Chu Yunzhao looked at him, her gaze slowly growing colder. She said, "I won't work with anyone, if you're serious, can you send out the two lateral consort s in your residence first?"

Yang Xi pressed down on her, but his hands were slightly trembling.

It might be worth it, but he couldn't. Out of the two lateral consort s in his residence, one was the daughter of the Cabinet Great Scholar, Ming Shen De, and the other was the Chief Commander of the Zhonglie Manor, Su Chen's daughter, Su Ya. He was just a prince of a barbarian race. She didn't have any support from outside the court. Therefore, the Son of Heaven had chosen his daughter as her concubine.

Whether or not he was willing to or not, for the sake of Chu Yunzhao being able to expel the daughters of the Ming and Su Families, he did not dare, and he could not.

So he could only slowly let go of her hand. Chu Yunzhao got up, leisurely straightened his clothes and said, "Your fate with me is only this much. Originally, it was not a deep relationship, so there was no need to feel regret for its shallow cause. Yun Rong is not as despotic as me. I presume it suits your heart, and you should treat her well in the future. "

The way he said it was so frivolous, it actually made him even more infuriating.

Yang Xi unwillingly asked, "You and I will break up today, from now on, will we never meet again?"

Yun Zhao scooped up a sand table from the ground, and said with his back facing Yang Xi, "That shouldn't be true, right? If you were to come to the military later on, didn't you have to go to war as well? As for me and you, when Yun Rong comes through the door, we'll cut each other off. Our fate is shallow, and after spending so many days together, we'll just treat it as passing the time. Your highness, please do not pester me too much, just add to my confusion. "

"Chu Yunzhao!" They were gnashing their teeth in anger.

Yun Zhao turned his head and smiled, the splendor and splendor on his face truly making one unable to hate him.

Chu Yunzhao said: "I like you, but I don't like you enough. It's not enough for me to stay by your side."

"How much is enough?" Yang Xi asked directly.

Chu Yunzhao said, "I don't know, but maybe I will regret it one day. I will regret not being with you, but that is a matter for the future, and we can talk about it later. At least for the moment, I don't want to be bound by anyone. "

While she was speaking, her back was always facing Yang Xi, and she tidied up the arrangements on the sand table. Yang Xi asked her softly, "Even if Yun Rong marries me, do you also not care?"

Chu Yunzhao's voice seemed to be carrying a trace of laughter, and she said, "Let's go our separate ways, my second sister is determined to marry the girl in the clan to you, who knows what she might have fallen for. I am not willing to marry, and I can't stop others from doing that. As for you, after you marry Yun Rong, you might think that she is a thousand times better than me. "

How could that be? There is only one Chu Yunzhao in the world, and she is irreplaceable. However, after this marriage of dewdrops and seeing that the other party was so cold and merciless, he could no longer continue to be entangled with him.

He could only retract his hand that he wanted to touch Yun Zhao's back and retract those yearning thoughts. With a sigh, he turned and left.

Now that he was done for, he just wasn't willing to accept it.

After the Son of Heaven left the capital, he entrusted the Prince of St. Wu with the job of regent for the time being. The prince had always been on good terms with the crown prince, Yang Xu. Now he was protecting the crown prince as an elder, allowing the crown prince to do whatever he wanted in the capital. Not to mention the young masters of the prince's household, anyone who had some connections with the prince's mansion, even if they were a servant, would appear to be superior to others in the capital. At this time, the Prince of St. Wu Mansion was showing its power, and all of the inner and outer court disciples retreated. King Jing hurried back to the capital. When he was halfway to the capital, he heard that the Chu Army had already clashed with the people from the prince's mansion several times.

It was not strange at all. If the Chu Family's older generation did not die on the battlefield, they would be taken care of in the Southern due to their injuries when they were young. The substitute Clan Master was a tolerant person, but he was currently in the battlefield of the Northern Frontier. All the young Chu Family disciples in the capital obeyed Chu Yunzhao. Although she was a woman, she had always been a pampered and prideful person with a domineering character. No matter what, he wouldn't lower his head under the eaves.

It was said to be a few days ago, the youngest son of the prince's household, Anping Yang Guang had gone to the northern suburbs to hunt, and coincidentally bumped into Chu Yunzhao at the side of Chang An Street. Logically speaking, Chu Yunzhao was just a young general who came from a martial family who didn't have a noble title. Although Yang Guang wasn't a son of the family, he was still a young duke and had to be avoided by Chu Yunzhao no matter what. He was waiting for Yang Guang to leave, seeing that the other party had not moved at all, he decided to take out his military medallion, saying that the young general wanted to discuss matters with the army, and if there were any obstructions, he would be punished.

Yang Guang was still young, after all, he thought for a while, and did not dare argue with a general, and could only order his family to retreat, seeing that Chu Yunzhao's carriage was about to pass through the narrow alley, after all, he was young and did not have much time to swallow his anger, he casually said, "The Chu Family are like the eagles watching the wolves, the heaven forbid, the power should have come to an end."

Before he finished speaking, Chu Yunzhao was already enraged, he alighted from the carriage, with a wave of his hand, he split Yang Guang's carriage into two, the sword energy did not stop, the entire carriage trembled and split apart. The four white horses pulling the carriage let out a long cry, the coachmen desperately tried to control the reins, but the young duke had already rolled on the ground, his face deathly pale.

He could also be considered a noble disciple who practices martial arts, but he didn't dare compare to Chu Yunzhao. That person was the famous Valkyrie, someone who had actually gone to the battlefield to kill someone. They were both from aristocratic families, who knew that she had such a bad temper? To be able to turn the tides with a single sentence, and to even use force in the streets of Chang'an.

It was too frightening. It wasn't that he wanted to kill the young duke here, was it? The people in the mansion were on guard. Chu Yunzhao sheathed his sword back into its scabbard and laughed coldly.

"A distinguished Prince of St. Wu Palace is but a scoundrel like you. No wonder you spend so much time and effort on scheming against others. If I kill you, I'll make sure to dirty the streets. "

Finished speaking, he turned around and got on the carriage. As he drove, he left the people from the Prince of St. Wu Palace behind, and no matter how pale the young duke was, he didn't dare to make a sound.

Yun Rong was initially sitting on the carriage, but after walking a little, she saw that Chu Yunzhao's expression had slightly calmed down, so she softly advised, "Elder sister, don't be angry at him for saying half a sentence. After walking a little, although Anping is not the crown prince, he is still the youngest son of a prince, and after offending him, he will be punished harshly by the prince when he returns to the imperial court."

"Dharmic powers are useless to me, who would dare to capture me?" Chu Yunzhao thought for a moment, then continued, "As for that man from the Prince of St. Wu, he has a belly full of sinister intentions, whether or not I offend him, I will be tricked by him, so I might as well open my mouth wide and fight him with all I have, I dare bring my sword to the hall, would he dare to call for people to attack me?"

Of course it is.

The Prince of St. Wu was also a shrewd person. Chu Yunzhao was arrogant to such an extent, the imperial court relied on the Chu Family's military strength for defense, even the prince was patient with Chu Yunzhao. However, if she continued to do such domineering and brazen things, she would get into trouble sooner or later …

Filled with worry, Yun Rong still couldn't help but want to persuade him a bit more before saying to Yun Zhao, "Why do you have to make him give way? "It is the same whether it is earlier or later. Seeing that the sky is rubbing up against these small matters, the Chu family's situation will only get worse."

"Enough," Chu Yunzhao frowned slightly, interrupting her, "Don't nag me all day, you're my sister. If you don't know, you might think it's my mother, managing things all day long, is endless."

"Other than me, who can advise you against this? Since Big Brother and Second Sister are both not here, Big Brother Yun Qing and the others will only follow you and cause trouble. "

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