Seeing that Yun Rong's childish face was filled with worry, Yun Zhao didn't want to hide it and immediately explained, "A few days ago Anping was watching the Courtesan Belle District from the south city and wanted to force his way in. Who would have known that two days after entering the manor, he was once again beaten out by the first wife of his family. "I've always disliked these kinds of things, so I'll just teach him a lesson. It's not like I'm the one who gets angry when he sees this, so don't worry. If there's nothing else, I won't provoke the people from the Prince's Mansion."

Yun Rong knew that she wouldn't be able to stop him, so she didn't want to say anything more. She said, "You know your limits. As your little sister, I won't dare to stop you."

When Yun Zhao looked at her face, he couldn't help but be momentarily at a loss as well.

This was the sister who would spend the rest of her life with Yang Xi, right? He still had the appearance of a child that had yet to grow, but he didn't know what kind of beauty he would become in the future. Would Yang Xi like her as much as he liked her?

All these thoughts bored Chu Yunzhao herself. It was best not to think about things that she couldn't control. In the end, it was her who rejected Yang Xi.

Not just that, the Chu Clan needed her now, and they needed her on the northern land battlefield. However, the marriage was inevitable. The madame was unwilling to give her time. It didn't matter if she was forced to. It didn't matter if she was the one who schemed against him. In the end, she was the one who gave up on her own accord. She couldn't blame anyone else.

It was just a small matter.

The Prince's Mansion and the Chu Clan had many disciples. In addition, they knew that the two sides were at odds. Even if the servants of the two families met them on the road, they would have to bicker with each other. Chu Yunzhao had never restricted her disciples. On the other side of the Palace, the Prince of St. Wu was acting as the Regent, taking care of all the affairs of the day. Even the Crown Prince came to the Palace to negotiate politics every day.

The longer the days passed, the more intense the conflict between the Chu Clan and the Sacred Martial Mansion became.

Initially, the prince did not want to fight with Chu Yunzhao when the Son of Heaven was not in the capital, so he only focused on government affairs and excluded the Chu Family's military power.

Within the Prince of St. Wu, most of the time, they would not meet Chu Yunzhao face to face, and would just roll up their sleeves and quarrel with him, but because of the conflicts between the Chu Family disciples and the people in the prince's residence, there would be people who would bring up these displeasing matters in front of the prince every few days.

The incident of the young noble getting his carriage torn apart in the street had not caused anyone to apologize. Although he did not say it on the surface, but his disgust for Chu Yunzhao had grown deeper and deeper.

He knew that if this continued, Yun Zhao would not be able to let things go, so he sent a letter to Yun Xi, told him about his worries, and even talked about it with Yun Zhao himself. Unexpectedly, Yun Zhao already knew that was going to write a letter to him, although he did not know what was written in the letter, he secretly thought that the things that the people of the Prince of St. Wu could do were only things that could stir up dissension and discord behind the scenes. He didn't say anything further. After reprimanding Heir Wang in front of her, he walked away.

Even though Yang You was a well-educated man, he could not take Chu Yunzhao's disrespect. Under such circumstances, he could only declare that he had given up and would no longer interfere in the matters between the two families.

It just so happened that at this time, the situation in the battle had changed. The six Tribes of the Northern Frontier Barbarians had gathered together and attacked the border guards. Yun Xi forced the Northern Frontier Army to stop them and they were unable to catch up with him in a short period of time. Although the He Lan City was an old capital of the Western Xia City, it was also very close to the capital's defense line. If the barbarians were to break through, the consequences would be dire.

The Governor of Northern Xia wrote to ask for help. Most of the army was located on the border, so the three battalions were not allowed to use it. The majority of Chu Army s were also at the northern border. The only ones that could be called out were probably the Prefecture Soldiers s of the Prince of St. Wu Palace. Prince of St. Wu was originally a martial general, and the Son of Heaven had approved for his army to be raised. Even though it was the clan, the number of troops it had was no less than the Chu Clan's.

But the Prince of St. Wu was cautious. He was not willing to place the Prefecture Soldiers that he had painstakingly raised onto the battlefield, hence he hesitated for a moment. In that moment of hesitation, Chu Yunzhao had already gathered all the Chu Army in the surrounding area and volunteered himself to fight.

The prince had discussed with the crown prince, but there were no troops that were of any use to him right now, so since Chu Yunzhao was willing to go to the battlefield, he could only let her go. If he could expel the barbarians, that would be fine. If he lost the battle, it would be a good opportunity to sharpen his edge and punish him for his crimes.

The best outcome would be that both the Chu Army and the barbarian race would suffer. In short, it was the best choice for the time being to take advantage of the situation.

Crown Prince Yang You felt that with the Prince's current behavior, he would retain his ability and be passive in avoiding battles. Sooner or later, he would cause displeasure in his heart, and in the long run, it would not benefit the Palace. The Son of Heaven doted on Chu Yunzhao. On one hand, it was because of the Grand Princess Huaiye, but wasn't it for her to fight bravely with all her might every time an enemy invaded?

They were both part of the Martial House, so the Prince of St. Wu should have pursued them quickly. They should have been scheming on the inside, but it was not the way of the martial arts.

He thought like this and discussed it with the prince, but unexpectedly the prince was furious and scolded Yang You for thinking only about the Chu Family, with such thoughts, how could he become the prince's son?

The scolding was done in front of the crown prince. After the prince became angry, he flicked his sleeves and left. The crown prince stayed back for a while and comforted Yang You.

"The prince loathed the Chu Clan, and in all likelihood, it was all because of that Third Miss who was too domineering. The prince was the brother of the Son of Heaven today. With such a precious position, how could he not be angry when people always looked upon him with contempt? As the son of a human, he should not have angered the prince on this matter. "

Yang You sighed lightly.

"Royal Father placed too much importance on his status and he was not willing to easily get angry at others. He had endured it over and over again until now. Chu Yunzhao has gone too far, how could I not know. "However, the country's affairs are of the utmost importance, we should not delay the military aircraft for these selfish reasons."

The Crown Prince was silent. Speaking of Chu Yunzhao's character, was he not clear about it? His princess consort was the Chu Clan's second young miss, Yun Ping. Ever since he had married the Chu Clan, he had never been at peace.

Yun Ping was a gentle and obedient person, but she had suffered a little grievance. When the news spread out, the Third Miss took her sword and entered the Eastern Palace Realm. He was simply stepping on the face of the crown prince as he came and went.

What could he do to her? The Son of Heaven loved her as if she were his own daughter. However, they were not princesses, and were not restricted by the sect rules. Yue clan's daughter, according to the common folk, was his sister-in-law. How could he hit her? Furthermore, she couldn't beat him. She was the crown prince of the Eastern Palace. If she were to fight against him, she might only end up being suppressed.

The number one contender in front of the imperial guards was someone who dared not offend him, just like that.

Fortunately, when Chu Yunzhao left the Inner Palace and went to the northern land's army camp, the military affairs did not come to the Palace anymore. The Crown Prince was finally able to calm down for a few days.

I heard that when the northern land was preparing the defense, the Second Young Master of the Prince's Mansion offended her by kicking her out of her internal injuries and recuperating for a good period of time. Not only did the Son of Heaven not blame her, but he even wrote to her to calm her down and not to argue with people who didn't understand anything.

Thinking about how Prince of St. Wu would be treated like this every two or three days, people couldn't help but cry in sympathy.

With these matters, Yang You had no choice. After all, he was only the crown prince and the prince was still around. If he didn't have the authority, he could only suppress his uneasiness and obey orders.

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