Science Supremacy Magic/C13 Someone Betrayed!
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Science Supremacy Magic/C13 Someone Betrayed!
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C13 Someone Betrayed!

"You should go to bed early tonight. It will take many days for us to ferry to the city of Mages. There is still a lot of time to learn new magic." Seeing that Rex couldn't be persuaded, Jack could only remind him One sentence, and then turned to leave.

   "Wait... Jack!" Rex put "Basic Magic General" into his arms, suddenly remembered the previous guess, and stopped him.

   "What's wrong? Is there anything else?" The silver-haired witch stopped in her tracks.

   "Are you sure no one else knows the location of the hideout except us?" Rex asked again.

   "Do you suspect that some of us may have defected to the Holy See?" Jack's expression became very serious. She naturally understood what Rex meant, and she also had the same guess in her heart, but after a moment of hesitation, she shook her head and said. "This is impossible!"

   "Before you arrived in the town of Slit, we had been in this village for a whole week... The dangerous tasks of going out to investigate intelligence and purchase supplies were all conducted by lottery,"

  She also took this opportunity to test everyone, and it is the best proof that they have not encountered the pursuit of the Holy See so far!

  Rex was not surprised by this, but asked directly.

   "Have you ever thought about it, if the Holy See's first target is not us?"

  Rex is very clear that as an internal agent, there is only one possibility of holding back, and that is to obtain greater benefits...

  Jack froze for a moment, Her face full of puzzlement.

   "Cripple Lauder... the channel leading to Alaska, this is the real goal of the Holy See!" Rex said word by word.

  He didn't know what kind of friendship old York and Ronald in the [Drunkard] tavern had, so he was willing to help them apprentice Mages, but one thing is certain!

  It is so secretive that the secret passage leading directly to the outside of the city can never be specially built for them!

   That is to say, Old York is very likely to be an eyeliner placed in Nordland by the Land of Mages, and Lauder who can help them sail to sea is undoubtedly a more important person.

  Rex can imagine how many Mages have entered the Avalonia Empire through this channel over the years, and how many large ships filled with materials have departed from the port of Nordland to reach the city of Mages...

In comparison, the arrest of these Mage Trainee was nothing at all, it was just done to appease the Duke of Nordland's emotions. This may be the reason why they were constantly hunted by the Holy See in the outside world, but they entered the town of Slit unharmed reason!

  Under Rex's prompt, Jack also immediately figured this out, and her complexion suddenly changed.

  In this way, the Holy See probably already knew about their movements, but they just kept ignoring them, waiting for them to act, and then wiped out everyone.

  Thinking of this, Jack's spine shivered. At this moment, they were like birds in a trap, waiting for the hunter to raise the butcher knife in his hand.

  Jack pursed his lips and remained silent for a long time, but he couldn't think of a way to break the situation.

   "So what do we do?"

  After sending out this question, the girl did not expect Rex to give any answer. Under the end of internal and external difficulties, she was almost desperate.

  How can a group of trainees who can't even trust each other have the ability to escape the cage carefully woven by the Holy See.

   However, Rex spoke.

   "It's easy...wait!"

   "Wait?" Rex's answer surprised Jack.

   "You just revealed to them the plan of the ferry and information about Lauder, and we are going to set off tomorrow, when everyone is under mutual surveillance, then..." Rex said decisively. "Tonight is the best chance to deliver the news!"



  When the brilliance of the full moon passed the thirteenth star, Willi woke up with the sound of rats, and the dry straw on the hardwood bed behind him stabbed his back like sharp needles and scrapers.

Will struggled to sit up, and then he saw three or two mice gathered around the robe he took off, eating half a piece of black bread, with their slender tongues drooping around their mouths, and their dark toes on blue The Taoist imprint was stamped on his robe.

"Damn it, you bastards, mud!" Willi was furious, kicked over, kicked the dirty black bread aside, cursed viciously, and it took several minutes to calm down, disgusted He picked up the robe and put it on his body, and cautiously opened the door.

   The side hall was completely dark, and no one could be seen. At this time, everyone should have rested except for the white dove who was in charge of the night watch.

  Willi didn't dare to stay for a moment, walked quickly through the corridor, walked into a remote storage room, turned around and closed the door.

The old wooden door made teeth-stinging noises. Thanks to the group of mercenaries who broke in, all the door locks in the manor had already been violently destroyed, and the entire storage room was turned into a mess. The floor was covered with dust, and several chairs and cabinets were tilted to the ground.

  Willi bent down nervously, moving away the sundries piled up in the corner, and a strange rhombus pattern was engraved on the dusty floor.

  When he was taking advanced courses in the apprenticeship, Jack chose elements, Baige chose psionics, and what he mastered was alchemy!

  【Boat, Port, Lauder...】

  Willi engraved characters one by one in the center of the magic circle, and then placed the magic stone on the four rings inside the magic circle. The shimmering light gradually emerged, extending along the lines of the magic circle...

Just when the luminous light was about to cover the entire magic circle, a sharp piercing sound resounded in the silent room, and a [blade of ice] was firmly nailed to the corner of the magic circle, and the brilliant aura dimmed instantly. go down.

   "Who?" Willi was taken aback, sat down on the ground, and looked in the direction he came from in horror.

  The concealed room has been opened at some point, Jack's eyes are full of disappointment and puzzlement.

   "Why did you betray us, Willi?" The grumpy Buck strode forward, grabbed Will by the collar, and punched him in the face. "answer me!"

   "Why?" Willi sneered, pushed Buck away abruptly, wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, and said excitedly. "You ask me why?"

   "I am Willi Isk, the second son of the Earl of the Empire!"

"If it wasn't for that idiot Ronald, I should have lived in the manor of Iskland, went to extravagant high-class parties, enjoyed delicious food and servants' service, and could inherit part of my father's territory in the future and become the leader of the Sekas Empire. Lord Baron!"

   "But now? We can only eat the black bread that those untouchables would eat every day, and sleep in the ruins full of dirty pits and rats." Willi cursed hysterically. "I've had enough!"

   "Ronald is a lunatic, a devil! What he taught us is the knowledge of the devil, and he turned us from aristocratic nobles into a group of bedbugs who can only hide in dark corners..."

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