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But at that moment, in the Hengjiang's defensive tent, a pale-faced teenager suddenly woke up from his nightmare. He could not help but shock the sword spirit white snow standing beside him, and with a raise of his hand, he knocked over the hundred man Bai Qing who was standing outside the tent and immediately rushed in, shouting: "Young General is fine?"

"Nothing." Her thin lips softly responded. Yun Huan could not help but look at the guard with a blaming look, and said: "What's going on, I was just sick for a day or two, but was like an extremely weak advisor, standing guard outside, if you guys are not annoyed, I'm annoyed."

Bai Qing laughed foolishly, "In terms of war policy s, even if Third Master wants us to stand guard here, we wouldn't dare to disobey."

Yun Huan was impatient, he waved his hand and told him to retreat, his mind was not at ease, he would not be able to sleep anyway, so he asked the white snow to take a look at the formation diagram of the military strength distribution. The white snow moved the light closer, and then placed a cushion behind him, and pulled on the quilt, accidentally touching Yun Huan's wrist, it could not help but exclaim in a low voice, "Why is it so cold?"

It was like touching a block of ice, shocking everyone.

Yun Huan pulled up the quilt, wrapped himself in it, and sat cross-legged, focusing on the map in front of him. Seeing that the white snow still had a face full of worry, he sighed, and said: "Don't bother me, the war is tight now, please allow me to rest for a while."

"Is the young master really alright?" The white snow opened his eyes and asked seriously.

Yun Huan closed his eyes slightly, and thought back to what he saw in his nightmares just now.

When the cold entered his heart, he could barely move. A person in a blue cloak chuckled in a strange manner in the extremely cold snow region. The long, dark blue hair and the cotton robe cast a strange pale blue glow on the snow-covered ground. The man's voice was filled with bone-piercing hatred.

"Chu Yunhuan, you won't be able to escape … Your life is destined to be buried here … "

There had never been snow on the seedling border and the extremely cold places where snow covered the ground were created by Fu Yingshi while a part of his consciousness had already been trapped here for many years.

Initially, the water mirror was able to channel the energy of heaven and earth and destroy the place where Fu Yingshi's corpse poison was located with the Two Elements of Demon Subduing Formation. Thousands of people had died and the evil array was destroyed, but in the instant it was destroyed, the water mirror released an intense repulsive force. Fu Yingshi, who had sent his spirit consciousness into the array, vomited blood on the spot, but Yun Huan knew very well, what had died was only Fu Yingshi's flesh, the portion of his soul that had not been exterminated, in the instant that the Corpse Storage Array was purified, he followed the last wave of cadaveric ghost and entered Chu Yunhuan's spirit consciousness which was using herself as the medium to guide the array formation.

Right now, Fu Yingshi was coexisting with him, and the part of his consciousness was hidden within his consciousness. Although it had already been sealed by Yun Huang, he had always been waiting for the right opportunity to make his move. The coldest place in the dream was the cold poison that tormented him every day.

There were many ways to stop the corpse array's invasion, but if he used himself as the guide to purify the corpse array, then he would be set up by someone. He had always been clean and honest, but if he wanted to remove the demonic influence, how could he not be tainted by the mortal world? Yun Huang originally wanted to take his place, but now, even Yun Huang had died in the schemes of others.

He still remembered how he smiled and said to Yun Huang, "What is there to be afraid of? "Although I do not know any spells, with a good friend here, how can I not protect my integrity?"

Yun Huang was helpless, he waved his fan and sighed, and said, "Oh you, it's simply... I don't know what I owe you in my previous life that I have to work so hard for you. "

His voice and appearance were still there, but he was no longer there. Despite being bored out of his mind, he felt that there was nothing wrong with the poison's antidote.

Other than the Divine Gu Yun Huang, was there really no one else in the world who could remove the curse Fu Yingshi left behind? Chu Yunhuan did not believe in her own fate, and he did not care about her own life. As long as she could calm the entire seedling border down with Yun Zhao, even if he was destined to die here, it was actually not something worth caring about.

After waking up from his nightmare for a long time, he knew in his heart that Yun Huang was no longer there. The seal that was left in his body that day could no longer be strengthened. One day, that part of Fu Yingshi's body would break through all of the barriers and occupy his entire consciousness. At that time, Chu Yunhuan would be no different from a dead servant.

But before that, he still had time. He could still struggle.

Looking at the map in front of him, the mountains and rivers repeated themselves in his mind. When he was young, he traveled the Hengjiang on a small boat. He gave a slight guidance, then instructed the white snow to bring it outside, so that the personal guards outside the tent could send it to Yun Zhao. He was upset and could not sleep soundly, so he took out a copy of < < The Six Pao > to pass the time, then felt that the desk lamp was hot and scorching, so he let white snow take it off, and hung a few Night Pearls on the tent to let his heart calm down.

The white snow did not listen to him. Instead, it put down its tent, added some lamp oil and took out a few cushions to let him lean against. He knew what the white snow meant, it would be best if he got annoyed and read less than a few pages.

He couldn't help but bitterly smile, "Now I can't listen to your teachings anymore?"

"My foster father instructed me to take good care of you before he left. Now that he's gone, Xue'er doesn't dare to be negligent even more."

Yun Huan sighed and placed the book in his hand down. He said to the white snow, "Come up and lie down with me for a while."

The young girl with snow-white skin obediently took off her outer garment and nestled into his embrace. The Sword Spirit's original temperature was much lower than that of an ordinary person's. She could not feel the faint cold radiating from his heart. He thought back to when he had just raised the Sword Spirit. The white snow looked just like an eight or nine year old girl. Yun Huang came to his place to congratulate him, but when he saw that the white snow was playing behind him, he could not help but chuckle to himself.

He asked Yun Huang why he was laughing secretly, and Yun Huang replied honestly, "I have always heard that when your Chu Family raises the sword spirit, they all become concubines. Now that I see a good friend with a little girl like that, I cannot help but feel ashamed of my good friend's taste."

Yun Huan immediately said in a serious tone, "That is not true, the white snow is the sword spirit of my North Court Sword Spirit, it is like a legal wife, how can a good friend be called a concubine?"

Yun Huang clicked his tongue in wonder, and said, "Even if he's the main wife, isn't the age difference a little too great? A good friend with a tree of pear blossoms suppressing a Begonia is truly surprising."

He had always been a shameless person, and couldn't help but blush after hearing these words. He explained to Yun Huang in a low voice, saying that the sword spirit would grow really fast, and that it would be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with him in less than a year or two. He did not know if Yun Huang took it to heart, but he knew that looking at this little girl was truly lovable. Or let him have an adopted daughter.

It was clear that they were taking advantage of him, but in the end, Yun Huan still agreed. It was for no other reason other than thinking that he spent all his time at the front lines of the Hengjiang, without a woman by his side. To live for him alone, when one thought of such a life, it was inevitable that it would be boring. Thus, they were willing to have one more person to love white snow. It was just that it was unexpected that after just three to five years of hard work, white snow still had the appearance of a young lady but Yun Huang had already disappeared.

Fortunately, until today, there was still a white snow that could accompany him at his side and reminisce about that person.

With the white snow by his side, he felt more at ease, and quickly fell asleep. But not long after he fell asleep, the war drum rang again, Bai Qing sent an order to the inner troop, saying that it was an urgent attack from the southern seedling's Iron Guard. Yun Zhao had already put on his armor, and only left an order for Yun Huan to enter the main camp's array.

Yun Huan had no choice but to get up, and when he heard the military newspaper in front of him, he took command as well. In his heart, he faintly felt that the other party was approaching in full fury, as if he was trying to seize the Hengjiang's front lines. Therefore, after pondering for a moment, the vanguard that Chu Yunzhao had brought with him did not move at all, instead, he sealed Iron Back, the commander of the Iron Weapon Guard. The vice general led the main force, Chu Lie, onto the boat.

Who would have thought that King Miao would lead a huge army and infiltrate Green Cloud Valley behind the Chu Army's camp from the Hengjiang branch flow. Originally, they had planned to attack by surprise and just happened to be intercepted by Chu Lie, who had been defending the valley for many years, but because he was familiar with the terrain, when the two armies first met, Yun Huan quickly reacted and transferred the troops from the camp over, seizing the high ground in the middle of the mountain. This allowed Chu Lie's troops to trap the enemy within the valley. It was a pity that King Miao was a hero of his generation. He had been trapped in a valley and had lost countless personal guards around him. He was unable to smoothly break out of the encirclement.

With no other choice, King Miao jumped down from his horse. He was willing to die to beg Chu Yunzhao to surrender, all he wanted was for Chu Yunzhao to allow the remnants of Miao Jun's army to return to the borders of the seedling border.

The so-called blood oath was actually useless. Mo Li advised him. When King Miao dies, the seedling border would definitely split up. Prince Miao, Cang Lang, and seedling border were not easy to deal with. At that time, Prince Miao and would no longer be around. It would be better to take advantage of today's victory to slaughter Miao Jun.

"The general is also a man of blood. How can he listen to the slanderous words of a strategist?" If I were to fight to the death, how could I not be injured? The battle was just a victory, and now that the victor has been decided, I am alone as the king, and I have committed a heavy sin. Even if I were to be tortured by the sea of flames and the mountain of blades when I died under Jiu You, it would still be fitting. But the third young master of Chu is a born general, how can she not care about his life? "

Mo Li still wanted to continue his persuasion, but Chu Yunzhao raised her hand to stop him, and said, "I admire King Miao's character, so I shall allow him to atone for his sins once he dies. As for the rest of the troops, they can leave on their own accord, and we will not pursue the matter any further.

"General, think twice, let the tiger return to the mountain. There will definitely be trouble in the future. Who knows if Prince Miao's son is among the defeated soldiers? The people of seedling border are valiant, if I were to make a comeback, and kill again, wouldn't that be the sin of a general? "

Chu Yunzhao said, "I can afford to lose."

She said, "Fighters should have the right to do so. King Miao will use his life as the king to seek peace for the hundreds of soldiers. Yun Zhao agreed to this agreement. If there are more troubles in the future, Yun Zhao will naturally be able to bear the consequences. "

Since the oath had been made, Yun Zhao accepted the letter, and Prince Miao bowed his head to commit suicide. Other than those who voluntarily sacrificed their lives, the retainer Miao Jun only needed to put down his weapon and leave the Green Cloud Valley safely. In front of the valley, Chu Yunzhao watched as the Miao soldiers left one by one. Mo Li stayed behind her in silence until the last person left before she said, "Three hundred and twenty-one people."

Chu Yunzhao did not say a word, but said, "Do you know how many of these 321 people will regroup and come back to deal with you in the future?"

Chu Yunzhao said, "I know, as I said, I can afford to lose."

Mo Li sneered, and said: "You are just like the previous Overlord Chu, who thought you were a hero. In my opinion, your stupidity is simply outrageous."

Chu Yunzhao said, "In this world, other than you, there is no one else who would dare to speak to me like that. The two words of 'faith and righteousness' still require someone to persevere in the end. I may be a woman, but I don't dare to disobey the martial dao. If you are not able to talk with me and are to go at any time, I will definitely not stop you. "

Mo Li said, "I have been loyal to you for many years and have always plotted for you, but I am unable to turn the situation around. The only thing I can do, I fear, is to stay by your side and protect your fall."

Chu Yunzhao's lips curved into a slight smile, and said, "I won this battle miserably, and now that I have returned, it is unknown just how many more people have plotted against me. If you have to wait for me to die, I'm afraid you won't have to wait too long. "

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