When the Son of Heaven heard about Yun Xi, his expression eased by quite a bit, and he instructed the female official beside him: "Send the decree for us, let Yun Xi enter the palace in the afternoon. Princess Ping has not been gone for too long, so there's no need to rush around.

When it came to this point, it was about time to disperse. Prince of St. Wu was about to withdraw when he saw the Son of Heaven's eyes on Yang Xi, and said, "Duke Jing has been feeling uneasy this entire time, is there something that he doesn't dare mention to us?"

King Jing lowered his head and gave an awkward smile, "These days, I have been preoccupied with a few small matters. I won't hide them from Imperial Father, but this son has taken a fancy to a young lady of the Chu Clan. If you wish to propose marriage, you don't dare to speak to royal father. "

He was someone who had already been married to a main wife. Since there were still two lateral consort s in the household, it was indeed inappropriate to mention a main wife. But when he thought of Chu Yunzhao, he could not suppress the restlessness in his heart. These days, he had been feeling uneasy, and the Son of Heaven had seen through him. Thus, he decided to just tell him about it.

A few days ago, I heard from Yun Xi that the Chu Family's Old Madam wanted to marry another daughter to the Imperial Family. After falling in love with you, you came to us to talk about this, and Yun Xi came over in the afternoon.

Yang Xi answered, "The Chu Family's Third Miss, Yun Zhao."

The Son of Heaven was stunned for a while, and then he said, "That's unfortunate. The one who wants to marry you is the sixth girl, Yun Rong."

Yang Xi could not help but be shocked as well.

Even as a noble prince, one couldn't do as one pleased.

Seeing his dejected expression, the Son of Heaven smiled and said, "I'll ask on your behalf. As long as Yun Zhao is willing, it doesn't matter what others say."

After Yang Xi expressed his gratitude, the nervousness in his heart did not dissipate one bit.

Where did the Chu Clan think of this? The Crown Princess Chu Yunping had been a prostitute for many times, and her bones had already collapsed. The people of the inner court were guessing that the Chu Clan would have to marry another girl to enter the royal family and take over the position of Crown Prince's wife.

If he wanted to marry into the Eastern Palace, why would the Chu Clan, which was an influential martial family, want to marry their daughter to a half Hunchbacked King?

He had not seen that Sixth Miss Yun Rong before, he only remembered that the Fifth Young Master Yun Qing last time was only a youth that was half a year old. That Chu Yunrong should probably still be a child.

He truly had his eyes on Yun Zhao, but the words of the Son of Heaven weren't wrong either. If she didn't want to, no one could stop her. If she wanted to, no one could stop her.

Would a woman as reckless as that be willing to stay by his side? Yang Xi was really unsure in his heart.

Before the Son of Heaven left, he actually decided to give this matter to her.

Third Miss did not plan to become the Crown Princess Jing. Not to mention the lateral consort, she would not even be willing to be the first wife to the Chu Clan.

It was not the madame's idea. The Son of Heaven had personally called Yun Zhao over to ask. Yun Zhao said that she was an honorable general in the Chu Clan. The barbarians had yet to bow their heads and bow their heads in front of Ye Xiwen. Therefore, it would be better for them to just throw away their blood on the battlefield. With regards to the matter of the prince's mansion being filled with schemes and scheming, whoever wanted to do it would have to do it. In any case, she wasn't willing to do it.

The Son of Heaven had always treated her differently. When he heard her say such nonsense, he did not get angry, but only smiled and asked her, "You're already so old, even you don't like the Jing King. If you like anyone, why don't you tell me about it so that I can help you get married as soon as possible?"

Yun Zhao also replied, "It's not really a matter of power or status." Yun Zhao was only privately thinking that if he were to make a promise in this life, he should at least find someone who would remain single-minded. In the future, if His Majesty wishes to marry Yun Zhao off to someone else, it doesn't matter if the royal family sends the servants away, but only one condition, and I will be the only one to live the rest of my life. If Yun Zhao doesn't die, then he won't be able to hold even half a grain of sand, and there's nothing bad about the Jing King, but there's someone by my side, so I have no interest in wading into that muddy water. "

The Son of Heaven laughed. "This is difficult, it's up to you. In the future, if you want to marry him, I will make an order for you that he will never be able to take a concubine in his entire life."

Yun Zhao gave a stifled laugh. "That won't be necessary." "If we, the women of the martial family, can't even control our own husbands, then we'd have to depend on His Majesty. If word of this spreads, wouldn't it be a joke?"

Yun Zhao had already refused, but the matter of the marriage was inevitable. The Countess and the Son of Heaven spoke a few words, but in the end, she still betrothed Yun Rong to be the lateral consort of the Jing King. Because Yun Rong was still young, they made an engagement first, and would meet again after a few years. The Son of Heaven had spoken to Yang Xi. He had never been one to disobey royal father's wishes, so he could only give in.

Although he'd been disappointed to hear that Yun Zhao didn't like him, he hadn't been that surprised. The Chu Clan was famous for their arrogance. Therefore, it was expected that they would look down on a prince who was half barbarian in blood. Perhaps it wasn't Yun Zhao's idea at all. It was all because of the encouragement from the Chu Clan elders. A few days later, he overheard the inner court female officials discussing in private. Only then did he know that the saying of a single person single-minded in life had caused his blood and Qi to surge.

He also heard that Chu Yunxi was going to the northern border, so Yun Zhao did not follow him, but continued to stay in the Pingjing, and was in charge of the defense of the capital city. Coincidentally, Yang Xi also wanted to return to his feudal fiefdom, so he made a detour to the Chu Family camp and wanted to meet with the Third Miss.

When he was rejected by Chu Yunzhao, only the people in the inner court knew about it. In the eyes of the people outside, it seemed that only the Prince Jing and the Sixth Young Miss Chu were married, and now, they could be considered as the future uncles of the Chu Family, so he was exempt from even informing them about it, and directly allowed him to enter the camp. He dismissed his followers, found Chu Yunzhao's tent, and lifted the tent, and saw Yun Zhao and Yun Qing sitting together, thinking about what had happened on the Northern Frontier Battlefield.

Seeing him enter, she did not reveal any surprise on her face. She only raised her head slightly, and told Yun Qing to go out first.

Yun Qing could not help but be taken aback, and said, "Third Sister, we are not finished with the arrangement of the troops. I m not an outsider, what do you have to say to Prince Jing to avoid me? "

Yun Zhao said rather impatiently, "If I tell you to f * ck off, then f * ck off, stop spouting so much nonsense."

Yun Qing silently prepared to leave, but he was stopped by Yun Zhao, "I brought a few rabbits with me yesterday, the youngest one is given to Yun Ling to raise. I'll leave the rest for you, you decide how you want to eat them yourself."

Yun Qing immediately smiled widely, "Thank you for your concern, Third Sister." As he spoke, he sent out a stream of smoke.

Yang Xi walked to Yun Zhao's side with an ashen face. Yun Zhao simply moved closer and reached out to touch his face, saying, "Such a handsome face, always stiff, doesn't look good."

Yang Xi grabbed her hand and asked softly, "Why are you not willing to marry me? Between you and me, there is already a flesh and skin relationship.

Chu Yunzhao's expression changed, laughed coldly, and said: "You are my man, but I am not your woman. You and I are only related by marriage. It's just fun, why do you have to be so interested in it? "

Seeing the anger on Yang Xi's face grow, Chu Yunzhao once again moved closer, reached out to grab the collar of her battle uniform and smiled, "Do you like me? If it's okay now, then why did you marry me back to the prison? "

The pile of junk was swept away by him. Looking at Chu Yunzhao's exquisite and handsome face, he said, "I'm serious to you, if you're willing, I'm willing to only be with you for the rest of my life."

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