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C3 Unexpected call


After my conversation with Hannah, I felt so happy and refreshed as more energy flooded into me. And I'm ready to work now. My work is not really hard. It's mainly about typing and filing documents and answering the phone and relaying messages. And I'm good at what I do unless I am slightly carried away by my unrealistic and unreasonable fantasy about my handsome and hot boss.

Today went by so fast and it’s over. I was done with my work for today and so I kept checking time, impatiently waiting for 5 to finally clock. I love closing hour so much, it indicates freedom and relieve. But, I can’t stop feeling a little downhearted because I would have to wait for so many hours before seeing my boss again—every next day seems so far to me.

Well, I’m glad to go home and rest. I have already arranged my things into my bag and immediately it was time, I grabbed my bag and left the building. Me and Hannah stays in the same house and we always go home together, but she has gone to a meeting with her boss, so I will have to go home alone today. I know she must be feeling so excited to go with her boss since she would be gawking at him all day. Lucky girl!

A jealous pout made its way on my lips as I sighed dejectedly.

I wish I could be blessed with the chance to do so with my boss. Not that I don't get the chance at all, notwithstanding, it's always hard unless his assistant was away for some business purpose.

I decided to pull myself back to reality, increasing my pace as I headed home. A delicious meal would to me the favor of consoling my aching heart. But, I suddenly remembered that there is not enough ingredients in the house.

Since there's little to no ingredient left in the house, I decided to branch at the supermarket close to my house and get some. I will make a proper dish today, something delicious.

I walked into the supermarket, grabbed a shopping cart and began selecting the things that I need. And when I was done, I walked over to the payment stand and paid.

By the time I walked out of the supermarket, the sky had become a little dark, causing the bright weather to become cloudy and a little chilly. Looks like it's about to rain, and instead of getting worried, a happy smile slowly appeared on my lips. I love when it rains, especially gazing at it through my window.

The weather suddenly became chillier when the wind began to blow everything away, thunder rumbling and lightning took over the once calm and peaceful environment, causing the bustling city to be engulfed with chaos as the people were hurrying to their various homes. While some were rushing to seek refuge in different places.

But I wasn't bothered at all. I was nothing but worried as I walked slowly, enjoying the feel of the breeze as it wrapped around me.

I just trekked a little, before I was in my house. And by now, the rain had started pouring enthusiastically. This is one of the advantages of our expensive apartment that’s close to my working place. And thanks to Hannah who had made sure that I stayed here with her. I would forever be grateful to her. She had advised and encouraged me to apply for a job in the company she works, which I had applied for and luckily got the job.

I'm very grateful to her because if not for her, I would not have met Mr. Rock and fell head over heel for him. And of course, I wouldn't have been able to take care of my sick mother and brother who is still in high school.

It's not been long since I started working with Mr. Rock Figo. I'm under contract which will expire after three years. This is just my first year. I heard that those before me didn't get the chance to renew their contract and I just hope it wouldn't be the case for me. I can't afford to lose my job at all.

After shutting the door behind me, I crossed the living room and made my way towards the kitchen. And after dropping the grocery bag on the counter, I walked back into the living room as I decided to call my Mom. I have to make sure that she was alright. I always make sure to call her every day in order to ensure that she eats and takes her drugs.

I had left my hometown Devers because of my job, since I had to work. My father had died when I was 8 years old. My mother had to remarry but after sometime, my step father also died from an unknown disease. I almost dropped out of school in other to help my mom, but she had made sure that I attended the Uni. That's why I vowed to myself to also take care of her and my step brother. My step father was also good to me when he was alive. He made sure that all my needs were taken care of as he also took me as his daughter.

After the call with my Mom, I got up from the couch and head towards my room which was beside Hannah's. Our apartment consist of two bedroom with a living room that contained some couches. One long setter and two single setter. A TV opposite the brown sofas, and a round glass center table. Our apartment is just simple and cozy.

After taking a quick shower in our shared bathroom, I walked back into my room with towel tied around my tiny body. My blonde hair was tied up in a bun.

I walked into my room and after applying lotion on my body, I wore my night wear and made my way towards the kitchen to prepare something to eat. I miss my mom's cooking!

Humming a Korean song that suddenly popped into my head, Bts to be precise, I began to work on my ingredients. I'm just going to prepare a simple pasta. It's easier and quicker to prepare and I can't wait to eat as I'm utterly famished.

All of a sudden, my phone began to ring. I stopped what I was doing as I rushed into the living room to grab my phone, and without looking at the caller ID, I swiped the answer button, and placing the phone against my ear, I said, "Hello, Junior"

"Who is your Junior?"

I heard a mesmerizing deep and irritated familiar voice and froze momentarily. I began to sweat profusely, while I fell into a daze. It felt like I was dreaming, but I wasn't. It was real.

There is no way I would mistake his voice for another.

Why is my boss suddenly calling me out of the blue?

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