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Scheming CEO's Non-stop Love/C7 Teach Your Son for You
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C7 Teach Your Son for You

"Mom, are you alright? "Come, let's go to the hospital!"

When she saw Zhai Ma's twisted face, Zhai Jianxin's tears immediately flowed out. It was all her fault. She even implicated her parents to suffer such grievances along with her!

"Don't cry, mom is fine, don't let these little people see you crying!"

"En!" Zhai Tongxin wiped away her tears with the back of her hand, and the repulsive voice of Luye once again rang out.

"Everyone has seen clearly, it's this slut, she's a power-grubbing rich woman who seduced my son for my family's property, thought of ways to marry into my family." Everyone has seen clearly, it's this slut, she's a power-grubbing rich woman, she seduced my son for my family's property, thought of ways to marry into my family. "My Qi family must have done something wrong to marry back to our clan!"

She didn't care much about what others thought, but her parents were different. She didn't want her parents to be criticized by the neighbors for their entire lives!

"Old lady Qi, I advise you to keep your mouth shut. We both know that other than Qi Jingwei, I don't have a second man!"

When Qi Jing heard her words, his eyes lit up with hope, but it was extinguished by Lu Ye-hong's glare.

She was indeed a fox spirit, even now she did not forget to seduce her son!

Not giving Lu Ye-hong a chance to speak, Zhai continued, "You said that during the year I entered power and wealth, and during the year I married into your Qi family, my daily expenses were all due to my own salary. On the contrary, I didn't use a single cent of your Qi family's money, and on the contrary, every holiday, I would buy you a famous gift from my own pocket. You said that my private life is not up to standard, and besides my colleagues at work, I don't have any friends of the opposite sex. Your private life at such an age is already so chaotic. Once an elder knows about it, will he be like that unambitious son of yours, forcing you to divorce him? "

"You're slandering us! You lowly hoof, you have no respect for your elders! "

After being exposed, Lu Yeihong did not have any intention of being embarrassed. Instead, he scolded her even more harshly!

"She's already divorced. What kind of elder are you?"

Hearing a familiar voice, Zhai Tong Xin turned around and saw Shang Mou Nan standing behind her with a dark expression.

"Station Head Shang, why are you here?"

"I don't trust you." Shang Mou Nan frowned slightly when he saw Zhai Shaoxing's reddened eyes. It seemed like he had come the right way. Otherwise, this little girl would have been bullied by this old demoness again!

On the contrary, Qi Jingchuan charged forward angrily and grabbed Shang Mou Nan by the collar. He glared at Zhai Tong Xin and gritted his teeth, "You still say that he's not your lover, which boss would go to the employee's home?!"

Shang Mou Nan was obsessed with cleanliness! Zhai Tong Xin instantly panicked. She tried to pull Qi Jingchuan's hand away, but her eyes were filled with regret when she looked at Shang Mou Nan. This was clearly her family's business, yet she had dragged Shang Mou Nan into it time and time again.

However, to Qi Jingchuan, this apologetic look was one of love and tacit understanding of music!

"Zhai Tong Xin, you're great!" It's only been a few days since the divorce, yet you're showing your love in front of your ex-husband. What my mom said is right.

"Crack!" With the sound of bones breaking, Qi Jingchuan, who had just finished speaking, felt his knees go numb, and then he kneeled on the ground. He wanted to stand up, but he couldn't muster up any strength.

"Son!" What did you do to my son! "

Lu Ye Hong frantically rushed in front of Qi Jing. His originally harsh and harsh face was now twisted to the extreme.

His thin lips moved slightly, then he opened his mouth indifferently. "I didn't do anything to him, I just wanted to teach him how to be a good person. After all, he's born and has no mother. I just pity him."

Seeing Shang Mou Nan, who was protecting her parents and baby like a hen protecting a little chick, she felt touched. She didn't even know how to repay the huge debt she owed him.

"Mom, it hurts!"

Lu Ye-hong took out her phone in panic. She was not sure about Shang Mou Nan's background and did not dare to offend him. Now that she had suffered a loss, she would definitely get it back next time!

Just as she was about to call the doctor, several policemen rushed into the crowd and ran towards her.

"Mr Shang Mou, are these two?"

"Yes." With that, Shang Mou Nan handed the video to the police.

The Zhai family looked at Shang Mou Nan in shock. When did he call the police, and when did he record that!

"Lady, someone reported that you were deliberately finding trouble, maliciously slandering and wounding others. Please follow us back to the police station for investigation!"

"They're just spouting nonsense. They were the ones who attacked us first!" Isn't there a video? Comrade Police, take a look first. It was really them who hit my son first! "

Lu Ye-hong struggled to not let the police near, so she insisted on letting him watch the video. The police had no choice but to play the video in front of everyone, but there was no scene of Mama Zhai at all.

"Impossible, this is impossible!" Comrade Police Officer, look, my son's face is still swollen! All of the onlookers saw that it was this bitch's mom who made the first move! "

Di Shaoxing looked at Mu Nan in admiration again. When did he cut the video?

The surrounding people all shook their heads. They could all tell that Shang Mou Nan was a powerful person and no one wanted to wade in.

The police were more willing to believe in Mama Zhai's injuries than they were because of Qi's impenetrable face.

"This lady, please do not hinder us from carrying out our duties."

A few of the policemen pulled Lu Ye-hong into the police car and carried her into the car without a care for the pain she felt while she was rolling on the ground.

When the police left, they even glanced at Shang Mou Nan a few times. They called from Beijing to ask them to help Mr. Shang Mou. Since when did such a big shot appear in this small city of Jiangbei?

"Tong Xin, why aren't you introducing us yet?"

Father Zhai glanced at Mu Nan, the merchant, in admiration. He really did hope that this young man was his daughter's suitor.

"Dad, mom, this is Shang Mou Nan, Station Head Shang."

"Shang Mou …" Zhai Ma frowned when she heard this name, while her expression slightly changed. Could it be that Shang Mou?

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