His Majesty was the Son of Heaven. The palace was like the clouds in the sky, unreachable and unfathomable.

The Chu Family was a martial family with many generations of relatives. In terms of power in the outer court, they had already surpassed Prince of St. Wu, who was born in the clan. Although entering the palace to pay homage was solemn, it was still a matter that went back and forth from time to time.

All those who had always entered the palace when it was still early in the morning and were dressed in luxurious formal attire, compared to the rank of the official, had finally arrived in the front hall. They stepped onto a carriage decorated with a family emblem, extended their carriages, and rode their horses eastward through the clouds on the flagstones of the Falling Sky Street, almost as if they had stepped into the clouds.

Sixth Miss Chu Yunrong wanted to enter the palace, but it was different from usual. The entourage consisted of children around the age of ten. The children wore a white silk sedan chair, a soft rosewood gown, and five layers of emeralds on their heads. The children wore a pair of blue or pink gossamer gossamer gossamer gossamer gowns that accentuated their childlike liveliness and naivety.

Chu Yunrong had entered the palace, but that did not count. She had only gone to the Eastern Palace to visit the severely ill princess consort. Coupled with the fact that she was still young, the atmosphere in the room was very light. Even so, it still cost a lot of money. Third Miss, who had always been a lone wolf, had muttered that rather than spending money for others to see, it would be better to just use it as an army.

After all, the Chu Clan was a martial arts family that had existed for hundreds of years.

It was just into autumn, and in order to meet with the princess consort, Chu Yunrong had to wear nine layers of formal attire, layers upon layers of silky brocade, and complicated pearl jade. She was eight or nine years old, and the way she was dressed made him look like a little child who had been buried under a pile of brocade. The female official from the Eastern Palace came and went. She felt both amused and affectionate upon seeing this scene. He didn't know what to say.

The aroma of medicine filled the East Palace, the princess was still ill, and Yun Rong was so old, so what could she possibly find out? However, the madame had already entered the palace once a few days ago, and came back saying that the princess was in a depressed mood. Perhaps she should let the girls come over to take a look. An elderly man going to see a sick man is nothing but sitting to the right of worry and adding to his vexation.

Although Yun Rong was young, she was already somewhat sensible. With the current Eastern Palace's two lateral consort s as his main wives, the Crown Princess had already toiled so hard for him. He didn't know what she would do in the future, but when he thought about it, he couldn't help but frown.

While her imagination was running wild, the female official came to deliver a message that the Crown Princess was summoning Sixth Miss Chu. Yun Rong took a deep breath, stood up calmly, bowed to show her gratitude, then raised her head, waiting for the female official to lead the way.

The chief female official of the Eastern Palace, Su Jianliang, couldn't help but be stunned for a moment.

The Chu Clan had always been proud of the Wu Clan, and did not pay much attention to etiquette. The number one talented princess consort of the apocalypse, Her Highness Chu Yunping, was an anomaly.

However, the Chu Clan's other ladies were completely different, it was normal for them to ride their horses freely. When she was young, she followed her brother and went to the battlefield with her, Third Miss. She had dared to put her sword and weapon on the table in front of the crown prince, and had let the palace female officials see the Chu Family's young miss' style. Compared to her identity as a daughter of a noble family, Chu Yunzhao's actions were absolutely outrageous.

The female official in the palace had a headache because she was afraid that she would not be able to attend to the female officer and cause her to overturn the Eastern Palace at any time. Now that she saw the gentle and gentle Sixth Miss, she heaved a sigh of relief.

After Chu Yunrong stood up, she followed the female official and entered the Eastern Palace Hall, looking straight ahead. She just stared at the maroon skirt of the female official. When they reached the inner hall, they lowered their eyes and looked at the bright red brocade carpet. When they heard the door close, they immediately knelt down and kowtowed, "We greet Your Highness, the Crown Princess and Your Highness."

The Crown Princess was lying on the beauty bed, looking at her with a smile on her face.

Yun Rong carefully sat on the bed beside the Crown Princess. She heard the Crown Princess ask, "I was planning on letting Yun Zhao come, but won't that girl see me?"

It was indeed like that, the Big Sister Yun Zhao seemed to have said that it was fine to find anyone for the dirty things she had done. As for what it was, Yun Rong did not know.

She merely straightened her body and answered: "Big Sister Yun Zhao only said that she grew up together with His Highness and has always been close to him. Thus, she gave this opportunity to us juniors."

The Crown Princess smiled and turned her head to look at Yun Rong. She smiled and said, "Your looks are about the same as Yun Zhao's. You can be considered a rare beauty."

Yun Rong did not understand. The Big Sister Yun Zhao was naturally beautiful, she was the daughter of Emperor Tian Zi's sister, the Grand Princess Huaiye. The title given to her by the Son of Heaven was the same as the names of the princes in the Vermillion Bird Empire. She was a dragon girl born in the Chu Family, so her light must have shot out in all directions, but no one had ever praised Big Sister Yun Zhao's beauty, because she had always been in the army camp wearing her daily military uniform. Amongst the apocalypse s in the imperial city, everyone knew that the Chu Family's Third Miss was valiant and formidable on the battlefield. As for its beauty, it could be said that it was acceptable to be devastatingly beautiful, but no one dared to judge its appearance in public like the Chu Family's Crown Princess.

She didn't think of herself as Big Sister Yun Zhao, but rather as a dazzling figure who was like ice reflecting the sunlight. Compared to Big Sister Yun Zhao's natural beauty, she was actually just a child that had yet to grow up.

She was still young and had entered the palace this time to accompany Yun Ping in her idle chatter. She spoke of some matters within the palace, and most of them revolved around Yun Zhao. Yun Rong only listened, and occasionally interjected a few words into the conversation. The two sisters talked and laughed, but Yun Rong did know a bit, even though this sister was currently sick, due to some unknown reason, her heart was always thinking about the Big Sister Yun Zhao.

Yun Rong looked at Yun Ping with good spirits and was not as anxious as the rumors outside. He felt a lot more at ease.

It was already late in the night when she returned to Chu Residence. She was so tired that she almost didn't want to move at all. When she heard people discussing in low voices, she told Senior Gongzi that she had to hurry and tell him that the Sixth Miss had returned.

Senior Gongzi, Yun Xi heard that she had returned and hastily rushed back from his study, ignoring etiquette, he immediately opened the door and waited for her to come. After so many years, where had he seen his armoured brother barging into the young girl's room like that?

Only Yun Rong was calm and composed. She was only half-dressed, and slightly bowed down, as she quietly turned her head back. When she saw Yun Xi's worried and worried expression, she instantly understood.

"I'm fine," she said.

Yun Xi nodded and turned to leave without saying a word.

He was about to go to the north and would set off tomorrow morning. After he had tidied up the military affairs tonight, it was not yet time for him to take off his armor. He was in a meeting with the high ranking military officers when he heard that Yun Rong had returned.

The reason why the Crown Princess was sick in the East Palace had been thoroughly investigated. Yun Xi did not believe that the crown prince's consort was at death's door or anything like that, but no matter what, he would have to bring these words back to his family to meet her.

Tomorrow, he would go to the Northern Territory again. He was fighting in the bitter cold lands at the border not to protect those he cared about, but to be unable to do anything even when he knew that his sister was suffering in the palace. This kind of helplessness and depression was the most difficult to bear.

It was already late in the night when the council and generals had left one after another. Only Chu Yunzhao was still waiting for him in the study room.

She was clearly a beautiful girl, yet she still wanted to dress up as a military general. Beneath the helmet of the red tassel, a handsome face that could not be argued with by a woman was revealed.

Yun Xi said, "This time up north, I want to personally patrol, so I will leave the matters of the camp to you. All things must be steadier, and not always conflict with the people of the court. "

Yun Zhao carelessly took off his helmet and said, "Don't worry, there's no one else available right now. You're already pointing at me, so you can relax a bit."

Such words would not comfort anyone at all.

But she was right.

Right now, in the Chu Family, other than the commander-in-chief Yun Xi, only Third Miss Yun Zhao, Fifth Young Master Yun Qing and Yun Zhao's vice general Chu Lie had been sent to the Northern Battlefield.

was skilled in martial arts and was not good at leading troops, so he could only be Yun Zhao's vice general. Yun Qing was practically just a child, the only person he could rely on was indeed Chu Yunzhao.

Believe it or not, this was all she could do.

She only hated that in these few years, there had been too many people sacrificed on the battlefield, to the point that in this kind of situation, although Yun Xi was still young, he had already seen too many life and death situations. Other than heartache, most of them were powerless. They still had to send their clan's youths to the battlefield with their own eyes, and no one could understand the sorrow within that heart.

Chu Yunzhao had followed her father and brother to the battlefield when she was still so young, and was now dressed in fresh, fine, and angry clothing. Countless people were endlessly envious. However, all the grievances and grievances that she had suffered on the battlefield over the past few years were not enough for others to bear.

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