Scheming CEO's Non-stop Love/C9 Dependence of Fortune and Misfortune
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Scheming CEO's Non-stop Love/C9 Dependence of Fortune and Misfortune
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C9 Dependence of Fortune and Misfortune

Zhai Tong Xin was startled by the voice coming from her phone. She immediately ran away, feeling sleepy. She sat up and asked calmly, "What happened? Supervisor? Why is there a call to the station?"

"How can it be good? It's not good at all. It's not the finance program you recorded yesterday, so you should come to the company immediately." The producer's tone slightly slowed down, but he was still very angry. In the end, his reason was unable to overcome his anger.

After hanging up the phone, she didn't waste any time. She immediately got up and washed her face and face. However, her mind was quickly working, thinking about what had happened to her program yesterday!

Just when he arrived at the parking lot, Shang Mou Nan's phone call arrived. He looked at the name on the screen and thought back to what his mother had told him in the ward last time. Zhai Tong Xin hesitated for a moment before hanging up.

Zhai Tongxin did not stop at the company and directly walked towards the producer's office. Before she even entered, she heard the producer's voice, "Tell me, what do you want me to say? What do you want me to do!" You guys hurry up and think of a way to stop the rescue. "

"Producer, I'm here." At this time, the girl in front of the door had unprecedented courage. No matter how difficult and difficult the future was, she had to face it bravely!

When the producer saw Zhai Tong Xin's expression, he didn't know how to react. He was rather disappointed as he spoke in his office, "Tong Xin, you're an old man in our station now. I have high expectations for you.

"Supervisor, I just followed the script. I know I'm not very familiar with finance, so I'm very careful to avoid having my own point of view when hosting a show!"

"You mean you're right? If you're right, would those people call to report it? To take the opportunity to extort money and report that we have a conspiracy, what a heavy hat! " When the producer heard her words, he immediately lost his patience.

"Then, then what should we do? Can we clarify it?" Zhai Tong Xin said in panic.

"Last night's program was broadcasted. A lot of people went along with the trend to buy A shares, but who knew that it would drop. Now they won't believe anything we say. Now they have to think of how to get through this crisis!"

When the producer saw Zhai Tong Xin lowering her head with eyes full of guilt, he knew it was useless to scold her right now. Thus, he waved his hand and told her to leave.

Zhai Tong Xin didn't have any more ideas, but she knew that something was definitely wrong with her. The most important thing right now was to solve it. How was she going to reduce the risk to the lowest possible level!

Ring, ring, ring …

The phone's ringtone woke up the person in thought. Zhai Tongxin didn't even look at her phone and directly picked it up.

"Hello, who is this?"

"Xin Xin, who am I? Did you delete my phone? " Unsatisfied, a questioning voice could be heard.

Di Shaoxing looked at her phone in confusion. Isn't … isn't that Yu'er's phone number?

"Yu'er, is that you? This past year, wherever you went, we couldn't get in touch with you, so I thought you had disappeared! " Zhai Shaoxi's surprised voice immediately sounded, along with that faint sense of being wronged.

"Let's not talk about that for now, you go check out the stock market first, I guarantee a pleasant surprise!" Qin Yu's uncontrollable happiness was almost passed over through his phone.

Di Shaoxing didn't have time to ask any more questions, so she quickly hung up and logged into the software.

What? How could this be? Wasn't the A shares about to drop to the bottom? How could there be people buying all of them! Is this someone with money to spare or buying a piece of white meat?!

That was what Zhai's heart had in mind when she saw that everyone had finished buying their stocks.

In order to clear her thoughts, Di Tong Xin walked to the tea room and coincidentally met Liu Jie, who was about to come out.

"host Zhai, your first show in finance is really amazing. I even regret not going to watch it on scene!"

"Liu Jie, I advise you to take care of yourself, don't think that I do not know about what you have done, even if I do not mind it, it does not mean that I am a fool, don't go too far!"

Zhai Tong Xin pinched her fingertips, trying her best to control her emotions. She didn't understand why she hadn't offended them, but they were trying to make things difficult for her!

"Too much bullying? Zhai Tong Xin, think about it for yourself. Who bullied who, and who pushed me away. What did you use? You don't know? That night, what were you doing with Station Head Shang Mou?

Liu Jie admitted that she was not bad and had been acting reserved all these years. Why did she get replaced just because she said something to Zhai Tong Xin? Who was she? How could she not say it.

"Liu Jie, don't spout slander, I don't want to bother with you right now, wait for me to settle this matter, we will settle this debt slowly!"

"Alright, let's wait and see. What are you looking at! " Liu Jie looked around and said loudly.

Immediately, the Eight Trigrams Ear that had popped out of its mouth was retracted!

Zhai child Xin sat powerlessly in her seat as her thoughts drifted away. Suddenly, the producer's voice came from outside the office.

"Tong Xin, you're crazy! You're crazy! Quickly log in! Look!"

Di Shaoxing didn't know why the producer had suddenly become so happy, but she obediently opened up the app.

"What?" "How is this possible?" She stared at the screen, incredulous.

The A shares were already on the verge of death, how could they suddenly increase in value? Furthermore, it was in the form of a crazy increase. It was unstoppable!

"Don't tell me that stranger has inside information? Forget it, Tong Xin. You are truly a blessed person. God bless you!" "You have to continue working hard on that final financial program!" The producer's complacent expression was clear as if he had always thought highly of Tong Xin.

As compared to the producer's happiness, Zhai Tong Xin was puzzled. Just who was this stranger?

In the afternoon, Zhai Tong Xin was still preparing for the show. Just to be safe, she went to the bathroom. Just as she squatted down, she heard voices coming from outside.

"Did you hear? Zhai Tongxin is with the station head!"

"How is that possible? Let's not even talk about her looks. Just bringing along a burden would be impossible!"

"That's not right, I even saw her arguing with Liu Jie this morning. Liu Jie said that she had spent the night with the station head, so she took the initiative to seduce the station head. For that, the station head even gave Liu Jie's program to Zhai Tonxin!"

It was no wonder that many scenes happened in the bathroom on TV. Didn't he also experience it himself? Wasn't he being whispered like a female lead?

Just as she was hesitating about whether she could leave or not, she heard the clatter of high heels coming from outside the door. The chattering in the washroom suddenly stopped!

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