It was now dawn, and the Son of Heaven had just risen and had not yet gone to the morning court. When he heard that the King had asked for an audience, he roughly knew what had happened. He immediately summoned them in. King Jing entered with a chilling wind and frost all over his body. When he saw the Son of Heaven, he kowtowed nine times before speaking.

"The princess gave birth to a young master in the Chu Residence.

He had expected this to be good news, otherwise he wouldn't have rushed into the palace to report so quickly, but when he heard it, he couldn't help but smile. After the Son of Heaven had said several words, he said to King Jing, "I'll go to the morning court first, you don't have to go. First go inside, meet the empress, and report this good news to her so she can be at ease."

This Son of Heaven had always cared for his daughter more than his son. Moreover, the Chu Clan, which was married into the Princess Ping, was also a powerful martial family, so they had gained a lot of attention. This arrangement was also expected. King Jing accepted the decree and spoke to the empress in detail. The empress had also sent her breakfast. After some delay, she heard that during the morning assembly, the Son of Heaven and the Long Family would be very happy to give the young master that was born in Princess Ping a name, Yu Long'er. But because of Chu Yunxi's modesty, he was rejected repeatedly, and in the end, it was decided that Yu Long would give up.

Even so, he had instructed the inner palace workshop to prepare a chapter on Jade Dragon Children for the little gongzi's full moon ceremony. In terms of rewards, there were as many as they needed. The intention of the Son of Heaven was truly priceless.

When they left the palace, the empress saw that the Jing Wang's cloak had already been slightly drenched by the snow. She assumed that it was due to him staying up all night waiting and felt very bad, so she called for an attendant to take out the ink mink cloak that he had prepared for the crown prince to change into. Yang Xi could not refuse, and could only endure.

After leaving the inner palace Fengyi Hall, not long after he left the True Sun Sect, he saw the officials of the imperial court leave one after another. The Chu Clan was overjoyed, and all the martial artists that were related to the Chu Clan had expressions of joy on their faces. Only Yun Xi remained indifferent. Yang Xi was initially worried, and wanted to ask him a few questions to see how the princess was doing. Unexpectedly, he was stopped before he could even go over.

It was the Yang Ye King Huai. Wearing a snow-white fox fur, his complexion looked even more like ice jade, and he said with a smile. "I heard that Fifth Brother only returned from Chu Residence this morning?"

Yang Xi slightly nodded, and said: "Last night, I went to visit Fourth Sister, but unexpectedly, it just happened to fall into the hands of the little gongzi, so I didn't relax for a bit, and so I waited for an entire night."

"It's worth it. Right now, the Chu Clan was in the middle of a flourishing period of power and glory. They were only raising a young master, and it was even more lively than if they had a prince. His fifth brother didn't waste his time on this errand. Even the sable have been replaced. "

The Yang Ye King Huai was a deeply favored son of the Imperial Consort Ye. In front of Duke Jing who was half of the Hun's bloodline, he always felt that he was superior, so he could not help but be a bit domineering. King Jing was used to tolerating matters on normal days. But today was different.

He slightly raised his head and said, "Little Wang's body was given by the Queen Mother. With Little Wang's status, she naturally wouldn't be able to afford such a precious piece of clothing, but the Queen Mother didn't dare disobey. If King Huai has any dissatisfaction, you might as well go and have a deep discussion with Imperial Mother. "

Seeing the slight change in King Huai's expression, he continued, "The Chu Family's young master's mother is the Princess Ping, and as the direct descendant of my generation, the Son of Heaven ought to be pampered. King Huai shouldn't be so unreasonable as to differentiate between the outside and the outside, right? "

The King Huai's birth mother, the Imperial Consort Ye, and the Empress had been at loggerheads in recent years. Princess Ping was the empress's youngest daughter, and after being married for so many years and getting this much attention from the Son of Heaven, she must be feeling extremely bitter. Yang Ye felt jealousy and hatred in his heart, yet he couldn't just directly vent it on the empress. Originally, he only wanted to bully Yang Xi to vent his anger, but who would have known that he would be choked so badly. He did not know how to respond, so he stood behind Yang Xi and said in a low voice, "Hunchbacked bastard, I would like to see, in the future, if your grandfather is my enemy, let's see which city gate your head will go to."

After all, there was a difference in status, furthermore, these words were said right next to the ear, and no one else could hear them. Yang Xi was enraged, and his blood boiled for a moment, and he almost punched the beautiful face, calm down for a moment, but he endured it.

It was only now, at the end of the year, that the vassal lords from all over the country were summoned back. By the time it was spring, everyone would have returned to their own fiefdom. There was no need to quibble with each other anymore.

This was the only joyous occasion before the festivities, causing the palace to be bustling with activity internally and externally. Yang Xi was surprised at first, he thought to himself, the major matters of the Chu Family were all decided by Senior Gongzi Yun Xi, he was originally a low-key and gentle person, why would he let the palace organize such a celebration just because he got a little Young Noble. Later, he found out that it was because the Son of Heaven had been ill in the past few days, so his heart was not at ease. Princess Ping's idea was that it should just be more lively, and treat it as a form of celebration.

Even so, the New Year was boring. As the years passed, it became apparent that the Son of Heaven was in a bad mood, getting worse with each passing day. The Imperial Physician had seen it before, and said it was because he had been too tired in the past few years. It wasn't a big deal, so he just needed to calm down and rest for a while. However, he was afraid of exhausting himself the most due to his deficiency of inner strength. Being on top of the Venerate, how could he not worry?

The palace was still in a state of anxiety. Just after the first month of the new year, the Son of Heaven sent out orders for all the princes and princes to enter the palace. He only held a small feast in the palace. The Son of Heaven leaned on the White Fox's tatami and casually chatted for a while. He said that he was still feeling uncomfortable and planned to rest at Wangjing's place for a while. The matters of the apocalypse were handed over to the Prince of St. Wu to handle.

This was to let the Prince of St. Wu take over. The prince immediately stood up and refused, but the Son of Heaven said with a smile, "My brother for so many years, I am sick now. I don't think I need to personally get up and discuss this with you."

If that was the case, then there was no point in refusing anymore. Prince of St. Wu kowtowed to express his gratitude. The princes immediately knelt down behind him as well, bearing the will of the Son of Heaven. After the Son of Heaven said that it was already spring, he told everyone to sit down and said, "It is now spring. We will go to Wangjing to recuperate. If you have anything to say, say it at this moment. I can also help you in making some decisions. "

The vassal lords and princes had all waited until after the Spring Festival ceremony before returning to the feudal fiefdom. Because he was ill this year, the Son of Heaven no longer planned to go to the Heavenly Altar to pray in person. It would be meaningless to let the disciples of the Faction wait in the capital.

The crowd looked at each other for a while, and then suddenly spoke. The princes and princes that were still in the capital more or less all had some matters to attend to, but they did not know how to begin. He was still the son of the Imperial Consort Ye and was the most arrogant. When he saw that no one spoke, he quickly replied, "Mufei's body hasn't been feeling very good these days. I want to accompany her for a while longer, I hope royal father will allow me."

He then added, feeling wronged, "In the past, I have stayed in the capital until March. Now that I'm leaving so early, mufei can't bear to part with me. I'm afraid I'm going to get sick again."

The Son of Heaven frowned, but didn't say anything. He just said, "Then I'll allow you to stay in the capital until the Spring Equinox." Saying that, he looked at Prince of St. Wu, "While King Huai is in the capital, I'll leave you to work hard, don't let him get into trouble."

Her tone was rather gentle. Prince of St. Wu agreed as he happily accepted the decree. The Son of Heaven's gaze swept across the princes, then he warned the Crown Prince to be careful when dealing with government affairs in the capital, and to discuss the matter with the Prince more thoroughly. The Crown Prince agreed as well.

Ning Wang was still young, and had not even confirmed a place to seal yet. However, he did not need to leave the capital, as he found a gap and said: "This son also has a matter to attend to."


"Two days ago, this son made a trip out of the palace to meet his cousin. His cousin said that he would be going to the Northern Frontier Battlefield in a few days. I only heard that royal father was not comfortable these few days. He was afraid that it would give his royal father more trouble, so he didn't say anything. However, this son sees that he is rather concerned about royal father, so I wanted to help him pass on a message. "

His cousin was referring to Chu Yunxi. Yang Yao was the youngest son of the Chu Guifei, and was extremely close to the Chu Family. He didn't cover up his feelings of closeness to his relatives.

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