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A person is ill now, what friendship, do not need to talk at this time. Yang You said that he planned to return to his residence. However, Yun Xi stopped him.

"I'm still worried about those children being kept in the palace. How about you help me take a look? That would be difficult for you."

It was no wonder that Yun Xi was worried. There were many people in the palace tonight, and there were also many sons of the princes who were born into concubines walking around. Yang You understood the meaning behind his words, and said, "I will go and watch, if it really comes to the worst, I will throw them out of the palace together, you can sleep in peace."

Yun Xi was slightly more at ease. He had originally planned to return to his residence, but due to the few matters at hand, he decided to take a stroll and return to the Chu Family residence.

After all, with Yun Xi's help, the children were much more courteous to him after this trip, and just kept quiet and did not say anything. Yang You was alone, bored out of his mind as he sat on the side. He thought to himself that it would be best to find an excuse to send these children back to the palace, in case he decided to stay and worry about them.

Just as he was thinking, the Yang Ye King Huai walked over from the side along with the Imperial Consort Ye. When he saw the group of Chu Family children, he couldn't help but be startled.

The Imperial Consort Ye was originally a person who was deeply favored by the Holy Spirit. But for some reason, this time, sheshead not accompanied the Shengjing as he remained here. Unavoidably, she revealed a resentful expression. Furthermore, the Son of Heaven was recuperating in the Shengjing, and that only brought Chu Guifei along with him. Now that she saw the Chu Family members in the palace, and remembered that they were celebrating for Yun Xi, he felt somewhat disgusted. Because of the presence of the crown prince, she didn't show it on her face. She only smiled and said, "I saw that there were some lanterns here and I didn't know which family's tent it was. So, I casually walked over. But I didn't expect it to be the young general of the Chu Clan."

The Crown Prince got up and invited her to sit, then said with a smile, "Since you're here, why don't you sit for a while? The snacks in the house are pretty good, even I can't move my legs."

As he spoke, he instructed Yun Qing to toast. Currently, he was the oldest child of the Chu Clan. While he was talking, he was also thinking to himself, please don't let anything go wrong.

Yun Qing stood up, he even wiped his hands seriously and personally poured two cups of wine, bringing them on a tray in front of Imperial Consort Ye and King Huai.

Imperial Consort Ye shot a cold glance but she did not drink it. King Huai followed her, and didn't move an inch.

Yang You was startled, he smiled and held onto a bottle of wine, then walked over and said, "The night is cold, the Empress is drinking in a thin bar."

This meant that even he had to toast. Imperial Consort Ye still did not move, and only said to Chu Yunqing, "You don't know how to salute?"

Yun Qing was stunned.

Based on his usual disposition, he would probably pour the wine all over others' faces. If you refuse a toast and don't eat a forfeit, then you should be done with it. That was what their Third Sister had always taught them. But seeing that Heir Wang had returned, the lights in the Long Yue Palace extinguished for the first time, causing Yun Xi to probably already be asleep. Thinking about how their big brother had been sick and injured recently, they had to drink some medicine to barely be able to sleep for a few hours. If he poured this wine over, no one would have to sleep tonight.

Even if he wanted to give his big brother a good night's sleep, he would have to endure it. Yun Qing thought. He then knelt on the ground and raised the tray up high, saying in a loud voice, "Chu Family's Fifth Young Master, General Yun Qing, serve some wine for the Empress and King Huai, I wish you all the best of luck."

At a glance, one could tell that those who did not usually appear on stage were making a great deal of noise. However, he still bowed. Imperial Consort Ye picked up his wine cup and put it aside, not drinking at all. Yun Qing stood up, and as if nothing had happened, he allowed the servants to carry the dishes out.

Yang You closed his eyes in despair, he thought to himself, if the little bastards in the Chu Family did not offend someone, they would feel uncomfortable. No wonder Yun Xi was so exhausted that he almost vomited blood.

He could only smile apologetically and say, "Their military background is already used to drinking strong alcohol, so I'm afraid the Empress doesn't like it."

To think that Yang You, a dignified Crown Prince of the Holy Martial Realm, would become a prince in the future, and his status might not even be lower than King Huai. He had been in the palace ever since he was a child, so when had he ever been so courteous to his imperial concubine? Wasn't it all because of this group of scumbags? What kind of enmity did he have with the Chu Guifei? Why not tell the Chu Guifei about it? Did he have to make things difficult for these children of the outer sect?

King Huai said, "That's true, I heard that Chu Army almost ate the bark a while ago, there probably wasn't any good stuff for you. We might as well go somewhere else. "

These words were said in a smack on the face, even if he really chewed on the bark, wasn't it Prince of St. Wu who forced him to do so? Now that Yang You was sitting here, it was truly embarrassing for him.

Then he also sneered, "I saw someone set up a target on the school field, they must be betting on something. I heard that the young master of the Chu family has done a great job, I'll bring them to join in the fun."

Imperial Consort Ye didn't even raise her eyebrows, her tone was cold as she said, "That's true, wherever the Crown Prince is, there won't be any cold weather. "I'm an old man, I don't want to join in the excitement. Ye'er, go and take a look, see how the young generals look."

You have to keep up. At this point, even Yang You wanted to learn from Chu Yunzhao. Anyone who didn't like the look of it would be slapped in the face. Where else could there be so much?

Just thinking about it, if Chu Yunzhao was here, if they did not have enough time to hide, how would they dare to cause trouble? She was just bullying someone who had a deep cultivation.

The drill grounds was completely empty. Where was the target? Yang You had originally said it casually, but at this time, he was not embarrassed. He ordered the guards in the palace to take out the targets and place them on the ground, opening up a space for them to enter.

Due to the small space, he didn't need to change his clothes for archery. Yang You turned around with a smile and asked King Huai if he wanted to compete with him. Before King Huai replied, Chu Yunhao took the bow and arrows from his personal guard, nocked the bow and nocked it with an arrow, then nocked it with an arrow and shot it out.

The arrow landed squarely on the bull's eye. It was not easy for someone of his height to shoot at a target used in adulthood, not to mention anything else.

Originally, he had said that the young master of the Chu Family was very capable, and had only casually said a few words. He did not expect that Chu Yunhao would really give him some face.

Yang You had not said anything when he saw Yun Qing taking the long bow from Yun Hao's hands, holding it in his hand, he steadied his posture, then released the arrow. The arrow that was shot out directly broke through Yun Hao's arrow, and with the arrow earlier split into two, the two arrows became stable, and directly died at the center of the target.

Yun Qing passed the longbow to Yang You, and said: "Our family practices archery in this way, I heard that you learnt it from the palace, I think that you are quite familiar with it."

Isn't it just a chain of arrows, who wouldn't? Yang You didn't refuse, taking the longbow from Yun Qing's hand, then releasing another arrow, giving the bow to King Huai.

The Crown Prince had trained in this kind of martial arts, so it wasn't impossible for the King Huai to do the same. At this point, it was as if he had been completely suppressed. Therefore, he too took the bow and shot the fourth arrow.

When Yang Xi and Yang Yao had nothing better to do and wandered over, it was Yang You's turn to shoot his arrows. It was already the seventeenth arrow, and the arrows in front, each broken arrow, exploded on the target like a hedgehog. They knew that it would be difficult to shoot from the rear. With such a heavy weight and a slight deviation in the force, even a large quiver of arrows would fall from the sky.

Yang Xi stood at the back and gently smiled as he asked Yang Yao, "How about we make a bet to see if Crown Prince Wang's arrow can keep going?"

Yang Yao did not hesitate, and said: "I think so, although there are many arrows in front, all of them are aimed at the center of the target, there are not even a single one that can destroy the formation, as long as they are shot out evenly, without making a mistake, how can they possibly miss?"

Yang Xi said, "The crown prince has always been calm and steady, I believe he won't make a mistake."

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