Twenty odd people carrying a giant boar followed right behind Chu Yunzhao. The two flags were not far from each other and they could hear each other clearly. Then, they heard the little girl on Chu Yunqing's back asking, "Why is Third Sister hunting such a big pig? It's so scary."

It's for eating, "Chu Yunqing laughed leisurely, her eyes sparkling as she stared at the wild boar, almost drooling," If you chop off the pig's head, give it up and send it to the palace with its front legs as usual. The rest is enough for us to eat our fill.

"Looking at that pig's head made me lose my appetite." The little girl was in no mood.

Prince Jing felt sad. The mountain pork taste was not bad, but the pig's head was placed there, looking like a small mountain. Furthermore, with its ferocious look, it was hard to tell how big of a heart it was before being able to eat it.

Later on, he heard that it had taken a lot of effort to hunt this pig. Sword, sword, axe, axe, they were all useless. The battle axe was embedded in the pig head, and just like before, it was like a black wind was blowing. Even horses could not catch up with it.

Chu Yunzhao's temper flared up and she immediately used his movement technique to glide down the raft and into the swamp. The Fatebound Three Jue's palm technique directly struck down on the boar, knocking it over and killing it ferociously before strengthening it and using more than ten horses to pull it out of the swamp.

When dividing the meat, it could be seen that his body was so thick that he could not be cut apart. After hacking away dozens of kitchen knives, there was really no other way. He simply raised his weapon and cut it open. At that time, Chu Yunqing snatched a piece of the best meat, squatted beside the kitchen, and started to cook. A group of young men and women surrounded him, eagerly waiting for him to eat.

There were a lot of people in the military camp. Even a wild boar as big as this might not be enough. But since the main marshal had returned from hunting blood and food in the enemies' territory, it would definitely make these young disciples very excited for a while. Chu Yunzhao also ordered, she took off the half a foot thick pig skin and laid it on the school field, allowing all of the Chu Family's young disciples to go up.

She sat down on a tiger skin chair, holding a jug of wine, and watched a group of kids below her throw a bunch of golden baht down.

Flowers in brocade cooking oil. There wouldn't be a second girl who would be so lively in this life.

Those who wield all the power in this world must collect many beauties and notable generals. The person before him was both a beauty and a notable general. He also had the personality of a fierce horse. When the young masters of the aristocratic families in the capital mentioned Third Miss, they all felt more reverence than admiration, and avoided him as if he was too late. But on this night, perhaps it was because the atmosphere was too noisy and it was chaotic. When Duke Jing looked at Chu Yunzhao, he actually felt like his heart was beating like a drum. Within the bonfire, it was unknown if the admiring eyes that landed on Chu Yunzhao's body was clearly seen by someone else or not.

Chu Yunzhao stood up from her chair, and casually threw the bottle of wine onto the ground. After the sound of the porcelain shattering, in a split second, the war drums sounded out, and Chu Army soldiers all mounted their horses, following behind her as they rushed towards the north. However, after a short while, the entire camp was empty. The only ones left were the guards at the camp, Chu Yunqing who was guarding the barbeque stall, and the little girl who was following him.

"What's going on?"

"Third Sister is not stupid. Tonight, we will go to the north to hunt and wander around, bringing out the main forces of the Chidan army, and then send some people to set fire to their camp's grain. We will pretend to have a feast here to let them be careless, but now that the camp is on fire, they will go and take care of the people who set the fires, and we will also take a look around to see if we can kill Prince Chidan."

What a good trick. However, King Jing couldn't help but frown. "I've already passed down the decree to the overseer. She wants to fight, so why didn't she discuss it with me?"

My sister has never discussed it with anyone, especially when it comes to sending troops. She has always been on her own, and you don't care what she does, as long as she wins.

"And why don't you go?" The entire battalion was mobilized, leaving only the fifth young master behind. He could not help but feel that something was amiss.

Chu Yunqing raised the meat in his hand, and said, "What kind of joke is this, when we're on the war drums, the meat is only 50% ripe, and even if she lost me, she still won the battle. Without me here, the poor fresh ingredients will already turn into charcoal."

As he said this, he placed the skewer next to Duke Jing's mouth, "Have a taste, it's just right that it's on fire right now."

King Jing bit his tongue in doubt, almost swallowing his own tongue along with it.

It was soft and tender, sweet and spicy, and delicious. She had never eaten such a delicious barbecue in her life before.

When they were at the palace, Seventh Brother Yang Yao had told him before that when it came to food, no one understood better than their Fifth Brother. How could a young master from the martial arts world possibly eat such a thing? It couldn't be better than the palace chefs, right? Now he was completely in awe of her.

Originally, he had a close relationship with Yang Yao, so he did not have much antipathy towards the Chu Family, which was an outer sect of Yang Yao. Now that there was no one in the camp, he could just sit by the campfire and eat barbecue while talking and laughing with Chu Yunqing and the little girl.

This family was not that difficult to get along with. As he thought about this, he heard Chu Yunqing say, "You are the one who is the least unreasonable, seeing so many people who are in charge of the military."

He finally understood that this young master of the Chu Clan did not put anyone in his eyes, be it the royal family or officials, they could talk about whatever they wanted.

Fortunately, Duke Jing, Yang Xi, had a lot of problems, and he did not put on airs.

Chu Yunzhao came back at daybreak with a few small wounds on his body. However, she heard that Prince Qi Dan's perfect body had been slashed by her sword onto his thigh, and he fell from his horse, as he had no choice but to retreat in a sorry state. He had won the battle. Seeing her unfriendly face, the Jing King did not plan to talk to her. He directly called for a few soldiers to write the papers for the military newspaper.

Just as he was discussing the words, he heard people disturbing him outside. He opened the tent, only to see a few doctors awkwardly exiting Chu Yunzhao's tent.

The female medical officer lowered her head, smiled, and said, "Lord Third is injured in the chest and doesn't want others to see him lose his temper."

Just as he was about to turn around and return, he heard the female doctor say, "I presume it's not a serious injury, but I don't want anyone to see it. It's always like this, with new injuries and old injuries, it's hard not to be worried. With His Majesty pampering her so much, when he found out that she was injured, he would definitely blame us for it."

King Jing seemed to be lost in thought. He said, "I'll go over and give her some advice later."

The female medical officer smiled and said, "Then I'll have to trouble Your Highness."

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