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Amongst the princes of the imperial city, only King Kong, Yang Xi, had always been a modest and well-mannered person. There were some powerful families in the capital who looked down on Yang Xi because of this. After all, they were born princes of the Huns and half of their blood belonged to the barbarians. Since they were living in the apocalypse, it was only right for them to be inferior to the others.

Bai Yue came from a Confucian background and had always valued etiquette. Duke Jing Yang Xi and the crown prince Yang Xu were both his disciples and he was a fair and strict man, he had always felt that the crown prince was very relaxed when facing the previous dynasty, and had mentioned them more than once, that among his disciples, only Yang Xi's character and character was considered to be very valuable, and was different from the others.

What is the origin, what is the Huns' lineage? Let alone the Crown Prince, even the Son of Heaven shouldn't act so rashly in front of the Emperor's tutor. It was true that Yang Xu was brought out by Bai Yue, but he did look down on him. As a result, the teaching time for Yang Xi was a bit longer.

After drinking a cup of tea for a long time, Yang Xi finally spoke, "Right now, the situation in the capital is extremely critical. Although Xi Xi is just a vassal lord outside, he is still extremely worried.

Bai Yue said, "Prince of St. Wu is acting on behalf of the Emperor, making him the enemy of the world, it is not wise for him to do so. The Chu Clan is loyal to both sides, and this is still a war, they have not sent anyone, I am afraid they are not loyal to the Imperial Family."

"Yun Zhao has an unyielding personality and no dust beneath his eyes." The Son of Heaven also knew that when they returned from the north, the palace would give them rewards for over ten days. Gold, silver, and jewelry were not given any military medicine, and the army was exhausted. I'm afraid that something is wrong with the prince as well. "

Bai Yue sighed, and said, "These two are not easy people, for the greater picture, you and I cannot sit idly by and watch the internal conflict, and will not be able to explain to the Son of Heaven in the future, so we can only try our best to mediate."

"Master, what strategy do you have? But according to your orders, disciple will follow it. "

said, "As for the prince, I will go talk to him, the Prince of St. Wu has always been on good terms with the crown prince, and now that the crown prince is in charge of overseeing the country, if the Chu Family and the Sabre Dragon Residence Soldiers were to start a war, enraging the Son of Heaven, it would be bad for the crown prince. The prince was someone who understood the general situation, so he wouldn't be unable to figure it out. On the other hand, you, have already heard that you have some relationship with Chu Yunzhao, so you asked her to give in. This conquest of the south, grain, grain and armaments, the Cabinet of Ministers has a strong guarantee. As for the matter of Prince of St. Wu personally apologizing, forget it, she is already a general in the army, so there is no need for her to be so childish. Once the Son of Heaven returns, even if Chu Yunzhao wanted the Son of Heaven to personally coax her, it would not be difficult for her, so there is no need to bother about all this with Prince of St. Wu. "

"I will do my best."

Bai Yue indifferently glanced at him, and said, "Do you think that I am only planning for Xu'er?"

"The Crown Prince is the most important figure of the country, and Master is the primary support of the Cabinet. It is only right for me to make plans for the Crown Prince's sake."

Bai Yue slightly smiled, but concealed within his smile was a bit of coldness, and said, "You have always been a sensible person, and it's not that Xu'er isn't sensible, it's just that in terms of talent, there's a huge gap between today and today. It was fine if he was foolish, but he was timid by nature. He relied on the Prince of St. Wu for everything, and he probably wouldn't become anything great. This time, if the Prince and Chu Yunzhao were to start a civil war, he would at most be implicated and be scolded by the Son of Heaven. It would not be a big mistake, there is no need to defend him.

"Master has always been fair to all disciples. Xi would never casually guess the relationship between Master and the crown prince."

Bai Yue nodded, and said, "It is indeed fair, but in terms of selfishness, it is still better for you to be at ease. I heard that you have to take over the lateral consort again after two years? "

"Yes, Sixth Miss Chu. She's quite young, I wonder if she'll make it." When it came to personal matters, it was slightly easier.

Bai Yue said, "I have seen the Sixth Miss of the Chu Family. She is intelligent, intelligent, beautiful and is a rare talent. The young miss of the Chu Family, you've been wronged for being the lateral consort. "

Yang Xi said, "Little Yi Lan's death is less than a year. According to the rules of etiquette, I cannot accept another main wife. Luckily the Chu Family's Senior Gongzi can understand my difficulties. "

Bai Yue seemed to ponder for a moment, then said: "Sixth Miss Chu should be around ten years old this year, and is only slightly older than my Su Su."

Bai Su Su had always been favored and doted upon by the Mrs. Ching. Yang Xi had seen her when he was reading with Bai Yue before, at that time she was about four or five years old, but she was so cute and exquisite that it was unforgettable for people to see, and now that Bai Yue brought this up, he more or less understood what was going on.

He only said, "I haven't seen Su Su for many years as well. I think about how she looked when she was running around the study room.

"That child was born late. Back then, your wife almost lost half of her life to give birth to her, so it was extremely painful. She kept warning me to find a good future for her no matter what. I think back and forth. Amongst my disciples, only you have a reliable character.

As he said this, Yang Xi felt embarrassed. What virtue or ability did he have to be such that all the important officials of the Public official wanted to send his daughter to his side? No matter how slow he was, he had a better understanding of the situation.

He didn't dare to think of replacing the crown prince one day. Accepting an additional lateral consort was originally something that should not be important, but for some reason, Chu Yunzhao's face suddenly surfaced in his mind. Even if he disobeyed his master, for a moment, he didn't want to agree to it.

Therefore, he said, "Su Su is Master's daughter, so she should be the same as my own little sister. Originally, he couldn't force her to marry him. Let's wait until Su Su is older and ask her for her opinion. "

Bai Yue nodded, and said, "It's not that serious. That child's health is not very good since he was young, you just have to pay more attention in the future."

After sending Bai Yue out of the manor, Yang Xi finally let out a sigh of relief.

He still had to talk to Chu Yunzhao later. When he thought of Bai Su Su, he did not mind at all. In this world, the only woman that he could not fight against was Chu Yunzhao.

After entering the army camp, not long after he walked around, he first saw Chu Yunqing. Chu Yunqing was holding a roasted sweet potato in her hands, blowing on the air while biting on it.

With the matter of the last time he had donned his clothes, Yang Xi felt a little awkward when he saw Chu Yunqing. Just as he was thinking about how to answer, he saw Yun Qing walking forward and laughed, "Your highness must be looking for my Third Sister."

"Yes," Yang Xi nodded, and then stated his business, "About the battle that occurred in southern seedling, I heard that no one in the empire was allowed to discuss it with Third Miss, so I came here to try my luck."

Yun Qing said, "Listening to those people blabbering about, no matter how bad Third Sister's temper is, she is still a martial general of our Vermillion Bird Empire, even if she is not used to the Prince Regent, she must be very loyal to the Son of Heaven. Don't look at her, she has been observing the geography and hydrology of the and military newspaper for the past few days, I think that Third Sister has a reason for worrying. If we go back and starve to death in the battlefield, it would be terrible to talk about it. "

Yang Xi said, "There are some people in the court who understand, the primary support said that they will negotiate with the Prince to guarantee the military's requirements, and now, even if they want to open the apocalypse grain depot, they will not make you hungry."

I can't decide whether to fight or not, the Third Sister has decided that I will follow and I will follow.

"Of course." As Yang Xi was speaking, he was heading towards Chu Yunzhao's tent when he suddenly heard Yun Qing speaking behind him. It was unknown if she was talking to herself or to him.

Yun Qing said, "The Third Sister has always been a domineering person. She had a bad temper, but she only knew how to fight. Besides my big brother, only Prince Jing can make her look at him differently. Sixth Sister is so beautiful and virtuous. I think it would be better to follow Third Sister. "

Yang Xi was speechless for a moment, then said: "If fate does not exist, then this is the only way in my life."

Yun Qing did not speak anymore as he walked further and further away on his own.

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