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Yang You thought of another way, he mentioned this to the prince, he said that since the whole battle had been stolen by the Chu Family, it would not be good for them to steal the spotlight, so they might as well find a clan disciple to monitor the battle. If they were to be defeated, it would undoubtedly be the fault of the main general. If they won, the overseers would be able to share in the military merits.

This was because they were thinking for the Prince of St. Wu Palace. When the capital city was in danger, there would always be a Yang family member to support them. If possible, Yang You wanted to personally supervise the army, but ever since the conflict with Chu Yunzhao, he had already said that he would not ask about the Chu Family's matters. As someone from a clan, his status was precious, and he had to keep his word.

He had originally thought that he might as well have the crown prince supervise the army. The Prince did not object, but the Prince did not want to go.

Thinking about Chu Yunzhao's violent look, her back was drenched in cold sweat. What kind of army is this, don't throw him in there.

The Crown Prince replied that the Hongwen Hall was very busy, if he were to leave the Inner Court for the northern land Battlefield without permission. The crown prince was probably unable to bear the rage. Although this was an excuse, the prince had already made up his mind and didn't want to force him.

Yang You's idea was not bad, but it was not easy to find someone within the honorable Sky Clan of Vermillion Bird Empire.

None of the princes had any reason to cooperate with Chu Yunzhao, so when mentioning the Valkyrie, it was clearly because they couldn't avoid her. After thinking about it, she only remembered that Duke Jing Yang Xi had stayed in Chu Yunzhao's army for a while, and that there was an official road between the feudal fiefdom and the northern border. The transport was considered convenient, she did not know if he could help.

With these thoughts in mind, he suggested this to his father, the king, but the prince was in favor. This was because Yang Xi's mother was originally the third princess of the Huns. Half of his bloodline belonged to the Berserker Tribe. Amongst the noble clans of the apocalypse, his status was considered to be low. No matter how meritorious he may become, it was limited, and would not threaten the position of the crown prince. Furthermore, princes who were from the barbarians were more or less inferior to princes. The prince immediately drafted an edict in the name of the Regent King, ordering Duke Jing, Yang Xi, to follow the Chu Army in supervising the battle.

When the order was delivered, Yang Xi did not decline. He immediately left the feudal fiefdom to meet up with the Chu Army, as he had become familiar with Chu Yunzhao in the past. All of Yun Zhao's servants knew her, so it didn't take much effort to enter the Chu Clan's camp.

At the moment, the battle was already in a stalemate, causing Chu Yunzhao to become restless. Seeing that Yang Xi was in the main camp, he was too lazy to say anything more and called him into the camp, pushing him back left and right, only then did he catch his breath.

He pitied Yang Xi, a stately duke, and treated her as if he were his own face, and waved his hand as he pleased. However, he really didn't have the temper to argue with her.

When he saw that she was extremely exhausted, he seemed to have let down some of his guard. Yang Xi then embraced her shoulders and asked softly, "What happened on the battlefield, even they did not dare to come over to ask you.

Chu Yunzhao glared at him, and said, "Although this is a stalemate, with me here, we will have to get these barbarians to scram sooner or later. What? "You don't trust me?"

Yang Xi sarcastically said, "I wouldn't dare to do that. In this world, who would dare to disobey you?"

Chu Yunzhao sneered, "I don't dare to on the surface, but I've already done quite a few things that are scattered and messy in the dark. No matter how many military merits I've established, I can't escape their schemes, what's the point of that?"

As he said this, he seemed to have the intention of giving up on himself. Seeing that she was so down, Yang Xi unavoidably comforted her a few more times, coaxing her into sleep, then left the camp and asked herald to find Chu Yunqing, as well as a few other military officers to ask about the details of the border guards.

The temperature in the northern border differed greatly between day and night. In the dead of night, layers of cold air emerged. Yang Xi hurriedly walked over from the side of Chu Yunzhao's tent and was only wearing a beautiful robe. At the moment, he was in the middle of the tent, and he couldn't help but feel a little overwhelmed by the cold wind, so when he saw a sable cloak placed on top of a chair by the side of the table, he casually took it and draped it over his body. The staff officers entered the room one after another. When they saw Yang Xi, they were surprised for some reason. Yang Xi was also at a loss, and asked them about the current battle.

Chu Yunzhao was right, this battle would be extremely difficult, but luckily the Commander had courage and plans. He would first use the attrition tactics to split the enemy's main forces, and then attack them one by one.

Although he was a little arrogant, Chu Yunzhao could be said to be a pillar of a nation on the battlefield. It was just that, the more famous a general was, the easier it was for him to be taboo, and it wasn't completely unreasonable for Prince of St. Wu to loathe Chu Yunzhao.

After explaining the proper matters, Yang Xi had some people serve tea, and some of the more important people were called in by the generals to chat about household chitchat. It was already the second fragment of the night. Everyone left one by one, Chu Yunqing stayed at the back, turned to look at Yang Xi, but did not say anything.

"Where did Prince Jing get this coat from?"

Yang Xi was a little confused, he casually pointed to the side of the camp and said, "When Little Wang came, she forgot to bring a thick shirt. Seeing it hung there, she took it and used it, is there anything wrong with it?"

Chu Yunqing's expression relaxed a little, and said: "So that's how it is. That set of clothes is actually my Third Sister's."

Yang Xi finally understood and his face turned red.

No wonder everyone had a strange look in their eyes. Actually, they should have already known that other than Chu Yunzhao, who else in the army could afford to wear such a expensive purple marten? Perhaps it was not something bestowed by the emperor, who would have thought that she would casually set it up in a tent for discussion.

After restraining himself for a while, Chu Yunqing still said, "Your Highness, it is still better to be careful. Yun Qing knows that Your Highness did not make any mistakes, but since Your Highness has already made an engagement with my Sixth Sister, it is better to not do anything that would cause others to misunderstand. If the news were to spread, it would be hard to say whether it would be Third Sister or Sixth Sister. "

Yang Xi was speechless for a moment. What Chu Yunqing didn't know was that just before she had come, he and Yun Zhao had already rolled over each other on the bed. Judging from Yun Zhao's current state, he would probably roll over more than once in the future.

They weren't sure of each other, so what was there to be afraid of?

Chu Yunqing was still young, so it would be hard for him to explain everything she had done.

Moreover, no matter what, he was still a prince who had come to supervise the army. Chu Yunzhao was used to being domineering, that was fine, but even Chu Yunqing was so rude to him, if she wanted to give him some pointers, she would be angered. She threw her cape to the side and left the tent without saying a word.

Chu Yunqing followed behind him, hesitated for a moment, but ultimately did not say a word.

It made no difference whether he said it or not. With so many people watching the Duke Jing wearing Chu Yunzhao's clothes just now, it was obvious that he was talking big.

Although Yun Qing was a glutton, he was not completely brainless. His Third Sister was currently sleeping soundly in his tent, not caring about what others thought of him at all.

Although he lost a third of his troops after a month, Yun Zhao still won.

The barbarian allied army had suffered a crushing defeat in the final battle. The always prideful heavy armored cavalry had been broken by the light cavalry led by Chu Yunzhao herself. They had no choice but to retreat outside of the defensive line. When the Son of Heaven heard the news from the Wangjing, he was also overjoyed. He even ordered the palace to pass down the order, bestowing Chu Yunzhao the title of Duke of Baoming.

The Hundred Cry was an ancient godly bird, it's color was scarlet and dazzling, its shape was like a sparrow, and in terms of position, it was second only to the symbol of the Vermillion Bird Empire, the Pill Sparrow. Hence, the whole country discussed that Duke Feng did not have the title of Ancient Divine Beast. Chu Yunzhao was a female duke, but in terms of status, she would probably have to be on equal footing with the princes.

On the way back, she made a great show of herself and hung the flag of the Hundred Cry Divine Bird. From afar, the blazing red bird really did look like the flag of the Dragon Bird that the Son of Heaven had thrown when he was travelling. When Prince of St. Wu heard the news in the capital, he could not help but become slightly angry.

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