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Scheming CEO's Non-stop Love/C8 She's in Trouble
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C8 She's in Trouble

"Mom? What's wrong with you? Have you seen the Station Head Shang before? " Zhai Tong Xin asked carefully. She felt that whenever Shang Mou Nan was mentioned, her mom would have a weird expression.

Zhai Ma realized she had lost her composure and looked flustered for a moment. Then, she smiled and said, "This is only the first time I've heard of Shang Mou's surname. After all, there's no one with the surname Shang in Jiangbei."

"Your mom's right. In a small place like Jiangbei, there is no one as talented as Station Head Shang." Mr Zhai echoed him with a smile.

"Uncle, you're too kind. You're all my elders. Just call me Shang Nan." Shang Mou Nan bent his body slightly to express his respect for father Zhai.

"Good!" From now on, I'll call you Shang Nan! Since my Tong Xin is at the television station, I'll have to trouble you to take care of him! "

"Of course!"

Father Zhai was really satisfied the more he looked at Shang Mou Nan. This brat was ten thousand times stronger than that little bastard from the Qi family. However, this matter concerned his daughter's well-being. He still had to observe and observe again!

Zhai Tong Xin carefully supported her mother. As she watched her father happily chatting with his Station Head, she felt that the scene was very harmonious!

"Uncle, I've already contacted the hospital. I'll send you guys over."

"Good, good, good! I nearly forgot my proper business! " Zhai's father looked at his mother with a pained expression. Zhai Boxin's heart was filled with guilt. It was all because of her that her parents suffered so much alongside her … It was all her fault for being so useless!

"Thank you." Zhai Tong Xin said softly as she passed by Shang Mou Nan. Although it was barely audible, every word still entered Shang Mou Nan's ears.

The man's handsome eyebrows twitched as the corners of his mouth curled up. He was in a very good mood.

When they arrived at the hospital, the moment the three of them got off the car, they were choked by the scene in front of them. From the dean to the nurse on duty, all of them were waiting at the door.

Just as the dean was about to approach Shang Munnan, he was intimidated by the aura around him. The rumours were indeed true, the junior family head was indeed obsessed with cleanliness!

"Station Head, this hospital..." Was it opened by your family? "

In the past, the Qi family could be considered rich in Jiangbei. As Mrs. Qi, she had never been treated like this by the dean herself, not to mention that this was the best private hospital in Jiangbei!

Shang Mou Nan frowned slightly. He didn't expect that making a call personally would cause so much trouble. He didn't answer Di Tong Xin's question and directly sent the dean, who followed behind, to the emergency room with Mama Zhai.

The series of inspections had ended. Fortunately, nothing serious had happened, and he just needed to stay in the hospital for a few days to observe.

"Dad, you stay here with mom. I'll go back and get some clothes for mom to change." Zhai Wenxin stood in front of the bed and spoke without hesitation.

Mom Zhai suddenly said, "Tong Xin, let your dad go back and clean up. You stay behind to accompany me. It's time for the child to be fed as well!"

"Mou Nan is still here," Zhai Tong Xin blushed and picked up her daughter, who was in the baby carriage. The little fellow was snoring and sleeping soundly.

"Station Head Shang, thank you so much for today, I have troubled you for so long, I am truly sorry. You still have to go to work tomorrow. Hurry back and rest. I will definitely come to thank you another day with Old Di!" "Thank you," Mama Zhai thanked him, but there was still a hint of unfamiliarity in her tone.

"If there's anything you need, just ask for the dean's help."

With that, Shang Mou Nan left the ward with father Zhai. Before leaving, she intentionally glanced at Zhai Tongxin.

Just as the two of them left, Zhai Ma immediately spoke up. "Tong Xin, is there something that you're hiding from mom?"

"What can I hide from you!" "Mom, why are you suddenly so serious?"

"Tong Xin, tell Mom honestly, do you like Shang Mou Nan?"

"Mom!" Don't speak nonsense! " Zhai Tong Xin's heart skipped a beat as she quickly denied it. "I only have a level relationship with him, that's all. Furthermore, I've only been divorced for a few days, how could I change my love so quickly? Your daughter isn't that kind of person!"

Zhai Ma was very confident in her daughter's character.

I know you don't like what I'm saying, so your dad and I only hope that you can live a peaceful life in the future. What's more, you're still taking your child with you, that Shang Munan's condition is so good, and she has more outstanding women than you.

"Mom, I know everything you said. I don't want to talk about relationships right now, I just want to work hard and live a good life with you, dad, and the baby. As for anything else, I didn't even think about it."

Mama Zhai's words instantly drove away the little thoughts that had just sprouted in Zhai Wangxin's heart. That's right, normal men would mind taking a child with them, let alone such an outstanding Shang Munnan …

A sleepless night. The next day, Di Tong Xin showed up at the company with dark circles under her eyes. Her face didn't have the usual delicate makeup, instead, it looked a little haggard.

When she arrived at the company today, she was immediately notified to handle the handover. She had no time to care about her own condition, so after she packed up her things, she immediately went to find Liu Jie, the female host of the financial program.

When Liu Jie saw Zhai Tong Xin walk over, she immediately became angry: "Aiyo, who was I this early in the morning? I didn't know who I was. "He's really anxious to be on my finance program!"

Liu Jie gritted her teeth in hatred. Just because of a single word from Shang Mou Nan, she was going to hand over this golden program to someone else. Furthermore, she was going to give it to this once glorious woman who was now kicked out of the house.

Di Shaoxing ignored Liu Jie's sarcasm. After living with Lu Ye Hong for a year, she had learned something. She had also learned one or two points of Lu Ye's skill of taking back people's food.

"This show's viewership ratings are not as good as my previous show's, so I'm naturally anxious. The viewership ratings that I painstakingly produced are now handed over to someone else. Master Liu, you picked up such a great bargain, shouldn't you treat me to a meal in order to thank me?"

"Of course I have to thank you!" Liu Jie gritted her teeth as she made sounds. She hugged the documents in her hands and glared at Di Tong Xin, wanting to cut a hole in her body!

Di Shaoxing dragged the documents from Liu Jie's hands and left the office without even looking at Liu Jie.

She had the talent to be the host, and she blended in with the new show very quickly.

The first recording was very successful. Zhai Tong Xin let out a deep breath. The moment she left the studio, she saw Shang Mou Nan, who was standing outside the window, looking in!

"Station Head Shang, what are you doing here?"

"I'll send you off work." With that, he walked out, not giving Zhai Wangxin any chance to refuse.

At six in the morning, Zhai Tong Xin was woken up by the sound of her cell phone ringing.

"Hello, who is this?" She was still in a daze.

"Zhai Tong Xin, who helped you check the numbers on yesterday's show?" Did you know you were in trouble? The station's phones are about to explode from the calls! "

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