her direct superior, Shang Mou Nan.

It wasn't because they were afraid of being caught working overtime, no matter how severe the company was, it was impossible to ask an employee who had just left the family and was carrying a baby to work for the company. Not to mention that Zhai Tong Xin worked as a TV host in Jiangbei City. Other than the fixed time every day, she almost didn't need to go to the company.

The reason why she was so against Shang Moyan was because of her attitude towards her … Very strange.

Shang Mou Nan was chasing after her.

Furthermore, Shang Mou Nan was tall and handsome.

Meanwhile, Shang Mou Nan was the station head of the entire television station. In private, she was a married woman before, and now, she was a married woman with a burden. No matter how he looked at it, Shang Mou Nan should not be interested in him.

However, he acted like he was possessed, running towards her resting room three times a day. As time passed, even his colleagues couldn't help but start whispering to each other.

Zhai Tongxin wasn't bad. She had a perfect oval face, red phoenix eyes, snow-white skin, and a proud figure. She was also the dream girl of many young people at the television station before their marriage. But that was in the past. Now she was just a single mother, who would be enchanted and try to please her?

She could not figure it out, so she chose to ignore it.

However, if he gave up that easily, it wouldn't be in Shang Mou Nan's style. Seeing that she couldn't get a reply to his message, the man on the other end of the screen called her. Looking at the huge "Business Station Head" sign on the phone screen and the loud and unstoppable ringtone, Zhai Tongxin looked at her daughter, who was about to cry, and could only turn off her temper and answer the phone.

"You won't reply to me? "Hmm?" A deep male voice came out of the receiver. It carried a sexy and husky tone, but Zhai Tong Xin wasn't in the mood to pay attention to this. Instead, she spoke with a bit of impatience.

"Station Head Shang, I took a leave of absence today."

"I know." The man paused, then quickly corrected her with a pleasant voice, "My surname is Shang Mou."


Zhai child Xin was speechless. Did he call her just to say this? Shang Mou, this surname is really strange, how can someone have such a strange surname? But now was not the time to worry about that. Before six o'clock, she would go to her ex-husband's house to pack her things while the evil woman was gone. She didn't have time to chat with him.

"Alright, Shang Mou … Station Head. " Due to her awkward family name, Zhai Tongxin found it hard to say. "I still have some private matters to attend to right now. Can I call you later?"

"Where are you?" The man opposite her was very stubborn and insisted on asking her this question.

Di Shaoxing, who had just gotten her divorce certificate, was already in a bad mood. Coupled with the attitude of Shang Mou Nan, who would not stop until she had gotten to the bottom of the matter, she flew into a rage and said in a high-pitched voice,

"I'm in front of the Civil Affairs Bureau! If you don't go to the Civil Affairs Bureau after getting a divorce, do you want to go to the market? "

On the other side of the phone, Shang Mou Nan was a bit stunned. She clearly didn't expect the normally gentle and soft-spoken Zhai Tong Xin to talk loudly. Meanwhile, Zhai Tong Xin realized she had lost control of herself and hung up the phone angrily.

It was he who provoked her first, so she didn't want to apologize to him.

She took a deep breath and adjusted her chaotic emotions. Then, she started a fire and prepared to leave. Who knew that this car, which had followed her for less than a year, would suddenly turn off.

What was going on?

Zhai Tongxin had tried many times, but all of them ended in failure. Helplessly, she picked up her phone and wanted to make a call to the maintenance office, but she found that her phone had been switched off for some reason.

It was probably because of the argument he had with his ex-husband last night that he forgot to recharge his battery.

Zhai Boxin sat in the car and instantly felt despair. She was probably the unluckiest person in the world, right?

He definitely had to return to his ex-husband's family. His daughter's birth certificate was still in the Qi family, so there wouldn't be too much trouble.

She looked at her daughter, who was sleeping soundly in the backseat, and could only resign herself to getting off the car and trying to borrow a phone from the surroundings.

The moment the car door opened, a extremely flirtatious red sports car stopped in front of her. Di Shaoxi subconsciously wanted to dodge to the side, but the man with 3D facial features took off his sunglasses and said to her,

"Where's the child?"

Who else could this familiar voice be other than her superior, Shang Mou Nan?

He really came? Could it be that something was going on in the station? Zhai Tong Xin recalled her previous harsh attitude and unnaturally apologized.

"Station Head Shang, I do have urgent matters to attend to. Even if there's a job in the station, can you wait until I fix the car and get something out? "

Shang Mou Nan frowned, then corrected Ye Zichen once again. "Shang Mou."

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