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Just as he reached the tent, he saw Zao Xue coming out from his tent, indicating the guards to retreat.

Zao Xue was Chu Yunzhao's sword spirit and had always been by Yun Zhao's side. It was just that for some reason, she always disliked Yang Xi and would just leave after rolling her eyes every time she saw him.

Yang Xi had no choice but to stop the retreating guards and ask what was going on.

The servants beside Chu Yunzhao were mostly young and beautiful girls, laughing and saying, "Your Highness, quickly go take a look, the general is angry again. From the looks of it, the others will not be able to persuade him otherwise. "

Yang Xi sighed, opened the tent and went in, but did not see any messy scene, it was just Chu Yunzhao alone, sitting alone on the floor beside the bed, wearing a set of snow-white ordinary clothes, slightly turning his body, leaning on the tent's side, his gaze drifting towards the outside of the wooden window, actually showing signs of sighing and sighing.

Yang Xi walked over, reached out his hand and pulled her away, saying, "The ground is cold, don't just sit there, be careful not to cause any more problems."

Chu Yunzhao's body had always been strong, if she was really sick, even it would be a heart disease.

She raised her head slightly and looked at the table. The military picture was clear. Yang Xi understood, so he said: "You must be planning to go out to war, I know that you are not a person who does not care about the severity of the situation."

Chu Yunzhao said: "I am not willing to, think about how many people have died on the battlefield over the years. I am a soldier, so I will do as I am told. I should have done, but I was misinterpreted as being despotic. The disciples of the Chu Clan used our blood to protect the territory of the Vermillion Bird Empire, in the end, but in exchange for that group of traitorous officials stirring up trouble in the imperial court, we wish that they could eliminate us as soon as possible. Now that I have set out to fight the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain, I'm afraid there will be many people who wish for me to die on the battlefield. "

"Don't say that." Yang Xi's expression slightly changed, and said, "As long as I am here, I will definitely protect you."

Chu Yunzhao slightly sneered, and said: "What can you protect? The people who are in charge of this world cannot protect me, not to mention you."

She stood by the window and said, "It is time for me to go. If I can come back alive, I will argue with the prince. The Chu Clan has been prosperous for hundreds of years, but they cannot be destroyed by me. As a respected martial family, I only care about being loyal to the death. "I understand the logic, but I still can't swallow this down."

When it came to the relationship between the Prince of St. Wu and Chu Yunzhao, they had their own standpoints, there were deep contradictions between them that could not be described with words. Yang Xi was behind her, hugging her shoulders. No matter what, Chu Yunzhao's back was always straight, like a long sword. But Yang Xi did not mind.

He said, "If you don't want to do it, then let me do it. If the wind and snow are about to come, even if I am unable to resist, I am willing to stand in front of you and hold up an umbrella for you. If there is a blade, halberd, axe, and axe behind me, even if I cannot stop them, I am willing to stand out for you. Even if I have to die, I will die first. I will not allow you to die before me. "

Chu Yunzhao lowered her head halfway, and said: "You are already someone who wants to be engaged to my sister, what are you doing talking about this for?"

Yang Xi said, "It's just being willing, that's all. Have you really not understood my thoughts before?"

"I understand, but I can't take it. I only know how to fight. I can't bear children for you. And pulling so much hatred by becoming your consort would only be a burden to you. "A person like me is destined to die a horrible death. Sixth Sister is gentle, kind and virtuous, and she was born with meticulous care. Being able to be of use to you, she is much better than me."

Yang Xi still wanted to say something, but he turned around and said: "I'm leaving, I'll be counting on you to take care of the things here. Big brother's injuries have yet to return, if I'm not back, then I can only let you take care of the Chu Family elders."

He didn't know why, but when he saw her so sad before he set off this time, it was as if he had a premonition about something. However, it also caused Yang Xi to feel uneasy, and he forced a smile, "You have always been invincible, and was even rumored to be the Valkyrie. What else can I do?

Chu Yunzhao laughed indifferently, "I hope so."

In the end, Chu Yunzhao reorganized her troops and personally left for the Southern Wilderness.

Even with Yang Xi's mediation and being the support of the Chu Army in the capital, she was not without worry. However, the Wu Clan was destined to fight for the Son of Heaven. Even if they had doubts, they could only suppress them.

She remembered when she was young, when the Grand Princess Huaiye entered the palace to rest, her body had been unwell and she had retreated halfway. At that time, she was still young, leaning on the Son of Heaven and playing by the side of the Dragon Throne. When it was late at night, he felt a little sleepy. The Son of Heaven was going to send her back. Looking around, he saw that Crown Prince of the Holy Martial Realm was sitting by her side. He ordered the Crown Prince to escort her back by her carriage.

How old was that year? I can't remember. Due to this matter, it was likely that there were quite a number of people discussing it. What the Son of Heaven and the same mother as Grand Princess Huaiye had become extremely intimate with each other. Speaking of which, if she, Chu Yunzhao, were to marry into the Chu Family, even if she, Chu Yunzhao, was given to her by a dragon girl, she would only be a daughter from a distant family. She wasn't a princess, so how could she allow an upright prince to serve her? The Chu Clan and the Prince's Estate had grudges from generation to generation regarding their struggle for power. The contradiction was very deep and complicated, but it wasn't without the intention of the Emperor.

The monarch's heart was unfathomable. Ever since she was young, she had often accompanied her mother to the palace. Later, when the Grand Princess Huaiye was very ill, the Son of Heaven would definitely bring the princess and Chu Yunzhao back to the palace to recuperate. Chu Yunzhao had been raised in the palace since she was young. According to the Son of Heaven, due to the severe illness in the Grand Princess and the apparent discomfort, she felt even more pain for her niece than for her own daughter.

Even though she was young, she knew her place early. When she saw how sick Grand Princess was, the Son of Heaven would often personally accompany her to the side of the bed to serve the soup.

The princess said, "I'm afraid that I don't have any fate left. When I first married into the Chu Clan, I thought that I would never be able to return. Furthermore, in these past few years, Feng Qing has always treated me with great kindness. I have never felt any regrets in my life, but seeing you worrying endlessly about my illness, thinking about how sad you will be if I don't show up in the future, my heart will not be at ease. "

The Son of Heaven said with tears, "If I had known that this would happen, even if I had my body smashed into pieces in the capital, I would never have let my sister marry into the Chu Clan. Master, how important can a mere Venerate be? In this world, only you and I are a family. I don't have anything else I can ask for right now, so I just hope that you can get better quickly. Otherwise, even if you control the entire world, what meaning is there in doing so? "

It was also true. Grand Princess Huaiye laughed: "What nonsense are you saying? Being able to marry Feng Qing, is also my fortune, not to mention that there is such a cute child. In my entire life, I have fulfilled my wish, so if there is anything I need to worry about, it will be this child. Feng Qing has been on the battlefield all year and can't care about so many things, you can take care of her for me. "

When he first heard those words, he was completely muddle-headed. Later on, when he grew up, he heard a lot of things from the vague rumors. Only then did he gradually understand what the Son of Heaven and the Grand Princess were talking about all those years ago.

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