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After Chu Yunzhao's tribe entered the pass, the prince did not personally come out of the city to welcome them. Instead, she sent his heir, Yang You, out of the city to pay his respects and passed down the order that the soldiers were not to be trifled with, preventing Chu Yunzhao from trampling King's Domain. Chu Yunzhao was dissatisfied in his heart, she decided to just garner troops from the Pingjing, and not report it to the Emperor. Yang Xi entered the palace in the name of the Overseer to meet the Prince Regent, and presented the military newspaper on Chu Yunzhao's behalf. The discontent in the prince's heart grew deeper, but her expression was different. She still gave her reward, but deliberately only gave out gold, silver, and jewelry. She did not mention the matter of the provisions at all.

The Pingjing was located in the capital city, so food was not produced in the beginning. The Prince of St. Wu was generous and bestowed over ten thousand taels of silver as military pay. But at the end of the winter, other than the treasury, there was no food left over. Chu Yunzhao's army had battled hard for a long time and had used up too much food and supplies, so there was not much left over. She was angry and urged for several times. At first she just said that the military rations were being prepared and could not be found. Then she said that now that the war was over, the army should be released. Duke Chu had repeatedly forced the storehouse to prepare the rations, did she not want to commit an act of rebellion?

After all, they couldn't really lead their troops and slaughter their way into the apocalypse and destroy the treasury, right? Chu Yunzhao was furious, but she didn't know what to do for now. At this time, another message came in, saying that Chu Yunxi had been ambushed by the Chi Dan Clan heavy cavalry while patrolling on Northern Territory's Great Wall. Although they had managed to preserve the defence, they were severely injured and were unable to return to the capital for the time being. Chu Yunzhao received a letter from Yun Xi, but did not mention anything about him being injured, she only said that the Chu Clan was a Wu Clan, and was loyal to the Imperial Family. Now that the Prince had taken over the throne, it had become difficult for the inner court and outer court to do as they pleased. The Emperor should not have done, and should not have bowed his head to allow them to do as they pleased.

Yun Zhao was truly worried for his brother. She knew Yun Xi's character. The more nonchalant he was, the more he didn't say anything about it. The letter in front of him was written in black and white and was very clean. Even the handwriting was calm, but when held in his hand, he could faintly smell the stench of blood coming from the north.

It might not have been because of Yun Xi's advice, but it was because of the harsh winter weather, and the lack of food and clothes in the military camp was not a long-term solution. No matter how brave and warlike Yun Zhao was, he wouldn't be able to solve the problem of rations. He wouldn't actually go out and plunder, would he? The Chu Family's land had been used to provide food for the army for the past year. By now, the grain depot at City of Morning Dew was almost empty.

It was said that way, but since Chu Yunzhao was born, she had never suffered so much. She had been pressured for a few days on behalf of the army, and at this time, something happened again at the southern border.

It was said that there were some grudges in the Central Plains martial arts forest. A group of reckless heroes teamed up with seedling border, who was from the southern seedling's royal family, and killed the godlike. southern seedling led the citizens of the Yun clan in retaliation, the Yun clan and the King of the North met in battle, and the loyal mansion of the Southern Wilderness was also at the border, standing guard.

The Yun Family found out that the cause of Yun Huang's death was related to the Zhonglie Manor, so they used poison to exact revenge. As a result, the Zhonglie Manor suffered heavy casualties, and many of the Miao citizens were unable to withstand the war and sought refuge in the interior. The southern borders were in chaos, and the Imperial Historian and the military had many different opinions, but no matter what, someone had to immediately send troops to the southern borders to suppress the internal strife.

At this time, the military strength of the capital's military base was very weak, and the regular border garrison troops could not be easily deployed. The only person that could be transferred to the Southern Wilderness immediately was Chu Army. In desperation, she could only give another order and let Chu Yunzhao set off on an expedition to the southern border.

The weather in the southern seedling was very humid, the terrain was complicated, and miasma was dense. In addition to the fact that the Miao Ren was always eerie and difficult to deal with, coupled with the fact that Gu arts were prevalent and it was unlikely that any benefits could be gained by rashly transferring the northern soldiers over, even on the battlefield. The prince had done this simply because he wanted Chu Yunzhao to act as cannon fodder, to block first and then move the Prefecture Soldiers over to guard the southern part of the mountain.

Although Ling Nan and seedling border were both in the south, there were still many tall mountains blocking them, making it difficult for them to travel. On the other hand, the seedling border's side was in a dangerous situation. It would be better to transfer troops from there quickly, but of course, if they could trap Chu Yunzhao in the middle of the seedling border, that would be for the best.

It was just that with her personality, she would not easily allow others to do as they wish. The food for the army's expedition had already arrived, but she had sent a message to the soldiers department and said something fierce, written in black and white. She said that unless Prince of St. Wu went to the army camp and apologized to her for deducting the food, or else, the six troops would not send anyone over, quietly waiting for the army to arrive.

A martial general was so arrogant that the entire imperial court was left speechless. It was said that when Prince of St. Wu saw her letter, she was angered to the point that she vomited blood on the spot. When the doctors and officials tried to save her, not only did they not cause any big trouble, they even apologized in front of her. The matter immediately turned into a deadlock.

Duke Jing's fiefdom was originally located in the Jiankang, in the Jiangnan capital city, but it could also be considered a wealthy place. The official road of southern seedling went straight to the Jiangnan region after going slightly to the northeast. Currently, there was an endless influx of refugees from the Miao Ren, and they could not be driven away as well. The King Jing Palace was receiving military newspaper s sent over by the participants at the southern battlefield every day. She then returned to the capital in a hurry, wanting to discuss a solution with the Prince of St. Wu personally.

Even though the Prince of St. Wu was always stationed in the Western Capital, it would still take half a month for them to reach the Pingjing. It would be even later if they headed to the Southern Wilderness.

Prince of St. Wu cherished the Prefecture Soldiers in his hands, as he always avoided battles passively. Unless it was absolutely necessary, he would not rashly use the Sabre Dragon Residence Soldiers. But since they were forced to this stage by Chu Yunzhao, they might really transfer the Sabre Dragon Residence Soldiers to the capital's outskirts, and that would mean they were not fighting for the southern border, but to directly suppress and suppress Chu Yunzhao.

He had long heard someone from the Regent's Manor say that when the prince was enraged, he angrily called Chu Yunzhao a traitor, and if the Sabre Dragon Residence Soldiers were to order him around, Chu Yunzhao would definitely not sit still and wait for death, seeing that there was going to be internal strife, she was afraid that no one in the capital would not care about it anymore.

Upon receiving Yun Xi's letter, the Jing King sincerely expressed his hope that the Jing King would, on account of his relationship with the Princess Ping's brother and sister, mediate matters and protect the Chu Clan.

At the end of the letter, there were a few hand-painted white plum blossoms. It could be seen at a glance that it was the work of the Princess Ping.

He had long heard that Yun Xi's spine was pierced through by a barbarian's spear on the battlefield. His injuries were severe and he was on the verge of death, but he was still unable to stand up even now. Therefore, it was not strange that at the end of the letter, there was a painting of a plum blossom by the hands of a princess.

Due to Yang Xi being half of a Huns when he was young, he was viewed coldly in the palace, and when he was in dire straits, only the Empress's direct daughter was able to treat him gently and accompany him to study and read. She ordered the palace military officials to teach him martial arts so that they could help him out when he was bullied by other princes. In the past, the Princess Ping loved the plum blossoms the most. When it was snowing, he had once brought Yang Xi to the Meditation Pavilion in the palace to teach him how to draw the plum blossoms and admire the snow, reciting poems together with him to drink. It was also because of such a princess who truly treated him well that his days in the palace were not too difficult.

Looking at this letter, memories of the past began to surface in his mind. Even if Chu Yunzhao was in all sorts of ways, the Chu Family had nothing wrong with him, the princess should not be implicated, furthermore, there were tens of thousands of innocent people in the seedling border. Yang Xi closed the letter and immediately ordered his followers to prepare the carriage, and go to the Cabinet.

Before he could even leave the house, he heard a report saying that the primary support of the Cabinet was here for a visit.

Yang Xi was startled, and immediately understood that Chu Yunzhao's enmity with the Prince of St. Wu was a personal grudge, and even more so a national affair. As the leader of the officials, Bai Yue could not allow the situation to worsen.

There was no need for him to go out anymore. He got the servants to serve tea in the front hall to entertain the primary support Lord, while Duke Jing personally went out to receive him.

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