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As soon as he finished speaking, Yang You released the bowstring in his hand, and the arrow shot out straight out, breaking the last arrow, and steadily landing at the center of the target. The crowd burst into cheers. Yang You lowered his bow and said, "Let's end it here for today, it's already late. I never would have thought that even Duke Jing and Ning Wang would come to watch the show. "

"I just finished dealing with those people from the imperial court. Seventh Brother insisted on coming over to see his cousins, so I had no choice but to accompany him."

He was also thinking for Yang Yao. The prince had a close relationship with his relatives, so it was hard for him not to arouse suspicion. With Yang Xi accompanying him, it would reduce his suspicion. Yang Yao was still young, so he probably did not know the reasoning behind it. However, when he saw the Ninth Young Master of the Chu Family, he went over happily and held his hand. After chatting for a long time, he asked about Yun Xi's injuries.

King Huai stood at the side and could not help but snort coldly, and said: "You sure have a deep affection for us as brothers."

Yang Xi was too lazy to bother with him. He only spoke with Yun Qing, and Yang You said, "Weren't King Huai accompanying him to recuperate recently? It seems like it's been a long night. He was afraid that the imperial concubine would be worried. Why don't I send King Huai back? "

"Your Highness, you need not worry about such a small matter. This King can go back by himself."

He simply left with a flick of his sleeve. But thankfully, they didn't get into a fight in the end.

Seeing him leave, Yang Xi sighed, "My third brother's temper is always not too good, and in these past few days, he has only brought the matters of the Chu Guifei with him to recuperate Father's illness. He is a little unhappy, and would only dare to bother about these children.

When she said this, she couldn't help but look down on the King Huai. This was truly embarrassing to an outer sect. The Prince of St. Wu had always supported Crown Prince Yang Xu. The people of their family probably couldn't wait for the King Huai to act so arrogantly and make a fool of himself. Sooner or later, he would be tricked to death, and no one would even have to make a move on him.

Yang You said, "It's not really a big deal. In my heart, I felt it to be strange. A few years ago, the Chu Guifei self-proclaimed herself as the Zhao Yang Hall, didn't they say that they had to train properly? Who would have thought that when His Majesty went to Shengjing to recuperate, she was the only one she thought of. "

Yang Xi took a glance and saw Yun Qing giving pointers to a large group of children who were shooting arrows from afar. He retreated a few steps and said softly, "Back then, not long after Seventh Brother was born, that mother concubine had requested for him to withdraw from the palace. It was only that royal father was reluctant to do so, which was why he had kept her here in the Zhao Yang Hall. Even though it was him leaving the palace, his standing was the same as before. Besides, there was no other reason for him to leave the palace. It was just that he gave birth to his seventh brother, and the Chu Clan's power and influence was so strong that they were afraid of being envied. Speaking of which, that mufei's appearance was unrivalled in the palace, and her temperament was also gentle. royal father is still willing to have her accompany him and is feeling more comfortable. "

Yang You said, "I too do not know about the matters of the Inner Palace. It is said that the is filled with elites, but when you put it this way, it seems like the Chu Guifei is giving way to her. "

Yang Xi said meaningfully, "There's nothing to say as to whether I can make way for you or not. Although he had requested for the decree to leave the palace, he did not lose anything. On the contrary, the Imperial Consort Ye had gone overboard with her publicity and her status was eye-catching. In a matter of moments, she had been called by the Queen Mother to say a few words because she had been too concerned about the matters of the palace. Speaking of which, when Chu Guifei was in charge of the palace all those years ago, nothing bad had happened to her. Even after all these years, no one said anything bad had happened to her. "

"I have never seen Chu Guifei before, but Crown Princess Yun Ping is a little familiar with him. "The Crown Princess thought that she was being kind and kind, probably because she was like this grand concubine."

Yang Xi nodded and said: "I have also heard that amongst the Chu Family's girls, Yun Ping is the most sensible and courteous. That's why Empress Renhe chose him as the crown prince's first wife. "

Saying that, he paused for a while, and then said to Yang You, "To discuss matters of the palace, was originally something that shouldn't be done. However, there is nothing between you and me that cannot be said. "

"That's all I have to say. I heard that you're about to take on another concubine. If I'm here, I'd like to congratulate you in advance."

On the southern border, since Chu Yunzhao left for battle, the journey of the military newspaper had unknowingly taken more than half a year, and they heard that it was exceptionally tragic. Due to the unique terrain, coupled with the fact that Miao Ren was an expert in Gu arts and was exceptionally cunning, this battle was much more difficult than the ones on the Northern Wasteland battlefield.

All the reinforcements that the Chu Family could spare were sent to the southern seedling. The location of the northern air defense could only be located on top of the Prefecture Soldiers. Chu Yunxi had spoken harshly at the army headquarters, saying that even if the Chu Family were to fight to the last man, Chu Yunzhao would definitely return safely.

Fourth Young Master Yun Huan had always been guarding the front lines of the Hengjiang, but now he had been deployed to the southern seedling to assist them. With the young general, who was familiar with military affairs and was extremely calm, guarding Chu Yunzhao, Yang Xi felt slightly more at ease.

Since he was in apocalypse, he could only think of a way to support Chu Yunzhao through his supplies and equipment. But other than that, there were actually other people from the capital who helped to persuade the various lords to call for reinforcements for Chu Yunzhao. After investigating in private, he realized that the person was actually Crown Prince of the Holy Martial Realm Yang You.

When she saw him in private, she could not help but ask, "Since Crown Prince is working for the Chu Clan now, aren't you afraid that the Prince Regent will blame him?"

Yang You smiled slightly, and said: "Speaking of it big, he's trying to protect the territory of the imperial court. Speaking of selfishness, it's just that I can't bear to see Yun Xi, who is so sick and still has to work so hard for such matters, at least it saves him some time. I actually want to pray for him to be safe, but since I was born I haven't believed in any kind of Divine Buddha, so I'm afraid it's useless."

"I didn't expect that you would be so attentive towards Senior Gongzi."

"He has always been sincere to me. It's only natural to do all this for him. "

Both inside and outside the imperial court, they were always deceitful towards each other. In the past, the friendship between cloth and clothes was especially precious. The son of the Sacred Martial Grand Master, Yang You, was an upright and upright person. It was said that his bearing was very similar to that of the prince. If he thought about it carefully, the Prince might have been like this back then. However, the more he trained in the field, the more depressed he would become.

The soldier sent over the military newspaper, saying that Yun Zhao had trapped the southern seedling King Clan Iron Guard in the South Mountain battlefield and was just short on a fight to the death.

This time, the military newspaper was especially detailed. It wrote down both sides' military aura, the picture of the South Mountain Range, the manpower distribution, and their battle tactics clearly. With one look, one could tell that it was the work of the Fourth Young Master, Yun Huan, from the front lines of the Hengjiang.

The army of Hengjiang and Chu Yunzhao had already met head on, the battle would definitely be a fight to the death. Through the Military Department, Yun Xi requested the Cabinet to transfer half of the three camps to the Yunnan Province to assist them in defending against the southern seedling.

Whether it was accurate or not was another matter. Among the three camps in the capital, besides the Imperial guards, the Chu Clan always controlled the Imperial Guards, as well as the Patrol Battalions that were stationed in the capital all year round. Right now, other than the imperial guards who were under the command of the Son of Heaven, as for the other two armies, Yun Xi had his own military order in his hands, so they could be transferred away anytime.

Chu Yunxi handed over the paper, and the Sky Weapon Department's President wrote down the contents of the paper with Zhu Chi, sealed it and handed it to the Cabinet. The examination was completed before sunset, and the paper was delivered to the Inner Court. However, the Prince of St. Wu acted as the regent and the documents that were presented to the inner palace were sent to his residence.

Surprisingly, it was not hard to guess whether Prince of St. Wu would put down the imperial edict or not. If Yun Xi decided to take the initiative to dispatch troops, it would be committing a conspiracy against him. These days, apart from sending letters back and forth, he asked for the good offices of others. Yun Xi also did not move his weapon. Seeing that the orders for reinforcements were getting more and more urgent, Yang Xi could not hold it in any longer and went to visit Yun Xi personally at Chu Residence.

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