When they had just entered the tent, she had grabbed King Jing by the neck the moment they had entered the tent, and threw him onto the bed. The camp was filled with music and clamor, reminding him of his wedding night, when he was married to the first wife of the clan, Huangfu Lan. The four blade and halberd in the tent were almost exactly the same as the one in the other place. Impatient and agitated, he lifted his hand to pluck Chu Yunzhao's armor, and then kissed it.

Under the armor was a body like a swimming fish. Now that it had reached this point, it was hard to find any more water.

Chu Yunzhao's personality had always been proud and unyielding, but she never thought that after struggling for a while, she would no longer reject him, and instead silently lie there with her black hair in a mess. She had a beautiful expression as she closed her eyes and lightly frowned.

When he woke up in the morning, was already gone. However, a petite girl walked in and as if she despised him, she got the king to his feet. She stretched out her hands to tidy up the bed and said that she was ordered by the Third Miss to burn everything on the bed.

Seeing the bloodstain on the white cloth, King Jing roughly understood what was going on. While the little girl wasn't prepared for it, he covered up the bloodstain with his hands and feet. In the end, the little girl still saw it and rolled her eyes at him in disdain.

When Chu Yunzhao came in, the little girl didn't really pay attention to him. After changing the bedding, she carried the things and left. When she lifted the curtains, she could see that under the sunlight, the little girl's hair and skin was a little transparent.

Duke Jing leaned on the bed and asked Chu Yunzhao with a smile, "Is that your sword spirit?"

Chu Yunzhao also put on a look of disdain, and told him to leave. She said impatiently, "So what if I am?"

King Jing was a little doubtful, and said, "I heard that your family members only discuss marriage after having a Sword Spirit. The Sword Spirit raised by the young masters of the Chu Clan is usually a woman, and they call her the Beitang Sword Spirit. I never thought that a woman could have a sword spirit. "

Hearing this, the sword spirits that the young masters of the Chu Clan grew up with were their partners for life. The sword spirit could not be raised, nor did it have any feelings for him. It only served the bed for the sake of intimacy. Although he was different from his wife, to the people of the Wu family, the friendship of advancing and retreating together on the battlefield was more important than anything else. Just that, why would Chu Yunzhao, a woman, raise a female sword spirit?

Seeming to have noticed his doubt, Chu Yunzhao rolled her eyes and said, "What can I do? In theory, raising a sword spirit should be balanced by Yin and Yang. Who asked me to be too manly, I have already made Zao Xue into a girl. "

King Jing dejectedly smiled and said, "You are quite beautiful. If you marry me in the future, just let her be my concubine." "I don't mind."

With a palm strike, Chu Yunzhao knocked him to the ground and told him to scram.

Duke Jing stood up, but did not roll. Instead, he took a step forward, as if he was going to seriously argue with Chu Yunzhao.

This woman was really driving him crazy.

He was worried that his father's position would be unstable, so he left the battle in a hurry to secure the throne by relying on his military exploits. Unexpectedly, he was defeated and captured, his soldiers lost their commanders, and the horde of dragons did not dare to fight anymore, so they could only retreat and report back to their own country.

Chu Yunzhao did not care about how she would handle the matters after that. After handing over the prisoners, she hurriedly followed the army back to the capital.

Senior Gongzi, who had always been diligent in his duties, returned even earlier than her. Because Yun Xi's official wife, Princess Ping, was about to give birth. Yun Zhao had always been on good terms with his sister-in-law. Besides, she was born with a love for children and had long awaited the birth of his nephew. Even when he was on the battlefield, his heart was still as sharp as an arrow.

It was already the Winter Solstice near the time of delivery. There was snow falling from the sky in the capital, and the buildings and pavilions of the Chu Residence were covered with beast skins. In the past, there was no need to warm the furnaces, but today, the Princess Ping was afraid of the cold. Chu Yunzhao was moved, she did not want to stay at home all day, so she went to the hunting grounds. When King Jing came to the Chu Residence to visit them, he didn't see her either. He couldn't help but feel a little disappointed and frustrated.

When he saw his sister, he was surprised, because she was sitting in a wooden wheelchair being pushed around by servants, wondering if she had a relapse. The Princess could see his worry, so she smiled and said, "Since it's already like this, I'm afraid that it could happen at any time. So I didn't dare to walk around, afraid that I might accidentally fall down."

Only then did he relax and said, "I'll accompany big sister to take a look around the garden. When we passed by, I saw that the plum blossoms on the atrium had bloomed, so I told the servants to collect the snow water from the plum blossoms and to go to the pavilion to drink some hot tea."

The Princess Ping agreed with a smile, and Yang Xi half squatted down to help her tidy up her cloak and put on her hood. He also let the servants carry the small stove and followed along, personally pushing the wheelchair to the atrium to see the snow falling from the Plum Garden.

The scenery was not bad. Princess Ping did not go out for a long time, but he felt that with this kind of weather, the new snow was drifting in the wind, the air was slightly cold, and even breathing felt much better. Yang Xi personally brewed tea for her to drink. After talking some more, Princess Ping suddenly frowned.

Yang Xi immediately asked what was wrong. The princess waved her hand, "It doesn't matter. I'm afraid it's going to happen soon."

As she spoke, she called for the servants to come over and summon the doctor. She was going to bring him in again. The group of people were in a panic and forgot about the King Jing. The Jing King didn't have a son of his own, so he didn't know anything about the matters of production. He was worried, but he also felt that he shouldn't make things more complicated. He decided to just sit down in the corridor and wait for the news.

The sky gradually darkened, and at night, he saw that the pavilion in which the Princess Ping lived was still brightly lit, as people rushed in and out. The snow was getting heavier and heavier, with layers of chill seeping through the embroidered cloak on Yang Xi's body. When the sky began to brighten, a baby's cry could be heard coming from the direction of the embroidery building. Yang Xi then stood up and asked about the situation.

It was a boy, and mother and son were safe. Yang Xi was waiting outside. After Senior Gongzi Yun Xi came out, he entered and asked to see, after exchanging a few words with him. When he came out, he saw a tired Yun Xi asking him if he should rest at the mansion for a while. He smiled and shook his head.

"I'm going to the palace to inform them that royal father might be waiting for them too."

Yun Xi nodded. Yang Xi looked around and asked in surprise, "Is Third Miss still not here?"

Yun Xi said, "Just now, I came over, and she was also by my side when the princess was giving birth. She seemed to be too tired, and was a little uncomfortable, so I went back to rest."

Speaking of which, Yun Xi also felt that it was a little strange. His sister had always been full of energy, so why was she so tired after a whole night? Furthermore, he seemed to have heard that the King Jing was waiting for him outside, so he hurriedly left.

After all, when they were in the army, they had some dealings with the Jing King. If they didn't come out to send him off, it would seem that their etiquette was lacking.

However, Third Miss Chu had always been carefree, so it was not a surprise for him to do such a thing.

Yang Xi did not ask any further, but said, "Go back and tell Third Miss, go walk around the palace more often if you have nothing better to do. royal father is always thinking about her. "

Yun Xi agreed, and then personally sent Yang Xi outside the Palace before turning around to return.

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