Science Supremacy Magic/C14 Holy See's attack!
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Science Supremacy Magic/C14 Holy See's attack!
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C14 Holy See's attack!

"Have you all forgotten your identities? Before becoming Mages, we were all noble children of the Avalonia Empire!" Willi shouted loudly.

  Buck and the others looked at each other, and fell silent involuntarily.

  Willi's experience and they also understand that this feeling of falling from heaven to Hell is really uncomfortable.

   In the silence, Rex suddenly spoke. "You should understand, Willi, the Holy See will never change its treatment of us because of our status..."

  As a monotheistic religion, what is the most important proposition of the Holy See?

  Creationism of course!

  The legendary lord [Ninna] created everything in the world, and sent down the nectar of life, bringing life to the originally dead and barren land. Because of this, everyone should obey the rule of the Holy See.

  Mages who try to analyze the laws of the world's operation and gain power from it have naturally become the sworn enemies of the Holy See.

   After all, this is shaking the cornerstone of theocracy!

   "It's different this time!" Willi said excitedly, looking at the people present, he looked like a madman. "Jack, Buck, we are not the primary target of the Holy See. As long as we repent wholeheartedly, Bishop Anrioke and the Duke of Nordland will definitely forgive our sins!"

   "You're crazy, Willi!" Jack sighed. "From the moment we choose to become Mages, there is no way out."

  Once they choose to become Mages, magic power will flow in their bodies forever, which is a symbol of demons and shame in the Avalonia Empire.

  If Earl Isker knew that his second son had become a Mage, his first reaction would be to distance himself from the relationship as much as possible and drive Will out of the family...

  That is to say, they will never be able to return to their previous life...

"I'm not crazy, I know exactly what I'm doing!" Willi said with a sneer, turned his head to look at the white dove who had been silent all the time, and with his right hand behind his back, he took out a few pieces from the hidden pocket of his robe. The magic stone suddenly scattered towards Jack and the others without warning.

   " careful!" White Pigeon screamed loudly. From her psychic perspective, she could clearly see a hidden rune engraved on each magic stone.

  At the same time as the sound of the white dove sounded, several magic stones exploded in mid-air, and the sharp gravel fell down like locusts...

  The grey-haired witch's complexion remained unchanged, she raised her right hand, tapped her fingers as if playing a piano, and the runes on the glove wrapped with slender knuckles lit up one after another.

  A faint flame suddenly appeared on the fingertips, and then the spark expanded rapidly, and the hot tongue covered everything in front of him in just one second!

   This is exactly a tier 1 of high-level magic - [Fire Touch]!

  Willi had already planned his escape route the moment he threw the magic stone, and he rolled and escaped the scorching flames in an extremely embarrassing situation, and then he was about to jump out from the wide open window.

   But Rex moved faster than him. A diamond-shaped ice blade came first and pierced Willi's ankle. The body that jumped up in mid-air instantly lost its balance and fell to the ground.

A bone-piercing chill spread up his ankles, and Willi suddenly felt that his right leg had lost all feeling. He was leaning against the wall, panicked and about to say something, when a slender [Magic Missile] shot straight at him. It flew over and exploded in the eye socket.

  Scarlet blood mixed with brains spilled down, staining the wooden floor with blood. Rex immediately turned his head and looked in the opposite direction. Jack questioned in disbelief.

   "What are you doing, Dove?"

  When she used the flame touch, she deliberately reduced the power, just to keep alive and torture some information.

   "It's too late, I can only kill him first!" White Pigeon held its head in both hands and shouted in fear. "Outside... There are at least a hundred guards outside, we are surrounded!"

  Hearing this, Jack ran to the window immediately, and a fireball spell lit up the dim night.

  In the light of the explosion, Rex saw groups of guards in armor and crossbow arrows running across the dense forest silently and galloping towards here from a distance.

  The man headed by him held a scepter in his hand and was dressed in a white gold-plated robe. He and Rex looked at each other under the light of the fire from a distance of hundreds of meters.

   "It's Bishop Anrioke of Nordland! It's over, we are dead!" Barton recognized it at a glance, and fell into despair.

  He did not expect that in order to arrest several Mage apprentices, the bishop of Nordland would personally dispatch them.

  Rex glanced at the dim alchemy circle on the ground, they should have stopped the magic just now, that is to say...

  The eyes of everyone present turned to Baige in unison.

   "It wasn't me... I didn't do it!" The thirteen or fourteen-year-old girl shook her head frantically, her face full of panic and uncertainty.

  The chaotic situation on the field and the intimidating pursuit of the Holy See made Jack feel dizzy for a while, biting his lips with his white teeth, forced to calm down, and said in a deep voice.

   "Listen, things are not that bad. There is a wide drain in the basement of this manor, which leads directly to the river outside. We can escape from there!"

  While talking, Jack turned her head and asked Rex to monitor the white pigeon with pleading eyes. She no longer knew who else she could trust.


  A minute ago, in the dense forest outside the town of Silt, hundreds of uniformly dressed guards were walking slowly under the shade of trees.

   Pastor Aaron, who was accompanying the army, looked at the towering castle in the distance, and asked in puzzlement.

   "Bishop Anrioke, according to the previous plan, shouldn't we wait for these Mage apprentices to arrive in Harbor Town before doing anything?"

  For this [Bird in a Cage] plan, they mobilized a large number of people to monitor the entire town of Silt. They planned to use this group of Mage apprentices to follow the clues and send the sinners who had betrayed the Lord's faith in the entire Nordland territory to burn together.

   Now that they are taking the initiative to attack, they will undoubtedly destroy all the previous efforts.

   "Aaron, a qualified hunter not only needs to learn how to lay exquisite traps, but also knows how to grasp the timing of closing the net." An Ruoke responded in a deep voice. "A solid iron cage may be able to hold a clumsy bird, but once a griffin is mixed in, it can break free from the cage and tear the hunter to pieces..."

   "Remember, excessive greed will only make you lose everything in your hands."

  The essence of the implementation of the [cage bird] plan is that they have absolute control, no matter how much these apprentice Mages jump around, it is impossible to escape the snare they set.

  However, Blaney's death made Ansik feel a little uneasy. Among the apprentices of Ronald, there was an official Mage, which completely disrupted his arrangement.

  Anrioke, who has dealt with these demon believers countless times, knows very well how difficult official Mages are.

  During the great battle in the Nordland Territory, if it wasn't for the fact that Ronald hadn't taken the initiative to stay behind in order to cover his apprentice's escape, it would not have been easy to capture him.

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