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Now, they were no longer the same as before, the Prince of St. Wu and Chu Yunzhao were like water and fire. When Crown Prince spoke to Yun Qing, he had to be more careful. When he asked about Yun Qing's condition, he mentioned that the internal department had sent some good medicine to the prince's mansion two days ago. The tiger tail leopard embryo, Tibet red flower, Yunnan white grass, even the thousand year old ginseng had been delivered in a box. If there's anything you can do, just open your mouth.

Just as he was speaking, he heard a young voice, "The army lacks medicine, and no one asked about it. Now that Big Brother is heavily injured, I remember that the entire box of ginseng, what use can it have?"

Yun Rong said, "Hao'er, don't be rude."

When the words left his mouth, it was as if he had moved his true qi. He coughed a few times, and Seventh Young Master Yun He who was sitting by the side reached out his hand to push him, causing the child who was speaking to roll over and pass the medicinal pot to Yun Xi.

"Don't be angry, Big Brother, I was just saying it in vain. You don't know how that Regent tormented Third Sister when you were not in the capital. We only let them eat one meal a day and borrow food from other families for most of half a month. Giving a ginseng, who can eat their fill? "

As he spoke, he shot a disdainful glance at Yang You. Being looked down upon by half of the older children with such clear eyes, Yang You felt a little awkward.

To be honest, the methods his royal father used to deal with Chu Yunzhao couldn't really be considered fair and square.

Yun Xi coughed out a mouthful of blood, and drank half a cup of medicinal tea before he recovered and smiled bitterly at Yang You, "This is our ninth young master. Yun Hao. "

Then, he turned to Yun Hao and said, "Greetings, Crown Prince."

Unwillingly half-kneeling on the ground, Yun Hao said to Yang You, "My respects to Crown Prince."

Yang You extended a hand out to help him up, but the youth nimbly stood up and patted off the non-existent dust on his body, causing Yang You's extended hand to be empty. He could only say awkwardly, "Your sister-in-law is really each more powerful than the other."

Yun Qing put down the pig's leg that he was chewing on, and said: "Then aren't you afraid of being bullied by outsiders?"

Yun Xi coughed lightly, but Yun Qing remained silent and continued to chew on his pig's feet.

Yang You sighed, and said, "Like tonight is already late, His Majesty had already instructed me, if the Chu Family is far away, if you are tired, you can rest in the palace. The Long Yue Palace that Grand Princess Huaiye used to live in is always left for your family, if I have nothing else, I will accompany you there to walk, and we can chat at the same time."

Judging from the current situation, he probably wouldn't be able to say anything if he stayed.

Yun Xi wanted to sigh, but he managed to hold it in, and said to Yang You, "Let's go." Then, he called Yun Qing over to him and gave him a few instructions. It was no different from saying that you're the biggest and only in the palace, watch out for them and don't cause any trouble.

Yang You personally put on the white marten's cloak, waiting for someone to carry the palace lamp and walk a short distance away. When the two of them reached a place where they could not hear the sound of the drum coming from the Chu Family's tent, Yang You smiled and said, "The children from your family are getting stronger and stronger, and in front of me, there is not even a bit of leeway."

Although he said this, he didn't seem angry at all. Thinking about the things that his family had done, he was already happy that Yun Xi did not fall out with him.

Yun Xi sighed, and said, "It was also because of my misregulation that all of them had such a temper. "If it's not so, then there's no need to be so hostile towards your family."

"It isn't all Yun Zhao's fault. The imperial capital is crisscrossed with power and influence, and it's implicated in many complicated matters. royal father's thoughts are not something that I can easily doubt, so I feel that I'm sorry for you. "

"I'm afraid I won't be able to recover from my illness. I still want to hand it over to Yun Zhao in the future. Presumably, there would be many people who would object. If anything happens in the future, I'm afraid I'll have to point at you and say a few more words. "

Yang You could not help but be shocked.

The night was cold, and under the dissolving moonlight, the traces of blood on the corner of Yun Xi's lips could clearly be seen. His face was dark as a ghost, afraid that he would not be able to see for long.

He felt a wave of sadness in his heart, but he still forced himself to pull himself together. "Yun Zhao's character isn't like yours at all. It's likely he won't be able to handle the situation in the capital. You should carefully take care of it."

Young Master Qian Qian was gentle like jade. Other than being straightforward and honest, he did not lack in meticulous considerations and considerations. There were many Public official in the imperial city who hated the Chu Family, but when it came to Yun Xi, they were mostly unable to find fault.

Apart from the fact that Yun Zhao looked beautiful and good in battle, his trenchant position meant that he was no longer a viable target.

Speaking of which, even Fourth Young Master Yun Huan was better than her. It was a pity that all year long, on the battlefield of the southern seedling, his mind was filled with sailing and water battles, and he was probably unable to deal with the imperial city's Public official.

Yun Qing was a simple glutton. Although Yun Rong looked smart, she was just a little girl who wanted to marry into another family. Following that, Seventh Young Master Yun He, Eighth Miss Yun Ling, and Ninth Gongzi Yun Hao all looked like children. Everyone said that the Chu Clan had nine clouds. But after some thought, all the elders had died on the battlefield. If Yun Xi became sick today, this entire family would be left with very few people.

He felt sad in his heart and wanted to advise her a few more times. Yun Xi suddenly grabbed onto his hand.

The patient's hands were cold. With a grasp, even Yang You could not help but shiver. But he did not shake it off, and only focused on listening to Yun Xi speak.

Yun Xi said, "I would also like to live a few more years, I'm afraid that the will of Heaven would not let me down. Yun Zhao is the daughter of the Grand Princess Huaiye, so the position of Patriarch of the Chu Family will be passed down to him sooner or later. As long as you promise me, if anything happens to him in the future, you can take care of her for me. "

It was as if Yun Xi had expended a great deal of effort to speak. He paused for a moment before continuing, "My father died young, and followed Uncle Feng Qing to the battlefield since childhood. He protected me with his life more than once, and he's no different from a real father to me. Yun Zhao is also my blood sister. I know that she and your father are like fire and water, but since you and I were close in the past, you should treat her as your own little sister. "

Even if you are brothers, you shouldn't look after your silly little sister together. However, after Yun Xi said these words, Yang You could not bear it anymore. He nodded his head and replied, "Don't worry, in the future, if there is any conflict between my royal father and Yun Zhao, I will definitely try to mediate it."

Only then did Yun Xi let go, and said, "With these words of yours, I can more or less be at ease."

's Sword Spirit Jun Yu carried the medicine and explained to Yang You in a low voice. When the time came, he would need to drink some medicine to recuperate.

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