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C11 Unknown Group?

The sudden question made Rex stunned for a moment.

  After several figures gradually approached, Rex recognized the leader at a glance, and it was the target he was looking for this time—jack.

  The girl wrapped under the black robe is about twenty years old, with a peculiar silver-gray long hair, and bright sapphire blue pupils.

  Probably due to running around all day long, jack has lost a lot of weight compared to the last meeting, and his face is morbidly pale.

   "I don't understand what you mean, jack!" Rex's tone was extremely firm, without the slightest wavering. With all the memories of his predecessor, he was very sure that Esher had not committed any betrayal.

   At most, I just think about it in my heart, otherwise I don’t need to worry about hiding in the slums.

   "Where is your sword?" The gray-haired Mage continued to question.

  Rex noticed that Jack's eyes had been staying on the long sword he was holding. After thinking about it, he instantly understood what was wrong.

   "You are holding a weapon commonly used by Mage hunters!" Buck, a tall and strong apprentice Mage, said emotionally.

   "Of course, this is my trophy. Is there any problem? Buck?" Rex replied calmly, but cold sweat broke out on his back.

  I have been carrying such a time bomb these days!

  Of course, he can't be blamed for not being cautious enough. After all, his dagger has been left in a slum house. It's not easy to throw away the ready-made weapon in front of you, right?

  The most important thing is that Carl does not have any information about [Mage hunters are equipped with standard weapons] in his memory.

   Judging from the fact that I have not encountered any trouble these days, there should be very few people who know this information, but this obviously cannot be hidden from Old York at the [Drunkard] Tavern.

   No wonder when I bought wine, the other party would shirk the temptation for various reasons. The information that I had the Mage hunter's long sword should have been passed on to Jack and the others by Old York.

   "The spoils?! You mean you killed a Mage hunter and took his sword?" Buck said with a sneer. "Esher, if I remember correctly, you can't even master the most basic part of magic [Ice Blade]... You might as well find a more suitable reason."

  As the running dogs of the Holy See, those who can be selected as Mage hunters are the elite among the elite. Their skills are far superior to ordinary people. They usually act in small teams.

  For apprentices like them, it is lucky to escape with their lives.

   "Sometimes strength doesn't mean everything, Buck!" Rex shook his head, "Besides, the last time we met was four months ago, right?"

  While speaking, Rex stretched out his hand, and the hydrogen and oxygen in the air around him were stripped out, and then quickly cooled and condensed into shape.

   Almost instantly, a rhombus-shaped ice blade appeared in front of everyone's eyes, with a strange shape but full of strange beauty.

  The several Mage Trainees present couldn't help being stunned for a moment. This was not because they were surprised by the unprecedented shape of the ice blade, but because Rex's casting speed was too fast!

   You must know that before becoming an official Mage, it is impossible to burn the corresponding spell bits in the brain, so how to quickly complete the complicated casting steps and increase the casting speed has become a big problem.

  After all, in a real battle, the enemy will not wait for you to finish casting a spell. An ordinary Mage trainee who can complete the preparation for casting a spell within two seconds is already qualified.

   However, Rex compressed the whole process to about one second, probably in pursuit of pure speed. The shape of the ice blade is not the perfect Ronal configuration, but it is enough to make everyone present look sideways.

   "Also, I don't think the Holy See will let a Mage become a Mage hunter, and issue corresponding weapons to the other party..." Rex retorted again before everyone recovered.

  Buck was completely at a loss for words. The Holy See has always killed Mages like them. It is a blasphemy to God to let a Mage who has been "corrupted by the devil" become a Mage hunter...

  The rest of the Mage apprentices obviously understood this truth, and their hostility towards Rex subsided somewhat.

  jack did not let down his vigilance, but looked at one of them and asked. "Have you checked everything nearby? White pigeon?"

   "No one surrounds this place..." The man who spoke shrank his body into the black robe, and replied timidly.

   After getting an accurate reply, jack turned around and said to Rex apologetically. "Sorry, Esher, it's an emergency and we have to be careful."

   "So, you are just suspicious of me, and are planning to kill me without evidence?" Rex asked.

   "I assure you, the magic just now was just a test, no one would want to hurt their companions!" jack explained solemnly.

  Rex stared into the girl's blue eyes, and didn't see evasion or lies from them, but when he was attacked before, he really felt the danger.

  However, considering that his suspicions have not been completely cleared up, and his perception is not 100% reliable, Rex did not confide this information in public.

  Compared with other trainees, he has the shortest time with Ronald, and he is also the most untrustworthy one!

   After a pause, Rex temporarily suppressed the unhappiness in his heart, and asked again. "Did something happen? I need an explanation..."

   "Come with me first, this is not a place for chatting, the battle just now may expose our whereabouts!" jack gave Rex an apologetic look, and then called everyone to return to the station in the dark.

  When the full moon hangs high above the head, a desolate and dilapidated village appears in front of Rex.

"This village was slaughtered and wiped out by a group of mercenaries sneaking in during the Duke of Nordland's last conquest war. Now, apart from us, there are only a group of wild beasts left here." Jack sighed, and then said softly.

"These damned nobles, the damned Holy See, the damned war!"

  Rex looked at jack with a little surprise, and was not surprised by the girl's words, but everyone present was probably of noble origin. Is it really okay to say that?

  Although he has an inexplicable aversion to nobles, jack still chooses the location of the temporary residence in a noble manor.

  Experiencing the ravages of war, the huge manor has long since lost its former glory. The entire main house looks crumbling, with ruins and broken walls everywhere.

  The interior of the house was not much better, the dilapidated walls were covered with cobwebs, the overturned seats were covered with thick dust, and there was a decaying smell.

But this is the residence of the nobles after all. In order to deal with the war, the huge main house is almost a small castle with several sentries and even an independent drainage channel. worry about problems.

   Entering the manor, Rex soon saw the Mage apprentice who stayed in the castle— Barton!

  Compared with his burly brother Buck, Barton is almost another counter example. He can only be described as skinny, as if he can be hung upside down with a gust of wind.

  jack carried the sundries to the door with everyone, sealed the door again, and then spoke proactively before Rex asked.

   "Kent is dead!"

  Who is Kent?

  Rex froze for a moment, searched his memory, and realized that Kent was the third apprentice of Ronald, and the only Mage apprentice who was not present. Unexpectedly, this guy had already died.

"On the same day that the teacher was arrested by the Holy See, Nordland guards raided Kent's hideout, and then Buck, Barton, and Willi were all hunted down, and only the Baige had special abilities to escape the attack in advance. "Jack explained.

  Special abilities?

  Rex subconsciously looked at the Mage apprentice named Baige.

She looked too young, about thirteen or fourteen years old, not as tall as his shoulders, with sparse freckles on her yellow face and messy hair. She was squatting in a corner feeding a few gray crows.

  Rex's thoughts changed, and he quickly thought of the crows he heard in the tavern, and then guessed that the other party should have some kind of magic that can control animals.

   "I suspect that someone betrayed our information, and the Holy See was able to find our hiding place so accurately." jack said worriedly.

   "Then how many people know where our hiding place is?" Rex asked the most critical question.

  As Mages hunted down and suppressed by the Holy See, it is absolutely impossible for them to disclose their whereabouts at will, which means that there must be very few people who know the truth, and they only need to do the elimination method.

  Jack was silent for a while, then shook his head. "Normally, only a few of us know about it."

   "Could it be the teacher..." Buck on the side asked hesitantly.

   "Impossible!" jack cast his eyes away, and rebuked firmly.

  Buck shut up immediately.

  Rex didn't dwell on this question too much, but asked the second question he was most concerned about.

   "Then what's our plan next?"

  Rex faintly regretted his move to find these Mage apprentices. He thought that although Jack and the others were hunted down, at least they were stable internally.

   However, it now appears that this is not the case.

  If Jack doesn't have a reliable enough plan to get rid of the pursuit of the Holy See, then he will only look for opportunities to break away from this group.

  For Rex, acting alone is safer than following a group of pig teammates.

  Buck and Will also looked at jack in unison, even stopping the action of feeding the white dove to the gray crow.

  During the time when they were being chased by the Holy See, they asked the same question more than once, but jack avoided it without exception, and would not reveal it until all of them arrived.

  jack did not hide this time, and responded freely. "Afterwards, we will take a boat across the sea of

mist and go to the land of Mages- Alaska!"

   "Does the Land of Mages really exist?" Will, who had been silent all this time, suddenly asked. "But I once heard that the outside of the sea of

mist is a land of death, and those who go out to sea will never come back."

   "Yes, I went there with my mentor. It is a territory exclusively for Mages. There is no power of the Holy See or Mage hunters. Everyone can freely study magic there!" jack said firmly.

   "This sounds as wonderful as Holy Land." Barton murmured softly. He really couldn't imagine a world where Mages were not hunted down and could cast spells freely. It could only be described as a dream.

  It is like the Holy Land of Ninna described in the Bible, a place that only the most devout believers can reach after death.

  There is no sickness and aging there, everyone can live in a spacious manor and enjoy the meticulous care of the dream elves.

  In the Holy Land, the river flows with mellow wine, the wheat field will automatically bear full ears of wheat without self-cultivation, and every branch of the tree is covered with fat and juicy steaks...

   "Ninna doesn't like Mages..."

  The white pigeon squatting in the corner said something weakly, interrupting Barton's fantasy.

   "Then how do we get there?" Willi asked eagerly.

  Jack hesitated for a moment, but responded truthfully. "The town of Slit is very close to the harbor in Nordland, where we can take a boat. I think... lame Lauder should help us."


  Rex couldn't help but be a little surprised. Old York, the owner of the [Drunkard] tavern, also mentioned this name to him before.

   It is rumored that lame Lauder was a pirate for several years when he was young, and he made a name for himself until he was broken in his leg while robbing a merchant ship, and he escaped by pretending to be dead.

  However, it was this experience that changed Lauder's luck. After the great battle, the leader of the pirate gang died seven or eight times, and Lauder, who was lucky enough to stay, became the leader of the pirates very smoothly.

  However, this guy was uncharacteristically. He did not continue to engage in plundering business, but started a serious business. Now he controls the wine trade between the town of Slit and the seaport.

  Reminiscent of the various rumors in the market, Rex immediately realized that the so-called wine trade operated by the other party was just a disguise, and the real main business should be to maintain the connection between the land of Mages and the outside world.

"In short, we must hurry up. The road to the Mage's land will only be opened for a short time." jack pulled out the long sword at his waist, and simply drew the location of the town of Slit and the harbor on the ground. , and marked the course of action with sword marks.

   "We will set off early tomorrow morning and circle around Mount Serine. It should not attract attention. Judging from the astrological indications, this year's Full moon will last for five days, so it's completely in time!"

  jack told the general plan, and seeing that Rex and the others had memorized it, he fired a fireball to destroy all the depicted images.

   "Let's end here tonight!" In the light of the burning fire, jack looked around at the crowd, and finally added. "White Pigeon, I will leave the night watch to you, and let Esher carry you on the road tomorrow."

why me?

  Rex, who was named, touched his nose, extremely depressed, really bullying newcomers, right?

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