Secret Of Eclipse/C3 Third Chapter
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Secret Of Eclipse/C3 Third Chapter
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C3 Third Chapter

Chapter Summary

Lowkey promotion of B.A.P and Martin Garrix. Uwu~

And, Donghyuck finally takes admission in Seoul University of Performing Arts.(• 3


Chapter Notes

Since WayV delayed their music video along with album release, here is chapter three.^^

See the end of the chapter for more notes

It was around 8 'O' clock, B.A.P's 'Feel So Good' was being played slowly on the stereo near the kitchen. Taeil was preparing dinner, wondering why his husband was not home yet, even after informing him that he would be home earlier tonight.

He was in the middle of chopping vegetables when he heard the doorbell and then their entrance door being opened and a voice that he cherished announcing the arrival, “Mooney! I'm home!”

The latter smiled at his husband as he appeared at the kitchen door. “How was work today? And, I thought you would be coming earlier. Perhaps, 8PM is earlier in your dictionary.” He said in a little mocking tone to his husband.

Jungwoo pouted before speaking, “It is still early, babe. I was just stuck in some stuff on my way back.” He added, still pouting.

Taeil couldn't help but kiss his lover's pout away. He smoothly snaked his arms around Jungwoo's neck and tipped on his toes a little to reach his husband's height.

Jungwoo chuckled as he lowered after seeing the latter struggling. He grabbed Taeil's waist lightly and they kissed for a few minutes by the kitchen.

Taeil broke the kiss before it would become an entire makeout session. They both were breathing a little heavily. Catching their breaths. Taeil was the first to speak, “I believe your 'stuff' must have an identity, Mr. Kim.”

“Well, how about I'll show it off instead of speaking?” The taller man asked as he sprang out a flat rectangular box from his bag.

A wide smile appeared on the shorter man's face. Expressing mixed emotions of happiness and amusement.

“Martin Garrix compilation album!” He cheered as he took the album package from Jungwoo's hold.

“I noticed how you struggled collecting the singles of one of your favourite DJs. And I am well aware of my husband's love towards music. Especially EDM.” Jungwoo declared while looking at his husband, who was almost about to cry.

The latter hugged his husband tightly. Jungwoo hugged back. “Oh Woo-ah! I love you so much, baby! You are the best!” He confessed while hugging.

“Love you, too, hun.” The taller replied and placed a kiss on the shorter's temple.

Pulling away and a little and breaking the hug, Taeil started, “Thanks so much to my best man. Now, get freshed. Dinner is almost ready.”

“You still did not tell me how your day was.” Taeil said he served the food on the table.

Jungwoo helped setting the plates and replied, “Nothing special. Just the usual. Ten and Sicheng's bickering, trolling our boss. And oh, Sicheng again made a new portrait of Yuta. Sadly, they're now in Ten's hands.”

“Aww… That poor thing. I wonder what's keeping him from confessing. Holding your feelings only makes situations worse. There are possibilities if some other person will appear and take his beloved one away. I hope he'll get the confidence to take his move, soon.” Taeil stated softly as he took his seat and started eating.

“Thank god that I did not waste my time and proposed to you right away.” The taller stated in a thanking tone. Making them both laugh a little at his statement.

They started having their meals and talking about random stories of their day. Then Taeil added a certain information. “Dad called today.” Jungwoo stopped eating and looked at his husband.

Glimpse of concern could be seen on his face.

“What did he say?” The younger one asked.

The other man chuckled a little before speaking, “Just the random and usual talk. Baby. Nothing serious. Yes. He did ask if there's any good news from our side.”

“And you said 'nothing serious'.” Jungwoo scoffed a little.

“That really is not. You know that he always teases us with that. And saying things like ‘I'm afraid that I might die before seeing my grandchild’.” Taeil mimicked his father's tone.

“But you know, honey, that it's just his way of teasing us. I mean, yes, he is excited. And who will not? But then again, he understands if we need some time and all. If you need some more time. We all understand, baby.” He then explained.

Jungwoo did understand. He always understood. He knew that no one was pressuring him to start a family with their children around them. But, he also doubted, if he'll ever be ready to take any step further for that.

It's not that he did not want a little one that he could call theirs. But, he did not want that little one to be dependent on Taeil instead of him. He did not want Taeil to overwork himself. He did not want his in law's charity. He did not want to be a useless father. He did not want to be a useless being, again.

Most of the things they owned were either purchased by Taeil's paycheck or gifted by Taeil's parents. Taeil's parents were not super rich. But, they still held a stable status and finance.

Even Taeil's individual income was almost double of his salary. Their car was purchased by Taeil. Jungwoo told him many times that there was not really a need for that. But his beloved husband had turned him down stating, “Back off. It's for me. But, you may use it when needed.” But, his husband barely used that. Giving excuses now and then. Jungwoo thought how lame his husband's excuses were. He couldn't even hide the fact that he had bought that for Jungwoo and not for himself.

Though, he was working hard. As much as he could. He soon will be ready for that. He soon will be ready for his family. He hoped.

There was a long queue outside the dean's office. Students were waiting for their turn to complete their college formalities and documentations.

Renjun and Jaemin were waiting outside while Donghyuck was inside, getting his admission process done.

“So, following your forms and the information you've provided, I can see that you are here for the final year as you have already finished your previous years overseas. And, you have lived for a few years in Canada before living in America, is that right, Mr. Lee?”

“Yes. Miss. Seungwan. Though, it was only a few years of high school that I have attended in Canada. That is not really that important. But, they're still part of the data. I know that it is obvious. And might not be that easy to do. But, I believe and I hope that we judge students here through their potential and dedication, rather than previous connections or external government policies.” The latter stated calmly. “But, I will accept every revert I will receive from your side.” He added.

The woman hummed a little before speaking, “That is right. Mr. Lee. But, I would like to let you know that it might be a little too costly as this is a very rare case. Students always start their sessions from the very first year. Hence, it is difficult for us when someone appears with these cases.”

“You may also have to go through multiple tests for the completion of your admission. However, even after all that, I can still not guarantee you for anything in this matter. I do believe that you are a very dedicated and deserving student, Mr. Lee. Mr. Huang always brought you up during multiple talks related to hardwork and success. But, government is government and policies are necessary. That's why I'm putting consequences that you may possibly face.” She added explaining.

Donghyuck smiled sincerely at the woman before saying, “Likewise I said, I understand your situation, Miss. Seungwan. I am very much thankful to you that you are trying to go further with the process even after all those consequences. It's already a great opportunity that you observed my potential. I'm grateful. I'm also thankful to my friend for not forgetting me. Though, I doubt at this certain part as he never expressed such emotion to me.” He ended jokingly.

Seungwan laughed a little and then smiled back at the latter. “Thank you so much for considering Mr. Lee. That's so sincere of you. And, no. You don't need to doubt your friend.” She then continued with verifying the papers before a particular column caught her eye. “Mr. Lee, why have you stamped your father's signature? Why is there no physical signature from the pen?”

“Ohh, actually, my father is always overseas. And there are times when I need his signatures for certain works, just like this one. Hence, I use this stamp whenever there's a need for his signatures. My mother is always busy with her work routines. But, thankfully she's here in person.” He explained to the dean.

The gape on the woman's face was enough to describe her amusement at the man's statement. “Whoa! That is so… smart of you. Mr. Lee. I've never seen someone doing such an act.”

Donghyuck chuckled a little before replying to the latter. “Well, I would not really say 'smart', but I will accept now that you have complimented. But, to explain the fact, I actually do this so I will not have to bother my parents for certain works every now and then. I try my best to let them relax as much as they could after all their constant work. I hope I will also become as successful as them, soon. So that I could make them relaxed, relieved from the work entirely. I'm also in the process to get one for my mom's sign.”

Seungwan nodded in agreement. Still amused at the certain facts of the young man in front of her.

“We can't wait to have you on our campus, Mr. Lee. Also, you may call me Miss. Wendy. As I have also lived in Canada. Therefore, Wendy.” The woman winked at him as she declared.

“Sure, Miss. Wendy. It's very nice to know that you have lived there. I also cannot wait to learn and explore more about here. Especially with my friends.”

Donghyuck surely could not wait to explore more of this place. To explore more of Kim Taeil.

Chapter End Notes

SM Entertainment should be careful with what they are representing on screen... This is so unfair to my Mandopop boys! :'(

Hope everything will be fine and we'll Turn Back Time!

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