Science Supremacy Magic/C8 Holy See & White phosphorus!
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Science Supremacy Magic/C8 Holy See & White phosphorus!
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C8 Holy See & White phosphorus!

"Bishop Anrioke, this is the place! I just saw the Mage and the mage hunter come out of the house from a distance and fight all the way here..."

   A quarter of an hour later, in the lower city, a ragged and dirty scavenger looked stooped at the priests of the Holy See in front of him, and carefully told everything he saw.

  Anrioke didn't say a word, and looked down at the marks that had been scorched by the flames on the ground. The red blood had turned dark red after high-temperature transpiration.

   What caused such serious damage is most likely the second-level magic [Pyroblast]!

   "Where's the body?" Anrioke asked suddenly. There were obvious signs of battle on the ground, but there was no Blaney's body.

  The scavenger swallowed and spoke with difficulty. "After Master Mage Hunter died, he was thrown by that Mage...into the Yin River..."

   "This is blasphemy against God!"

   Before An Ruoke could speak, a middle-aged pastor behind him shouted excitedly.

  Over the past few years, thanks to the "wise" actions of the Duke of Nordland, the entire lower reaches of the Yin River have long become a veritable filthy place.

   It is important to know that Blaney's identity is not just a Mage hunter, but also a member of the Holy See's God's Punishment Army. He even drank the [Divine Grace Potion] in advance, and he has become the messenger of God in the mortal world.

  The reason why he still frequently participates in Mage hunts is just to increase his resume.

  But the Mage who was corrupted by the devil brutally killed the other party and threw the body into the dirty river. This is undoubtedly a provocation to the majesty of the Holy See!

  The body of the scavenger couldn't help shaking, and he lowered his head in fear.

  Anrioke's hand holding the scepter tightened a bit, and his anger continued to surge. He turned his head to look at the slightly trembling scavengers, and questioned again.

   "Have you seen what the Mage who killed Blaney looked like? Was there anyone else involved?"

   "I just took a few glances from a distance, my lord, there shouldn't be a second Mage..." The scavenger replied slightly trembling. "He looks like he's just grown up, has black hair, and is about as tall as you."

   "Esher..." An Sik murmured to himself, thinking about the other party's information in his mind.

Before this, he had never paid much attention to this unknown Mage apprentice. After all, judging from the information he had obtained, the other party had only been acquainted for about half a year, and he was not valued by the Mage Ronald on weekdays. He was the least threatening of all targets. one of…

   But that doesn't seem to be the case now...

   Released the second-circle magic [Pyroblast] to kill two Mage hunters one after the other. This is definitely not something an apprentice who is new to magic can do!

  Unless the opponent has a powerful alchemy item, or... is an official Mage like Ronald!


   A few days later, at the border of Nordland, in a hotel in the town of Silt.

  Woke up from the nightmare, Rex jumped up from the hard wooden bed, and then jumped to the window at the fastest speed, observing the scene outside the window.

   Seeing that everything was normal and no one came to surround and suppress him, Rex was relieved.

  Since he killed the two Mage hunters in the slum five days ago, he has been worried about the follow-up pursuit of the court. When he rushed to the town of Silt, he deliberately took a long way, and even faked some traces of escape.

   Probably his half-baked anti-reconnaissance technology really worked, or the Inquisition didn't have time to pay attention to him, a little Mage apprentice, so far he hasn't encountered any pursuers.

   But even so, the journey can only be described as hard.

  Accustomed to the convenience of modern life, and now suddenly came to this place similar to the European Middle Ages, this contrast almost made Rex collapse.

  After all, there are no mobile phones, computers, familiar family members or friends here, and you can’t have a hot breakfast in the morning. You can only eat hard-to-swallow black bread with water...

  The only thing to be thankful for is that he has the full set of memories of his original body, Esher, understands the language and characters of this world, and is not weak in skill.

  After several days of torment, Rex reluctantly accepted the fact that he had traveled through time, and this was already the second day after he arrived in Silt Town!

Out of prudent considerations, Rex did not rush to find the whereabouts of the other Mage Trainees. After discovering the marks left by the other Mages, he returned secretly, spent a day getting familiar with the terrain, and purchased more than a dozen new flints and a bag of Black bread.

  Faring away for a few days made Rex a little nervous, but after getting to know the town of Silt, he immediately understood why Jack chose this place for the meeting.

  As a commercial town on the border of the Nordland Territory, there are mixed people coming and going here, and there are often caravans coming in and out. One or two more unfamiliar faces will not be too eye-catching.

  Thinking, Rex reached out and took the stone mortar beside him, put the flint that had decomposed into chunks into it, and then used a small wooden stick to grind it into a fine powder.

  During the period of entering the town, apart from looking for markers and getting familiar with the terrain, Rex spent the rest of the time on making white phosphorus!

  White phosphorus is a simple substance of phosphorus, the chemical formula is P4, and the appearance is white or light yellow translucent solid.

  There are two commonly used production methods.

  One is to mix calcium phosphate, quartz sand, and carbon powder into a mixture, heat it up to 1400 to 1600 degrees Celsius, and then pass the generated phosphorus vapor into cold water, and solidify to form white phosphorus.

  The second is to isolate the air, heat the red phosphorus to 416 degrees Celsius, sublimate and cool.

   It's just that in this world that has no industrial system and is similar to ancient Europe, it is not easy to find these raw materials in a short period of time.

  Although Iris had shown him some ancient and "convenient" raw material extraction methods, Rex didn't intend to use them unless it was absolutely necessary.

   Fortunately, Rex soon discovered a surprise, the surface of the flint he used was doped with red phosphorus!

   This is not surprising, considering that red phosphorus, as a highly effective flame retardant, was used in the manufacture of matches in the last century to improve their safety properties.

  It seems that the natives of this world have already discovered the element phosphorus, but the application is still very superficial.

  Under the continuous grinding of the wooden stick, the flint fragments are gradually decomposed, and after removing some impurities, only clusters of crimson powder are left...

  He doesn't have any professional instruments in his hands, but the magical power is much easier to use than those scientific instruments!

  【Mage Hand】!

  With a thought in Rex's mind, the fine red phosphorus seemed to be inspired by something, and it was suspended automatically, and then under the action of [Matter Dissociation], it was deconstructed into the basic molecular state...

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