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C6 Only You Are Special

"Shall we order something else?" Zhai Wangxin stared at Shang Moyan, who was wearing a pair of white gloves, and drank a few sips of water in embarrassment, while her appetite also decreased a bit.

"No need. You have a child now and spicy food. This is the only time. There won't be a next time."

Di Shaoxing's face instantly turned red. She couldn't help but to explain, "Station Head Shang, you misunderstood me. I don't think you ate much. Do you want me to give you something less spicy?"

"No need, I don't think it's spicy."

With that, Shang Mou Nan picked up a spicy chicken and ate it expressionlessly. If the sweat on his forehead didn't betray him, Zhai Tong Xin would have thought that he could eat it as spicy as her.

Seeing that he didn't want to admit it, Zhai child Xin giggled and asked the waiter for a cup of plain water. She put the chicken and chili in the water and gave it to Shang Munnan. She looked at him with her pretty eyes as a motherly smile appeared on her face.

"It won't be spicy like this. Hurry up and try it."

It was only after feeling the man's shocked gaze that Zhai Tong Xin realized how outrageous she had been. How could such a shady person like Shang Mou Nan eat the food she grabbed, let alone the chopsticks she used. He would definitely think that her saliva was on it …

An awkward atmosphere filled the air between the two of them, until Shang Mou Nan used her white-gloved hands to elegantly stuff the washed spicy chicken into her mouth. Zhai Tong Xin felt that what entered his mouth wasn't Sichuan Cuisine, but more like a western cuisine that was filled with a sense of ceremony.

"I thought you wouldn't eat …" Zhai Shaoxi's face turned red, she lowered her head and muttered.

"I don't mind you." Shang Moyan's usual low and deep voice pulled Qu Tong Xin back to reality.

What do you mean you don't hate me? She was kind enough to help him, but in the end, she was the one at fault. Just as she was about to explode in anger, the man's voice rang in her ears once again.

"Because to me, you're the only one who's special."

Zhai Boxin's face instantly flushed red to the ears. She saw the deep feelings the man had when he said those words. It was obvious that he was trying to pick her up again …

If it was before, Zhai Tong Xin would definitely respond generously. However, she, who had experienced a failed marriage, didn't dare to easily believe it again. Furthermore, the other party was such an outstanding man, Shang Munnan.

So many excellent and beautiful girls, yet he was especially affectionate to a married woman. Could it be that he had something on him that he wanted?

After thinking for a while, she decided to give up on that idea. She was just a very ordinary television host in a small town, so she didn't have anything to offer to Shang Mou Nan.

After eating dinner absent-mindedly, Zhai Tong Xin could only pretend to be asleep on the way home, since she didn't know what to say. The journey had originally been very short, but today it felt extremely long.

Shang Mou Nan looked at the curled up woman in the front passenger seat and couldn't help but frown. She was too thin and hadn't had the slightest bit of a woman's womb. She must have suffered a lot during this period of time.

Just as the car drove into the district, they heard a hustle and bustle of noise. The small square in the district was filled with people. From afar, she could hear the disgusting curses. Who else could it be other than that old witch Lu Ye-hong!

Di Shaoxing's face suddenly turned pale. The Qi family was too much. She endured bullying her, but she definitely wouldn't allow anyone to bully her family!

"Station Head Shang, thank you for your dinner, and thank you for sending me back!"

As soon as she finished, Zhai Tongxin got off the car in panic. Shang Mou Nan looked in the direction she left and frowned. Why didn't she go home to the small square?

In the small square, Zhai Tong Xin's parents never thought they would run into a mad dog that bit people just by walking around. Zhai Bo protected Zhai Ma and the baby behind his back. Back then, he was really blind, which was why he married his daughter to this beast that was worse than pigs and dogs!

"My family, the Qi family, is truly blind. They had to suffer bad luck for eight lifetimes before marrying your family's daughter!" Lu Yegong's expression was that of a satisfied child. With one hand on his waist and the other pointing at his father's nose, he scolded very harshly.

Mama Zhai was so angry that her face turned green. Other than her, no one else was allowed to criticize her precious daughter, much less Lu Ye-hong! This was an undisguised insult!

"Who are you talking about!?" "My daughter took the risk to be a test tube baby for your son, but you, the Qi family, ruined the bridge after crossing the river. You actually said that my daughter was pregnant with a bastard child, that my granddaughter was innocent, and that your Qi family is the one with the problem!"

"Pfft!" Lu Ye-hong dragged Qi Jingchuan in front of her, pointed at the baby in the stroller, and shouted to the people around them, "Look, this is my son, the baby of that woman, it doesn't look like my son at all. Just yesterday, she brought her lover to the house to behave atrociously. "She climbed onto a high branch and wanted to kick off our Qi family members. My poor son was played around by her, and now she's even asking us to help other wild men raise their children. How shameless!"

"Don't talk nonsense. It was clearly your Qi family that betrayed your word and forced my daughter to leave the marriage!" You want her to go out clean? You're not human! It's worse than pigs and dogs! "

Zhai Ma's heart ached as it bled. Every time her daughter returned home, she would ask her about what had happened. Now, she finally knew what kind of life her daughter had lived at the Qi family this year!

Zhai Ma was so angry that her entire body was trembling. She was very clear on her daughter's character. There was absolutely no way that an affair like cheating would happen!

"Aunt Zhai, Tong Xin is indeed out there! We saw it with our own eyes! "

Qi Jingbai, who had not spoken a word, angrily opened his mouth. It was fortunate that he got divorced after listening to his mother's words. Otherwise, he would have been kept in the dark even though he wore a green hat!

Zhai Ma felt as if her teeth were chattering. She stepped forward and slapped Qi Jingchuan's face!

"You saw it with your own eyes? When Tong Xin was a test-tube baby, you watched it all the way from the side. Whether the child was yours, you wouldn't know? Even you don't believe her now! I should have stopped my daughter from suffering for you! "She's really married to an animal worse than pigs and dogs!"

"How dare you hit my son!"

Lu Ye's face instantly turned sinister. He rushed forward and grabbed the collar of Young Master Zhai. He raised his hand, but Zhai Ma held onto his wrist tightly and the two of them started to wrestle!

As he looked at his baby, he continued to protect his mother. Seeing this, Qi Tuo kicked towards her. Just as Zhai Tongxin arrived, she saw her mother being kicked to the ground by her ex-husband!


Di Shaoxing didn't care about anything else as she quickly went up to check on her mother's injuries.

Seeing that Qu Nan wasn't following her, Lu Ye-hong's aura immediately rose up. With a head full of curly red hair, he cursed, "Yo, you little slut, why didn't you bring your lover today? Do you think they don't want you anymore?"

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