Secret Of Eclipse/C2 Second Chapter
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Secret Of Eclipse/C2 Second Chapter
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C2 Second Chapter

Chapter Summary

Jungwoo Kim and his workplace's introduction. And, Lee Donghyuck met Kim Taeil for the first time.

Chapter Notes

Good day, Seasonies. <3

More stupidity that no one asked for.^^/

See the end of the chapter for more notes

“Aye! Chittaphon! Give my belongings back to me!” Came a voice, a little loud and muffled as the owner of the voice huffed tiredly while yelling.

“Your belongings? Hahh! I knew it was yours. Do you come here to sit and draw our Japanese little chick in here instead of working? You know how bad it will be for you if our boss bunny will get to know about it. Even Yuta will reject you before even your proposal. Sad love story. I'm crying!” The latter, who made the other man run, spoke softly as he faked being emotional.

“And, do you think our boss will be fine with you calling him 'boss bunny'? You know that only his husband can call him that. I mean it's a straight fact that he's a boss bunny. Or maybe just a bunny as I'm sure that almost nobody literally fears of him. But, respect, Ten.” The tallest man among them, joked. Earning laughter from both of his colleagues.

Ten collected himself and stopped laughing. Though, he still was breathing a little heavier as he spoke, “Welp, that's a big ass fact. I wonder if he can even scare the flies away. I can stand straight and broad right in front of him even during his scolding session.” He said gesturing at his shoulders. Probably trying hard to stretch them to make them broad.

The previous man was about to keep up their troll but a new voice chimed in. “Your shoulders are about to be torn. Please stop. What are you even trying to do, Ten?” A man with long hair and lion- like features asked as he appeared at the office area.

“Lion is roaring.” Ten said as he placed the artworks of the other man into his desk drawers. Glancing at the stated man only to meet the fiery glares.

“Thank you, Jungwoo!” The man with long hair mockingly thanked the tallest man before continuing, “Now everybody calls me lion and even sometimes treats me like one. I doubt if I'll be dragged to some central zoo, someday.”

Jumgwoo looked at the latter giving his puppy eyes before speaking, “You don't like, Yuta? Or, Lion?”

Yuta couldn't argue back. Nobody could deny Jungwoo's puppy eyes. “Haww!” He gestured as a little lion. His colleagues couldn't control but coo and melt at his action.

“He is so cute. He's always so cute. Isn't he, Sicheng?” Ten asked the owner of the hidden artworks. Innocently. Earning daggers from the said man and chuckles from the tallest man.

The Japanese man made a confused face before saying, “Seriously, you guys live in a whole other dimension or what?”

“We are on a whole other level, baby.”

“Chittaphon!” Yelled Sicheng. A little too loudly that his voice echoed. Earning all the attention. “Sorry.” He then added looking down after realizing. Embarrassed.

Ten smirked looking into Sicheng's direction. Feeling proud of himself for burning his colleague of jealousy.

Yuta shook his head. He then went to his desk as he spoke, “Whatever. I just can not with you guys. Let's start working. Have any of you even completed a single task for today?”

“Aww… You can not, but you still do.” Ten cooed at his Japanese colleague. “And, who the hell cares about tasks being done?” We just-”

“Well I do.”

Ten recognized the voice so clearly. He regretted recognizing it, though. He looked up at the man standing by their office door. He gulped before uttering, “Good day. Boss. How have you been today?” He tried sounding cheerful and calm. However, his panicked features could be seen.

“Ten, I have already told you many times that it's okay if you just call me Dongyoung or Doyoung. I literally don't care about these formalities. At least if it's just us. All I ask is for the work to be done on time. Yet, here you are. Trying to broad or may I say torn your shoulders.” Dongyoung stated. Earning a few chuckles from his employees except Ten.

Ten was about to utter again. Probably an apology. But Dongyoung continued before he could speak, “Anyways, I wanted to inform you that we will leave a little earlier today. Got some plans with hubby.” Their boss smiled at the thought of his husband. “So, please, try to get at least a few projects done. I'm requesting.” He then added as he went back to his usual panicked bunny character.

“No worries. Boss. We are still single doesn't mean we will prevent you from living your love life.” Sicheng joked. Not about the term 'single', though.

“Excuse me! I'm married to the best man of the world. Back off.” Jungwoo sparked, proudly.

Dongyoung chuckled a little then shook his head as he spoke, “Every person is best for the ones who love them, Jungwoo-yah.” Ten winked at Sicheng after their boss' statement. Sicheng made a disgusted face.

Dongyoung then started walking outside to his cabin. “And that is why, love is the best thing in this world.” With that, he left.

Well, it was true. Love is the best thing in the world. Just look at Kim Dongyoung. He named his entire business to his husband, Kim Youngho. Jungwoo always wished he could do something big like that for Taeil, too. Yes. Their love story itself was like a romantic and dramatic K-Drama.

However, he always felt insecure. He felt like he was not doing his best, at some points.

It was not a new thing to feel insecure for Jungwoo. Ever since he fell in love with Taeil, then after them being boyfriends and especially when they got married. It was the hardest thing for Jungwoo. He still remembered how much struggle he had faced convincing Taeil's parents for their marriage.

Taeil even went against his parents once, for Jungwoo. He was ready to run away, as well. However, Jungwoo, being the kindest and sweetest he was, explained to Taeil that it was not right. And they just needed some more efforts and time.

Though, besides the topic of being capable of earning a huge income for his husband and his future children, he knew that he was also not really on the right paths in the past. Taeil was actually the reason for his drastic development. The love of his life really changed his perspective of life. He was lucky. Love was indeed the best thing that happened in his life.

He fluttered at the thought of his love story. He was smiling like an idiot lost in his own reverie.

Which was soon broken by their little lion. “Just stop already, you two. You guys are the real trolls. Troll Mr. Dongyoung like there's no tomorrow behind his back. But when he appears, you go blank.” Yuta shook his head as he retorted. Annoyed.

Jungwoo chuckled and joined in. Not their bickering, obviously. But the projects they had to work on. He was already a little tired. He needed the lunch that his beloved husband had made him today.

Renjun and Jaemin were showing and introducing Donghyuck to the departments of their college campus as they walked through the main musical hall.

There were not many teachers. And students had left, already. Donghyuck took it as a good thing as they were able to explore the campus in peaceful silence. The chirping of birds nearby the garden area could be heard. It soothed him so well.

“And we're here!” Jaemin clapped his hands lightly as he announced their arrival, delightedly.

“Jaemin, behave. At least now. We are the campus and right next to the music hall. Even your slow noise could be echoed.” The eldest male explained to the youngest.

They were now walking a little slowly. Donghyuck was observing through the various types of instruments. Some seemed too old or too cultural. He was more into modern and booming music. He started thinking as to why people even took interest in such classical genres. He thought of it as a barrier, which prevents people from development.

“The gayageum or kayagum. A traditional Korean zither-like string instrument with 12 strings. Though, some more recent variants have 18 or 25 strings.”

Donghyuck looked at the man who owned the voice. He surely was not startled by the sudden speech from a voice that he has never ever heard. But gosh... That was one of the best voices he has ever heard. He stayed silent as the latter continued. “It is probably the best known traditional Korean musical instrument.”

Donghyuck started observing the man's features as he spoke further. Sure, he did not make it too obvious to be noticed. He knew how to analyze smartly.

The man was a few inches shorter than him. His hair was in the shade of brunette. His eyes were doe and calming. His cheeks made him look like a five years old. He looked so fluffy as a fluff ball. His eyes then went to his lips. He was speaking so fluently. Donghyuck decided to not observe too closely. And then replied to the man for the first time. “Thank you so much for your information regarding these musical pieces. However, they don't suit my taste.”

The latter offered him one of the sweetest smiles he has ever seen. He wondered how one could still manage to smile after being asked to not share boring information.

“I totally understand and respect your perspective, Sir.” The fluffy man in front of him stated in a sincere tone.

“What I am pointing here is the negative judgment you are making, Sir. I could sense that you never tried to get to know about these traditional musical instruments as you never thought of them more than old, noise making elements. However, they have been here before guitars and violins.

Development sure took its place. But, even development needs a beginning. They were the beginning. It's great that we appreciate how much our world, including our music industry, has been improved. But, that doesn't mean that we should forget what and who paved the way.”

It would be an understatement to say that Donghyuck was stunned by the other man's speech. He was lost in misery. As if someone came and slapped him right in the face with rose petals. But, he felt the thorns, too.

“Donghyuck! Where did you go? We have been looking for you in this hall and thought you already lost interest in here and went back to home.”

Donghyuck looked at Renjun followed by Jaemin behind him. And this time, he was startled a little by the sudden call. “Apologies for disappearing suddenly. I was exploring this place and went kind of lost. There are actually many interesting elements, here. As well as people.” He added.

Directing at the man, who just had lectured him. He smirked a little while directing at the short man. Again, unnoticeable.

“Professor Kim? Good afternoon. Sorry for just entering the hall like this. We actually were looking for you but then we also started to explore and show the accessories to our friend, Donghyuck. Well, I guess you guys were already having words?” Renjun questioned.

Taeil looked at Donghyuck. Staying still for a moment before speaking back to Renjun. “Miss Seungwan did inform me about new faces visiting the campus. But, I did not expect that you

would bring a new friend of yours, Mr. Huang. Well, I'm glad that you are introducing people to the place where you study. Also, it's really nice to meet you, Mr. Donghyuck.” Taeil smiled gently at the stated man.

“It is also nice to see you Mr. Huang and Mr. Na. How are you doing here at the end of semester?” He added, wondering.

This time, it was Jaemin to keep the conversation up. “Well, you see professor, our friend, Hae- I mean Donghyuck had flyed from America to here exactly after two years. So, we wanted to show him the goods we have at our home town. And we decided our college as the first place as we want him to attend-”

The pink haired male was interrupted by the ringing of a phone. It was Taeil's.

Taeil checked the caller ID and it was his lover. Hence, he excused himself for the meantime.

Jaemin and Renjun both looked at their friend, who was smiling gleefully at god knew what.

“So… if you are done checking the musical hall, shall we start exploring further in order to convince you to stay with us, Haechannie?” Jaemin asked hopefully.

Donghyuck chuckled at his friend's sheepishness. And then he confidently stated, “I have already made my decision.”

Chapter End Notes

Have you watched Yangyang's teaser, already?

He reminded me the kid from 'The Ring' Movie. That had special ability to draw things that were supposed to be happening in the future.


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