Secret Of Eclipse/C1 First Chapter
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Secret Of Eclipse/C1 First Chapter
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C1 First Chapter

The bell of the university rang. Signalling, that it was the time for regular departure, last semester's departure, as well as time for new semester arrival.

Taeil was sitting at the main musical hall. Enthusiastically checking the papers of final semester's students in the music department. It made him happy. It always did. He loved to see that many people in Seoul are interested in music. And they did not think of that as just some interest or hobby. They actually cherished, respected and trusted that enough to take major steps towards that to make their passion into a profession.

Kim Taeil was known as Seoul's man of melodies. He has been into the world of music since he was born, according to the people around him. And they were not wrong, too. Ever since Taeil had started schooling, he always went for the subjects related to music, first. His parents were even musicophiles. They supported him with his every decision. Obviously they loved and appreciated music as much as he did. Maybe that was also one of the reasons as to why he was a music enthusiast.

At present time, Taeil, in his late twenties, was a well known music professor at the Seoul University of Performing Arts in the music department. While his beloved husband, Jungwoo Kim, was a graphic designer at Johnny's Communication Center. Funny or fate, how his husband and him, both of them were students here just a couple of years ago.

“Mr. Kim, you are still here? I thought you left, already. Not that I am surprised by seeing you still here. As I am well aware of your admiration towards the students here.”

Taeil looked up at the woman coming towards his direction in steady footsteps. The noise of her heels patting the floor echoed through the large musical hall. A sincere and gentle smile could be seen on her face as she went nearer.

He smiled back at the woman before him as he started speaking. “I actually did not know, Miss Seungwan, that you were aware of that. I'm glad to know about that. And, yes. I still am here. Surrounded by these artistic contents, as usual.” He chuckled a little and looked through the papers with glee in his eyes. “Is there anything you need or should I leave for real by now?”

“Oh! no, no. That was not exactly what I meant.” The woman known as Seungwan responded back immediately and then continued, “I am actually relieved that you are still here as my purpose of coming here was to check on you and inform you to stay a bit more than usual. As it's the last day of previous semesters. And, some new or transferred students and teachers might be visiting here. Hence, I'm kind of scanning the entire campus to check on staffs and ask them to stay.” She smiled a little wide after her clarification.

“Is that so? I would more than like to welcome and interact with them. It's always been a pleasure to meet people, who appreciate and support this world of art as much as we do.” The latter responded with welcoming motion.

“And, did you say scanning the entire campus? Oh dear… Being a dean is not as easy as I thought.” He added. Chuckling a little.

The dean of the university made a fake hurt expression on her face before stating, “Oh my! Look! Who's mocking me, Kim Taeil, the sanest man of melodies. You hurt my emotions.”

Taeil got a little worried. Thinking he used wrong words and offended the woman unintentionally for real. He was about to state an apology but Seungwan went on. “Mr. Kim, don't be worried. I was just playing around. Though, it was lame. I know. I'm really bad at humor, I guess. Haha!” She laughed a little at her own lame joke, according to her. Taeil joined in, too.

“And, yes. It is hard. But, not enough to affect my dedication. Nothing in this world is hard as long as you are dedicated to your goals, die hard. I learned this from you.” She winked at the latter.

Making the other a bit embarrassed and shy.

“Well, where is the lie again?” Taeil added. Confidently, hiding the embarrassment.

“C'mon! Haechan! Don't be too rude! Living overseas for years really did change you. It seems like you literally gave up on us.”

“First, don't call me that again. Especially not in public. We are not kids anymore, Jaemin. Kindly address me as Donghyuck. 'Sir Donghyuck' if you prefer. Second, I gave up on you, only. Not on my Injunnie!” Donghyuck warned his pink haired friend as he clinged to his other friend, a few inches shorter than them.

The shortest man unclinged the latter from himself. Settling him in place and making him walk on his own. “I actually want to give up on you both.” He then added, sounding like he was done with his friends.

“REALLY!?” Came from Jaemin and Donghyuck. Both looked deeply hurt for real.

The latter sighed, then shook his head as he spoke, “I mean, I do want to, many times. But, I really can't. Even though you guys literally made my life a living mess. You still are my strength and help me to go through this mess, known as life. Though, I still regret having you two here. Sorry, not sorry.” He clarified in a not so interested tone. His friends still went on the verge of tears of happiness because of his clarification.

“We know that you are sorry and we know that you don't regret, Renjun-Ahh!” They both said in unison. Dramatically, ofcourse.

“If your melodrama is over, may I know which department you would like to visit, first, Donghyuck-ah?” Renjun asked his friend in a little tired tone.

“Well, as I remember, it was you and Jaemin, who had insisted me to explore this arts university of Seoul because you guys wanted me to attend at least the last year of college together with you guys.” He smiled sheepishly as he responded to his older yet little friend in a sarcastic tone. Not forgetting to raise the word 'you' a little more than needed.

Renjun was about to retort back but Jaemin already jumped in after a break of his individual silence. “Yes, yes! We missed you Haechannie! You know that Injunnie will never admit it clearly. So, I'll just state on behalf of him. I mean, you lived far away from us for years. How could we not miss you! Right, Injunnie?”

The stated man shook his head before nodding in agreement. Defeated. He looked at Donghyuck as if asking for a response.

Donghyuck chuckled at his friend's stubbornness. He loved him. He loved both of his friends. “I know, Jaemin. I missed you guys, too. A lot! I would still come just to meet you two even if it was not about the semester. Though, I can still not guarantee if I'm gonna finish it here. I really want to. But, you know my parents. Besides, I also liked the way they teach us music and vocals. I'm just clearing my points so that you won't be disappointed if my decision will not reach your expectations.” Donghyuck stated and smiled to his friends apologetically.

“Also, it's been only two years to be exact, Jaemin. Stop calling it 'for years' like it has been a century. Gosh!” He corrected Jaemin.

“We understand, Hyuck-ah. You don't need to feel bad or apologetic at all. Our friendship has always been strong through almost every hardship. And it will only get stronger.” The eldest of the three assured his younger friend. “As for your taste, I hope you will change your thinking regarding our music training, once you'll get to meet professor Kim.” He added. Sounding hopeful.

“I don't really know what you are meaning to but whatever. For my idiotic friends, obviously.” The latter laughed at his own joke, receiving a smack from both of his sides.

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