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Scheming CEO's Non-stop Love/C10 He Did It on Purpose
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C10 He Did It on Purpose

However, it only stopped for a few seconds. In an instant, the sounds started to boil again.

"Shan Shan, you're scaring us to death!"

"Exactly!" A few voices chimed in.

Wang Shan Shan, who hosts emotional shows, is the most observant and intelligent of them all. Looking at the expressions of these people, he finally understood what was going on. Women gossiping when gathered together.

"Recently, the station has been going through a bit of turmoil. You guys aren't working seriously, so be careful of any mistakes or mistakes. The producer is looking for you guys to have some tea." Wang Shanshan casually replied as she walked in.

"Sister Shan is right!" "Then we'll be going back, and you can work harder too."

Zhai sat on the toilet seat and frowned, thinking to himself: I've heard that Wang Shanshan is capable and knows how to judge the situation, but I didn't expect that she would also be good at dealing with her colleagues! As expected, this television station did not have any easy targets!

She raised her hand to check her watch. The time to record the program was almost up. She got up and pushed open the door, leaving the ruckus behind.

Just as he entered the studio, he saw the producer rushing over.

"Producer, why are you in such a hurry?" Zhai child Xin was a bit suspicious.

"What can the station do now? When the last incident happened, the stock market went through a huge upheaval. This program naturally went up high and its viewership ratings also went up. You have to do it well!" The producer patted her on the shoulder.

"The program is about to start. You can go in now." Shang Mou Nan's slightly cold but very magnetic voice rang out from above Zhai Wangxin. However, his eyes were focused on the producer's right hand, because his hand was still on someone's shoulder.

"Yes, yes, yes. Station Head Shang is right, don't miss the time." The producer retracted his somewhat awkward hand. Facing the unhappy expression of the station head, he could not help but wipe the sweat off his forehead.

Zhai Tong Xin walked inside, but still glanced back at Shang Mou Nan. He felt a little unhappy, but he didn't know why. Forget it, let's hurry up and record the program!

The corner of Shang Mou's mouth raised slightly when he saw Zhai Shaoxi look back at him. Just as he was about to open his mouth, he saw her swiftly turn her head, causing his expression to instantly turn cold.

The station head was in a bad mood, but the unlucky thing was the producer standing next to him. He saw that Shang Mou Nan did not even look at him and just turned around to leave, but a voice as cold as the night had reached the producer's ears, "You're rather free, go organize the financial programs from the previous two years and bring them to my office tomorrow!"

Only then did the ashen-faced producer realize that he had offended Station Head Shang? Because of Zhai Tongxin?

It only took an hour for the show to be recorded. When Zhai came out of the studio, she decided to pack up, go to the hospital to visit Mama Zhai and bring the baby home.

Before he reached his office, he saw that Shang Mou Nan was already at the door from afar. All the colleagues around him had their heads lowered as they secretly sized up their station head with extremely gossipy expressions.

Thanks to him, her coworkers had secretly told her that she was vain and that she had been kicked out of the office with a child. Now, she had become a seducer, a shameless person! On the topic of the sharp edge of the wind, no one knew how much he understood in private.

Shang Mou Nan seemed to have sensed something. He turned around and saw the slightly dazed Di Tong Xin not far away. He didn't say anything and just walked over.

"The recording has ended? "Then let's go." He did not consult her and gave her the result directly.

Zhai Tong Xin returned to her senses when he walked towards her. However, she glanced around and hinted to Shang Mou that there were still people around, "No need to trouble Station Head Shang, my car has been repaired. Please take me along the way."

Her words were directed at the surrounding people who were whispering to each other, and at the same time, she was rejecting the Station Head.

However, Shang Mou Nan acted as if he didn't understand. He merely went close to her ear and said slowly, "Are you angry?"

The man's unique scent, mixed with a faint fragrance, enveloped Di Wanxin. For a moment, she was unable to keep up with the channel, "Hm? Why are you angry? "

At this moment, she didn't consider how dubious their current positions were. The colleagues who watched the gossip clearly saw this.

"Oh my god, is the station head here specifically to look for Zhai Boxin?"

"Who knows what kind of fox she is trying to seduce. How could our Station Head Tian Tian fancy her? I look so much better than her! "

Shang Mou Nan looked at Zhai Shaoxi's delicate skin. A strand of hair was coiled behind her ear, and the ends of the hair were naturally draped over her shoulders, making her appear exceptionally fair. He felt his throat tighten, venting his frustration at his unbearable willpower.

"Cough cough, you want to know? Let me send you home, and I'll tell you! " He was afraid that the person in front of him would see through his thoughts and would hate him.

Hearing this, Zhai Tong Xin immediately thought of the conversation she had with her mother. She had to be calm and not fall for the man's initiative. Right now, her most important goal was to take care of the baby and her family!

She calmed herself down and looked directly at Shang Mou Nan, then said slowly, "Station Head Shang Mou, I've just gotten divorced. I just want to work hard and live a good life, I hope you can understand my thoughts, the station is nice and there are many girls with good conditions. I hope you can let me go."

As soon as Zhai Tong Xin finished her sentence, she walked around the man and returned to the office to pick up her bag. She didn't care about the whispers of her colleagues as she turned around and walked out.

Shang Mou Nan merely stood on the spot for a moment. Under everyone's gaze, he walked calmly into the elevator and returned to his office as if nothing had happened.

In the hospital's underground parking lot, Zhai Tong Xin's car had just turned off, but she didn't get out in a hurry. She sat quietly in the car, thinking about how much Shang Mou Nan had cared for her and helped her.

Didn't she say too much just now? After all, it wasn't anyone's fault that she had feelings for him. She could only blame herself for not being able to bring up feelings. What she needed the most right now wasn't love! Therefore, he could only apologize.

At the door to the ward, Zhai Tong Xin calmed herself down, smiled, and pushed the door open. "Mom, are you feeling better? I've been busy these past two days, and I didn't have the time to come see you. You …"

"Shh!" Keep your voice down, the baby is asleep, don't wake her up. " When she heard her daughter's voice, Zhai Ma quickly stopped her from continuing to speak loudly.

Zhai Tong Xin looked at her mother's nervous expression and laughed. She said in a relaxed manner, "Don't be nervous, didn't you wake up the baby? Have you eaten? "

"Your baby is a bit noisy today, your dad finally managed to coax her to sleep, and we just went out to buy food, did you eat? You haven't eaten together! " Zhai Ma looked worriedly at the baby, her eyes filled with heartache.

Zhai Tong Xin didn't put down her bag when she heard that. She walked quickly to the car and looked at her sleeping daughter. She felt that something wasn't right.

She turned around to look at Zhai Ma, flustered. "Mom, why is your baby's face red and swollen!"

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