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Scheming CEO's Non-stop Love/C4 A Boy in a Dream
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C4 A Boy in a Dream

"Station Head Shang, did you know me before?"

Di Shaoxi couldn't help but ask as she got off the car with her daughter in her arms. Who knew that this disgraceful man, Shang Moyan, would drive away directly?

Not only that, his face was extremely ugly, as if someone owed him a million or eight million.

What a difficult man.

Shang Mou Nan ignored her, and Zhai Tong Xin wasn't the kind of person who didn't know how to be tactful. However, she still couldn't help but ask her parents curiously at the table at home.

"Mom, did I have any childhood sweethearts?"

Mother Zhai glanced at her, then pointed to an old yellow dog that was more than ten years old on the ground. "There is, but you're a few years older than Tiger. I don't think he would recognize an aunt like you as his childhood sweetheart."

Zhai Tong Xin looked at Big Yellow who was lying on the floor lazily. She suddenly felt a bit choked up. In order to prevent her mother from spouting any more vicious words, she chose to quickly eat. However, Shang Moyan's' appearance 'still lingered in her mind.

Did she really know that bumpkin boss before?

She was a bit helpless. Although Zhai Tong was a beautiful and fair girl, her memory was never good when she was young. When she was young, her father had often teased her, saying that all of her good fortune had been given to her appearance, so her IQ naturally fell.

Although it was just a joke, she couldn't recall a single memory of what happened before she was ten years old. He used to think that it was nothing much, but ever since he met Shang Mou Nan, especially after hearing his' face 'that was filled with complicated emotions, she was curious to know what that memory of hers that she had forgotten.

To be precise, he wanted to know if there was a merchant, Mu Nan, in that memory.

With these thoughts in mind, Zhai Tong fell into a deep sleep. Perhaps it was because she had seen Shang Mou Nan earlier in the day, but she also dreamt of Shang Mou Nan in her dreams. However, it wasn't the tall, handsome, and cold Shang Mou Nan, but a teenager.

The young man who had the same face as Shang Moyan stood in front of her with a proud and aloof expression. He held a young girl who was about the same age as him in his arms.

When he saw her, his thin lips opened and closed. Anxiety appeared on his indifferent face, but she couldn't hear what he was saying no matter how hard she tried.

Only when she walked in later did she hear the youth say, "Save us —"

Blood. The young man's entire body was covered in blood. It seeped out from the young girl he was hugging tightly. It dyed Zhai Wangxin's eyes red. The scarlet color that filled the sky woke her up from her sleep.

"Tong Xin, are you alright?"

Zhai Shaoxi gasped for breath as she clutched her heaving chest. Her mother's worried expression entered her eyes. She struggled to get up in a daze. After confirming that she was in her bedroom, she heaved a sigh of relief.

It turned out to be a dream.

But why did she have such a strange dream?

Before she could think it through, she felt a wave of dizziness that forced her to give up her pointless thoughts. Her father walked in from outside with a thermometer in his hand and said helplessly,

"Fever, 39 degrees."

"Then what should we do? Take him to the hospital. "


Zhai Tong Xin was still in a daze. She didn't even know how she got to the hospital. All she could feel was cold liquid seeping into her fire-like body as her eyes filled with darkness. Suddenly, the bloodied youth appeared in front of her again. However, this time, he was alone. His white shirt was stained with blood as he looked at her with his mouth wide open.

Zhai Boxin still couldn't hear what he was saying, but she clearly understood what he was saying.

He was saying, Save me.

"Tong Xin, Tong Xin?" Zhai Shaoxing's breath caught in her throat as she heard the urgent call. She opened her eyes and saw her mother, who liked to bury her, sitting by the bed, looking at her with a worried expression. His mother let out a clear sigh of relief when she woke up, but she still continued with her usual discouraging attitude. "What are you shouting?"

Shouting? Is there? Zhai Shaoxin shook her head. She really couldn't remember anything.

"You've been calling me 'Brother Shang' and crying non-stop. Why are you talking like a child when you're such a grown man?"

His mother complained at her while hiding in the corner. However, Zhai Shaoxi's breathing suddenly faltered.

Elder brother Shang? Could it be him?

Di Shaoxing grabbed her mother's hand and asked for no reason, "Mom, did I have a little friend called 'Shang Mou Nan' when I was young?"

"What did you say?" What conspiracy? "Alright, just eat by yourself. Don't be like a disabled person who is taken care of by me."

Mother Zhai dodged. However, her hands and feet swiftly shoved a bowl of porridge into her hands. She smelled the familiar taste of medicinal porridge. She knew that her mother was just talking nonsense, so she was very concerned about herself.

Maybe he really was overthinking it. He just thought that he knew Shang Moyan and had such an image of a childhood acquaintance appear in his head. With the high fever, it became a terrifying nightmare.

After her fever subsided, Zhai Tong Xin went to work. The moment she entered the office, she saw Shang Mu Nan, whom she had to see every day. He was sitting in the office opposite her.

Di Shaoxing suddenly felt a bit uncomfortable. Why did she feel like Shang Mou Nan moved to this office for her?

Very quickly, this premonition of hers was confirmed, because when Shang Mou Nan saw her sitting down, she stood up and knocked on her table before speaking with her usual clear and cold voice:

"Where did you go this morning?"

"Station Head Shang," Zhai Tong Xin stood up in fear. Although the two of them had spent the whole evening together and Shang Mou Nan had helped her a lot, she still clearly remembered how he left her house with a sullen face last night. At this moment, she was feeling a bit pressured when she was facing Shang Mou Nan. She quickly opened her mouth and explained,

"I have a fever. Sorry, I forgot to ask for leave."

Shang Mou Nan frowned slightly, then corrected, "Shang Mou."


Sure enough, only a man with turtle hair would patiently correct others' mistakes.

Di Shaoxing didn't know what to say, but Shang Mou Nan looked at her with a serious gaze. In the end, she could only bite the bullet and accept, "Station Head Shang Mou."

She had thought that the literacy correction would end here. However, Shang Mou Nan stared at her and said with his low voice, "You don't seem very willing."

She … Zhai Tong opened her mouth, but couldn't say anything in the end. However, Shang Mou Nan suddenly changed the topic and looked at her.

"If you're not feeling well, you can take a leave of absence today."

Maybe it was due to Shang Mou Nan's anger, but for some reason, Di Shaoxi blurted out, "You have to deduct the entire class when you're applying for leave."

Shang Mou Nan smiled, with the corner of his mouth raised, he seemed to be in a good mood as he said, "The staff welfare reform has been completed. We can take three leave per month, all on duty."

Zhai Wangxin was a bit confused. "When did it happen?" How come I didn't know? "


Teng — —

Is it just her imagination? Why did she feel like Shang Mou Nan was teasing her?

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