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Now that he heard the Chu Guifei mention Yun Zhao, he remembered and asked, "Didn't Yun Zhao go to the southern seedling battlefield? Miao Ren has always been cunning and fierce, his departure must be extremely dangerous. Two days ago, when I was in a daze, I seemed to have heard that Yun Qing came over, what's the matter? "

Chu Guifei held a string of purple sandalwood buddhist beads in her hand, her expression unchanging, and said: "The Chu Family has been on the battlefield for generations, and Yun Zhao is not the only one who is in danger. The people of the Wu family had long since realized this. A few days ago, Yun Xi was in the midst of summoning reinforcements, and there were some conflicts with the Prince of St. Wu. The Prince was now guarding the important areas of the capital, and the Sabre Dragon Residence Soldiers was also guarding the northwest defense line. The three camps in the capital were not allowed to move, and the prince had his own difficulties. Right now, Yun Xi was already the head of the Chu Family, and had a high position. If there was anything, he would discuss it with the prince. Since His Majesty is recuperating now, let's let this matter rest for now. "

As he thought about it, he sighed, "You should know that I am currently recuperating in the Wangjing. I do not know anything about the affairs of the capital. Except, he was a bit worried for Yun Zhao. I often see that child and think of the Grand Princess, so I couldn't help but look at her. "

"They're all serving the country, taking advantage of the situation. I'm afraid that it'll be a blessing for Yun Zhao, and Yun Zhao has the courage to scheme against Yun Huan, why should he worry about the uncertainty of the southern border?"

"That's true, let Yun Qing go back. Say that I have been ill and have not seen the courtiers. "

In the Chu Family's backyard, Yang Xi was also looking at Yun Xi.

"In your opinion, Senior Gongzi, what are your chances of victory for Yun Zhao this time?"

"There are only so many enemies and I am outnumbered. Adding on the fact that I don't take up too much of the land, I only have a four out of ten chance."

He hesitated for a moment before continuing, "Yun Zhao is known as the War God. Even if he only has a sliver of a chance to win, he might not lose. I'm worried that she might go all out and hurt herself."

"At the moment, there is no war in the Huns. My uncle Sudharhan still has a tiger leopard riding on his back, and he is in the Northwest Army District. Why don't I borrow some troops and ride to the southern border?"

He was a prince of the Huns. In order to avoid the fear of others, he had never gone to the battlefield without taking military power. However, he had never expected that he would go all out this time for the sake of Yun Zhao.

Yun Xi stood up and bowed, then said, "Borrowing troops from the Huns, we have to take a detour outside the northern defense line, head south along the Lancang River, and arrive at the southern border. This is most likely after September, Yun Zhao's final battle is nearing, and distant water cannot quell his thirst, I hope that Your Highness does not do something useless, on behalf of Yun Zhao, and on behalf, I thank Your Highness for your kindness."

Yang Xi said: "I know that Senior Gongzi is afraid that I would borrow an army on my own and be tricked. Yang Xi also thanks Senior Gongzi for his good will, but the matter regarding Yun Zhao is truly worrisome. "

Yun Xi replied, "Your highness reorganizing your armaments in the capital is already a great help to Yun Zhao. In this situation, you and I can only wait. "

"Senior Gongzi is calm, no ordinary person would be able to compare to you."

Yun Xi laughed bitterly, and said: "I was not born like this, it's just that I have a lot of things to wait for, and am forced into it.

The strength of the army had reached its limit. Even if Yang Xi couldn't stop worrying, he still couldn't easily leave the imperial city because he was responsible for preparing the food. He'd always felt that he valued Yun Zhao greatly, but he hadn't thought that he wouldn't be able to help at all in this critical moment.

He said that Yun Zhao had been defeated by the King of the North and retreated to the front lines of the Hengjiang, establishing the last line of defense on the water. If he were to lose again, then the entire Southern Territory would fall into the hands of the Miao Ren.

It was merely a conflict between the seedling border Royal Family and the Southern Empire's Martial Forest, who would have known that the battle situation would be so tragic? Many of the court officials guessed that it might not be because Yun Zhao was too belligerent and belligerent, causing such a disaster? As soon as the battle report arrived, a thick stack of papers had already been piled up on top of Imperial Historian's impeachment of Yun Zhao. Even before she was defeated, the Ministry of War had begun discussing how to punish her. Not long after Yun Qing returned from Wangjing, he heard that the military had summoned the Chu Family, and immediately donned his armor and planned to go, but Yun Xi stopped him.

Yun Xi said, "I'll go, you guys stay at home. Don't make a sound, just don't cause trouble. "

Yun Qing's armor was ready, even his sword was already hanging by his waist.

Seeing Yun Xi seated on the wheelchair, he asked anxiously, "Big brother is not in a good condition right now, so why bother wasting time with those people? If you have something to say, ask them to speak to me. "

Yun Xi glanced at him, and said: "What can you say? "If you go to the military and study the ways of the army, why don't you slap your sword on their table and talk to them?"

While speaking, he walked forward and pressed the sword in Yun Qing's hand down, "You are still young and do not understand the matters of others. I know that you've always been close to Yun Zhao and won't allow others to belittle him, but many of the matters in the court can't be resolved with force.

As he spoke, he sized Yun Qing up, and could not help but feel a bit disheartened. The previous generation of the Chu Family were all on the battlefield, and when he was extremely young, he became the substitute Patriarch. To nurture such a calm and unhurried character.

The Chu Family's Senior Gongzi was not good at scheming, she was just able to keep her cool. Just like this, she had suffered quite a bit. She could not help but sigh when she thought of the young disciples of the Chu Family, and then she gave them a few more orders, "Go back, do not be too impulsive in the face of things, your Third Sister has never been good at dealing with court officials, nor can she tolerate things. Your mentality, you must train it a little, before you can become her capable assistant. Don't be in a hurry to vent your anger, think more about the cause and effect. You will understand these principles sooner or later. "

Yun Qing still had something he wanted to say, so Yun Rong came over from the embroidery building. Without saying a word, she began to help Yun Qing unequip his armor, and said softly, "If Fifth Brother can't help with anything else, at least let Big Brother not worry about it."

Yun Qing became sad and did not say a word. He watched as Yun Xi stood up and got on the carriage at the entrance, then headed towards the army headquarters.

"I also understand fifth brother's intentions. Now that the Third Sister is in danger on the battlefield, with these people in the capital holding onto the power to kill, even if we hold the sword in our hands and fight with them, what use would it be?" Big Brother is still the Patriarch after all, and can still negotiate conditions with those people. In the end, it's all to save the Third Sister. Fifth brother should endure for now. "

Listening to my young sister talk about the crux of the matter, Yun Qing felt even more sad, and said, "It's useless for me too. If he could be like Fourth Brother and fight alongside the Third Sister on the battlefield, even dying in battle would be better than wasting time here. "

Yun Rong shook her head and said, "Fifth brother's words are wrong. I've thought about it before, our Chu Family has never lacked famous generals. Our military exploits are impressive, but we are still suppressed in the imperial court. The Third Sister is good at fighting, if Fifth Brother wants to help her, you should be able to do so in the imperial court. "

Yun Qing couldn't help but stare blankly for a moment, and said, "Sixth Sister's words are reasonable. It's a pity that as a female, you cannot become an official. Otherwise, with your presence, my Chu family would not be lacking such a person. "

Yun Rong smiled indifferently, "So what if she is a woman? Even though Yun Rong was a female, if she married others in the future, she would definitely be by her husband's side and plan for the Chu family. If he was truly capable, he wouldn't have been buried no matter where he went. Moreover, in an aristocratic family, it would probably be too difficult to do nothing. "

"I have followed Third Sister to join the army since I was young. I have always wanted to ask about the transfer of authority between the inner court and the outer court but I was unable to do so. I really can't let go of this matter in my heart."

Yun Rong laughed mischievously, and said: "Fifth brother, why are you thinking so much? You're missing one person, who knows how many things you've done for Third Sister."

Yun Qing sighed, "That's true. In terms of martial arts, Third Sister is much better than me."

Yun Rong gave a rare slight frown, "Excessive sharpness may not be a good thing. Fortunately, Fourth Brother is here, he's an expert in water battles and has been guarding the Hengjiang for many years.

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