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C1 Let the Child Go

"Why? Ye Ruxin, why did you treat me like this? What about Gu Wenhao? I want to see him! I want to see him! "

In the dungeon, Ye Ruge's hair was disheveled and her body was covered in bloodstains. Half of her usual elegant face had been cut by the numerous blades. She roared madly at Ye Ruxin, who was standing in front of her, with all her might.

Ye Ruxin lightly covered her nose and said with a disdainful smile, "Today is the day that His Highness the crown prince will ascend the throne, why would he come to this dungeon? After today, I will be the empress of Great Gan and you will be the sinner of a traitor, Ye Ruge. You didn't think of that, did you? You too will have this day! "

"Why?" Ye Ruge shook his head in despair and asked excitedly, "Why? Why are you doing this to me? What in the world have I done to let you down? "

"The mistake was that you shouldn't have tried to snatch the crown prince from me!" As Ye Ruxin spoke sinisterly, she took the fire brand beside her and ruthlessly burned it onto Ye Ruge's body. A mournful scream filled the entire dungeon!

"Why hasn't he dealt with her?" Gu Wenhao walked into the dungeon with a frown.

Ye Ru walked forward and said in a delicate voice, "Your majesty, the dungeons are heavy with moisture. Why have you come?"

"Come and see how the things that This Emperor has asked you to do are progressing."

"Your Majesty, don't worry. I won't let her die so easily." As Ye Ruxin spoke, her eyes revealed a trace of viciousness.

Ye Ruge felt an incomparable amount of stabbing pain in his heart as he looked at the two of them whispering to each other in front of her. She couldn't understand how the man who had sworn an oath to her before had turned into a man-eating wolf in the blink of an eye.

"Why are you doing this? Gu Wenhao, what did I do to you? If you want me to kill, then I will kill. If you want me to poison, then I will poison you. I will help you step by step to become an emperor, but you will put me to death on the day you ascend to the throne! Gu Wenhao, did your conscience get eaten by dogs? "

Ye Ruge roared at Gu Wenhao, the blade on his face looked like a ferocious ghost due to her roar.

Gu Wenhao looked at Ye Ruge, who was on the rack, with disdain. He suddenly sneered: "Marrying you is the shame of my life. "You know that every time I sleep in the same bed as you, I feel disgusted. I only take you as a pet in my courtyard, how dare you ask me?"

Ye Ruge looked at Gu Wenhao in disbelief, his mouth wide open but unable to say a single word. So it turns out that he had always minded it, and from then on, he had held a grudge in his heart. It turned out that their relationship had been fake from the beginning, and everything was just for the sake of borrowing her power to get to that position.

"Someone, come!" Gu Wenhao shouted. A eunuch immediately entered the dungeon with a basket in his hand. And inside the basket, was a baby.

When Ye Ruge saw the infant that was still swaddled in its cradle, he excitedly shouted, "Child! My child! What do you want? Let my child go! "

A cold expression hung on Gu Wenhao's face. He took out a pill, looked at Ye Ruge and smiled sinisterly, "Do you still remember what this is? You have created the world's most bizarre poison, but we have yet to let anyone else have a taste of it! "

Ye Ruge looked at the pill in his hand and shook his head in fear, "No! Your majesty, on account of me giving you so many years of advice, I beg you, please let my child go! That is our child!"

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