They said that they would have to wait for Chu Yunzhao, in the end, or wait for the military newspaper to be delivered before they make their move.

It was just to check on her injuries, and that was not a big deal. He didn't know why, but he hesitated and refused to move. He went to the door and hesitated. Recalling what he had read when he was young, he said that the scholar was wandering around under the walls of his beloved girl. It was a sad time for spring and autumn, but he did not dare to speak. He didn't expect that he had the same thoughts as before.

The servants had all been driven away by Chu Yunzhao, and no one came to report either. King Jing hesitated for a long time, but then he lifted the curtain and went in, to see her sitting on a chair by herself, trying to tie the leather rope around her armor.

He could not help but step forward to stop her, and reproach her, "Aren't you injured? Is the bandage ready? In such a hot day, how can you cover your entire body with your battle clothes and armor? "

Chu Yunzhao stubbornly said, "I don't need you to care."

As he spoke, he stood up. He hadn't expected to move so quickly. The armor that he hadn't been wearing fell to the ground. The collar of the armor exposed bandages that were stained in blood.

It could be seen that she had dealt with it herself. It was as rough as a butcher's bundle of pork.

He could tell from the bloody wound that the wound was narrow and long. It had been hacked by someone with a saber, and had not even reached the chest, but it was a cut from the left shoulder to the clavicle. Although he had dodged quickly and was not fatal, such a serious injury was shocking to the eye.

I don't know how she put up with it.

King Jing sighed and untied the bandage. The wound was deep. There was a medicine box nearby, and Jing Wang found the golden medicine and applied it on her again, carefully wrapping the wound again. Chu Yunzhao did not care about letting him fiddle around, but after he finished tidying up, she covered her clothes.

King Jing couldn't help but have some doubts, so he asked, "How can you not let others see that you are so injured? You don't even want the medical officer to see you, but you're willing to let me see it. "

"Didn't you already see it?" Chu Yunzhao said impatiently, "Do you think I am a lady from a noble family? It wasn't because he was afraid of exposing his skin and muscles to others, but just because he felt embarrassed. It's not a sneak attack from behind, how could you let someone cut you in the chest? "

He had seen a lot of barbarian people, but he had never seen such a good-looking and spirited barbarian person. He could not help but take a few more glances, and the result was that he was almost cut down by someone.

It was humiliating to think about it.

However, Duke Jing didn't think that way. The two main marshals on both sides had died, and the other side had fallen down and retreated in a sorry state. Chu Yunzhao was still able to sit on her horse as if nothing had happened after she had taken the blade.

Even though she was a woman, this person was indeed worthy of being a famous general in the Chu Clan.

With these thoughts in his mind, he didn't want to leave immediately. He didn't know what to say as he wandered around the military tent. He knew that the Chu Clan was in the Martial Dao. As a general, they had lived in the military camp for most of their lives. But Chu Yunzhao was still a woman after all. Yang Xi looked around, and secretly felt that there was no difference between this and snooping around another person's room.

The tent was almost empty. There was a screen in the corner, which covered half of the room. From the looks of it, this was the place where people lived everyday, so it was not easy to get in and out. He only looked from the outside and saw that the place was empty, it was like a warehouse. Only Chu Yunzhao was seated on a chair with a table, it seemed like it was used as a table, but a desk, was actually twice the size of an ordinary bedtable. It was so big, but it was also piled up to the brim. At a glance, most of them were blueprints related to the layout of the battlefield, along with war policy s. Next to it was a shelf with a few martial arts books scattered around it.

Seeing his line of sight fall on the bookshelf, Chu Yunzhao walked over and sat down: "Those books were all brought over by Yun Qing, and he said that I didn't have a single book on my shelf. If others saw it later, they would probably laugh at it, so I casually took out a few books to fill up the place."

"He sure knows how to pick." Looking carefully, there were actually some profound military theory books. It was just that weirdly, most of them were about war and water, and also the atlas of the Hengjiang region. Putting aside its practicality, it really was quite a good show to put up.

"Yun Qing only knows something to eat, these are all things he took from Yun Huan."

~ No wonder, Chu Yunhuan is currently at the front lines of Hengjiang. She had met Chu Yunhuan a few times before. Yun Huan was a quiet person, but when it came to military strategies, she only spoke a few sentences. She did not speak much but her words were sharp and even the Son of Heaven praised him, saying that he was a rare general in the Vermillion Bird Empire.

It was as if they had something in common when it came to Yun Zhao's own brother. Duke Jing then continued, "In the past, Ning Wang had also told me that your fourth young master had always loved to read books, especially notes on the scriptures of water, and had once traveled through mountains and rivers, writing down tens of thousands of notes. It was inconvenient for Ning Wang to leave the palace at a young age, so he had to read the fourth young master's notes to pass the time.

Chu Yunzhao couldn't help but laugh, "He's my cousin, I call him Yuan Er. What Ning Wang are you talking about? Ask him if he dares to put on airs in front of me. "

Of course it was … He shouldn't have dared.

Ning Wang Yang Yao was the Jing Wang's seventh brother. Even though they were close friends, they were not from the same mother. Ning Wang was the youngest son of the Chu Guifei, and Chu Guifei was Chu Yunzhao's biological aunt.

Even if they didn't have the same surname, they were still family. The Chu family had been relatives for generations, and they were closely related to the royal family. In their eyes, the prince was just a cousin.

Even so, hearing Chu Yunzhao mention Yang Yao in such an intimate tone, she couldn't help but have a bad taste in her mouth.

Therefore, he deliberately asked, "To be so rude to Ning Wang, could it be that it's the same when you privately mention me?"

Chu Yunzhao looked at him in surprise and said, "Of course it's different. I don't even know your name. There's no reason to mention you to anyone else. If it's because of military affairs, I want to find you. Just tell herald and call that person who came to supervise the army over here. "

Yang Xi was furious, when the herald called for him, he was always respectful, saying something like "General invites the Prince to discuss military matters". Who would have thought that Chu Yunzhao would be so rude.

I know, but I don't think I can do anything about it. The Son of Heaven really doted on this niece of his. The rewards he gave her over the course of a year were even more than those given to Princess Linyue.

Her mother, Grand Princess Huaiye, was a beautiful and noble woman like the moon in the middle of the night. As for Chu Yunzhao, he lived up to her name and could be described as a bright and resplendent person. It was not bright and resplendent, but dazzling, like a sunny day after the snow had fallen, and when the sunlight shined on the white snow, it was so bright that it could not be looked at directly.

Is it really untouchable? At this moment, she was sitting across from him. Seeing that she tilted her head slightly to the side and revealed a stubborn expression, she couldn't suppress her emotions for a moment. Thus, she decided to give him a kiss on her beautiful red lips.

It was like a raging fire beneath the ice. Once it touched him, he would be entangled by the fire and would never be able to part with it again.

After they intertwined for a while, Chu Yunzhao finally pushed him away, and said with a smile that was yet not a smile: "I once heard that King Jing was a learned and refined prince, but I didn't expect that there would be times where he could make people lose his cool."

King Jing was silent for a moment before saying, "That is not true. I only have these thoughts for you."

Chu Yunzhao lowered her head half-way, and laughed indifferently, "I heard that by the side of the Duke, there's already someone here."

Prince Jing continued, "Little Wangfei was originally the eldest daughter of the Huangfu Family, but unfortunately, she died prematurely. Currently, there are only two lateral consort in the mansion, and the one who has always been in charge is the third daughter of the Ming Zhengfang University's great scholar family. Her name is Xie Hua."

"Although he is not as good as my second sister, Ming Enhua is also a famous talented girl in the imperial city.

"If Third Miss Chu is willing to condescend to marry, Xi will definitely use her life and promises to welcome you as his main wife. She will remain unchanging throughout her entire life."

Chu Yunzhao couldn't help but burst out laughing. She said, "What you may not be able to do, why do you need to say it so easily? As members of the martial arts family, we might as well be more straightforward. If you can help me capture that Prince Qi Dan, then I'll allow you a chance at survival. I wonder if Prince Jing has the guts to do so? "

What he wanted was, of course, not this moment of fate, but to be together for the rest of his life. But at this moment, being agitated by Chu Yunzhao, he couldn't help but feel his blood boil, and on the spot, he clapped her hand as an oath, betting on this.

That night, the battle situation was extremely intense. He had long said that there was no need to pursue a desperate situation. Chidan ran away to protect his prince, layer after layer of defense, not able to kill him even if he wanted to. In anger, Chu Yunzhao broke into the enemy lines alone with her blade. The white armor was splattered with blood; it was as beautiful as fire.

There was a saying that a soldier was unlucky, but such a decisive woman had her own grandeur.

Seeing her on the battlefield was the only way to truly love him. King Jing sighed and left. He reached a high ground, about fifty meters away from where the battle was the most intense. He nocked an arrow and made the horn into a full moon. The arrow left the bow and landed on the shoulder of the valiant prince.

The prince fell under the horse, and his men who had been lying in ambush rushed forward to capture him alive. Under the light of the firelight, he saw Chu Yunzhao raise her head.

King Jing never fought a battle without preparation, but this was the first time he spent so much time and effort on a woman.

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