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C3 Her Great Hero

The man's voice was deep yet full of charisma. Di Shaoxi looked up in surprise, only to see Shang Mou Nan hugging her daughter with one hand and grabbing onto Lu Ye-hong's wrist with the other.

Lu Ye Hong, who was stopped, was shocked. When he saw the baby in Shang Mou Nan's arms, he glared at the man and Zhai Tong Xin, then cursed loudly.

"Great!" I was wondering why you were in such a hurry to get divorced. Son, look at this good daughter-in-law of yours! That bastard might be his! "

Qi Jingju, who was standing at the door, had a very bad look on his face. He was very skeptical about Zhai's cheating with Tong Xin. However, he couldn't bear his mother's crying, and he ended up hanging himself. Only then did he harden his heart and divorce his wife. But now, a tall and handsome man was standing in front of his house, protecting his ex-wife while carrying his daughter. The green hat couldn't be removed no matter how hard he tried.

Qi Jingchuan flew into a rage instantly. He looked at Di Shaoxing and asked loudly,

"So this is the bastard's father?"

The only family that would call their child a bastard would be the Qi family. Di Shaoxing felt extremely embarrassed, so she forcefully held back the tears in her eyes and glared at her ex-husband. She tugged on the corner of his shirt and whispered, "Let's go, Station Head Shang."

Lu Ye's ears were red and his ears were sharp. When he heard Zhai Tongxin call that man "Station Head", he immediately rushed forward without caring about his life. He stretched out his hand to tear away Shang Mou Nan as he shouted with a loud voice:

"Someone come!" Come and take a look! "My daughter-in-law has brought her leader's lover to beat up my mother-in-law!"

Zhai Wangxin's expression became even angrier. She didn't expect her ex-mother-in-law to be as unreasonable as before. She clenched her teeth and turned around.

"Lu Ye Hong! I'm already out of the city, what else do you want? "

"Purified and out of the house? Humph! That's because you have a good lover. Son, I saw this kid's car when I got on the bus. Do you know why you were abandoned? He had gone to climb a tall branch! If you don't come back today, then my surname is not Lu! "

With that, Lu Ye-hong grabbed Shang Mou Nan by the collar and was about to grab him in the face.

Shang Mou Nan's expression darkened visibly, and the muscles on his face twitched as well. Realizing that the atmosphere wasn't right, Zhai Wangxin immediately turned to look at Lu Ye-hong's hand. When he saw that her old hands covered in bright red nail polish grabbed onto the collar of Shang Mou Nan's shirt, his expression changed.

Shang Mou Nan was a clean freak.

Before she could stop him, Shang Mou Nan had already passed the child to her, who was jogging over.

"I don't hit women, you're the first."

The moment she finished, Shang Mou Nan grabbed Lu Ye-hong, who was baring his fangs and brandishing his claws in front of her, and threw him viciously towards Qi's house.


Shang Mou Nan's actions were very precise, Lu Ye's red and plump body rolled on the ground before he got up. Although she was not injured, it was the first time in her life that someone had treated her like this. Lu Hongye instantly felt humiliated, and blushed as he pounced towards Shang Moyan once again.

Shang Mou Nan did not move. She elegantly took off her white gloves and threw it on the ground, then took out a name card and threw it onto Lu Ye's red-faced, who was approaching in full fury.

"If you are injured, you can go to my secretary and reimburse her for all her medical and nutritional expenses. "But if I find out that you bullied her …"

Shang Mou Nan squinted his eyes, and a trace of viciousness appeared on his eternally unchanging iceberg face. Then, with an unknown meaning, he opened his mouth:

"Qi family, there seems to be only one Qi family in Jiangbei who deals in lumber business. Am I right? "

Everyone in the Qi family shuddered. Judging from this man's tone, he seemed to have a great background?

Lu Ye Hong was a bit terrified. She reached out her hand to grab the name card on her face. The words "Shang Mou Entertainment" provoked her eyes.

Shang Mou, there was no one surnamed Shang in Jiangbei.

In fact, there were only a handful of rare surnames in the country, and there was only one in the entertainment industry.

Beijing, Shang Mou Clan, the family that specialized in entertainment.

In an instant, Lu Yehong, who was extremely arrogant a second ago, sat down on the ground, no longer having any strength left to fight.


Zhai Tongxin carried her daughter downstairs. In front of her was Shang Mou Nan, who had remained silent. To be honest, this was also the first time she saw Shang Mou Nan fly into a rage. Although the Station Head in his memory always gave people a feeling of being distant from others, he was still a very cultured person. She hadn't expected him to hit her at all.

Alright, for someone like Lu Ye-hong, no matter how good one's cultivation was, it would all be in vain.

When the two of them got in the car, Shang Mou Nan fumbled for the cigarettes out of habit. Zhai Tong Xin frowned, but when she noticed the subtle expression on her face, she immediately put down the lighter with an apologetic tone.

"Sorry, I forgot there were children."

"I'm fine."

After a short conversation, the two fell into silence once again. Shang Mou Nan didn't drive, and just sat there awkwardly in the narrow space. If it wasn't for the fact that Shang Mou Nan's car was open, even Di Shaoxi would have suspected that she might have died from boredom.

After a long while, Di Shaoxing took the lead and spoke first,

"That... Could I trouble you to take me home? "

"I'll take you home."

The same voice made Zhai Tong Xin a bit embarrassed. However, Shang Mou Nan smiled at her, revealing a row of neat rows of teeth, and asked in a gentle manner, "Address."

The car was soon on the road. Zhai Tongxin lived in the suburbs, so they couldn't avoid talking on the road. As they chatted, they saw that the first passenger seat was a bit reserved, so Shang Munnan hesitated for a moment before saying,

"I scared you just now."

Di Shaoxing was a bit absent-minded. When she realized that Shang Mou Nan was apologizing to her, she quickly said,

"No, I hate her too. "Besides, I should be the one apologizing. It was my own affair, and you were involved in it …"

Zhai Tongxin said this from the bottom of her heart. She was beautiful and was often ostracized by her female colleagues on television. Ever since she married her second generation rich ex-husband, who had some sort of influence, her male colleagues had to avoid her even more. In this divorce, there were many people in the station who were gloating, and rarely someone like Shang Mou Nan specifically came over to help. She was sincerely grateful to him.

Unexpectedly, Shang Munnan frowned and said,

"Do you have to talk to me like that? "Forgive me."

The last two words were very soft, but Zhai Tong Xin still heard it. She looked at Shang Mou Nan, who was in the driver's seat, and asked in surprise, "How did you know my nickname?" Station Head Shang, did we get to know each other before this? "

Shang Mou Nan's expression looked a bit uncomfortable, but he quickly denied it. "I don't know him."

"Then how do you know my nickname?"

"Just a slip of the tongue."

A slip of the tongue? Zhai Tong Xin didn't believe that there was such a mistake. She still wanted to ask, but Shang Mou Nan suddenly stepped on the brakes and said coldly,

"Get out."

Di Shaoxing looked up and found that the car had arrived at her house without her knowing.

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